Experience & Teaching Methods

A classically trained musician, Elizabeth has been studying music since age 4. Her teachers have included many renowned musicians such as Paul Katz, of the Cleveland String Quartet, Marcy Rosen, of the Mendelssohn String Quartet, and Dr. Robert Jesselson, former president of the ASTA. She also studied with local violinist and former student of Dorothy Delay, Greg Mazmanian. She is an active member of America String Teachers Association, with students participating in the annual ASTA Certificate Award Program.

Formal Education:

Elizabeth attended The North Carolina School for the Arts, the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, and  the University of California, Berkeley. 

Musical Education & Teaching:

Over the years, Elizabeth has participated in many music festivals around the country and had the experience of participating in master classes and taking lessons from famed teachers & performers such as Janos Starker and Bernard Greenhouse.

In learning from the great musicians and teachers of our time, Elizabeth discovered her true passion for music lay in teaching. With an in depth understanding of how the body and instrument work together to produce a beautiful sound, Elizabeth has witnessed her students make significant progress with the violin and cello, allowing them to make music a truly important and beautiful part of their lives.

The foundations of her teaching lie in proper technique. Each lesson is focused around developing
proper technique, the goal being for each student to produce the best sound with the greatest ease. 
The Suzuki books are used for beginning students, with scales, etudes, and more advanced pieces being gradually worked in as the student progresses. Chamber music is also an essential part of lessons, as one of the most enjoyable aspects of learning an instrument is playing with others.

Once  students have achieved a basic level of technique, a part of each lesson is devoted to playing
duets with Elizabeth. Essential to learning a string instrument is learning to read music and understand musical notation. Lesson time will also be devoted to this skill, with games and rewards for younger children.

Her teaching methods are effective, and her style fun and enthusiastic. For anyone willing to devote a little time and energy in to learning an instrument, Elizabeth can offer the guidance and training necessary to realize great rewards.