Volcanic Structures w/ GoogleEarth

This kmz is rather simple.   I've simply marked a number of volcanoes within the kmz (A through S) and students need to identify the type of structure marked.
Because this was used last for a class on Iceland, I purposely chose at least one example of each type from that area.

For most of the placemarks, students only have to determine if the structure is:
  • dome
  • shield volcano
  • stratovolcano
  • cinder cone
  • maar
For a few placemarks, I also asked whether the top was a crater or a caldera (using the simple 1 km definition).   For a few placemarks, you may want to add a comment to make sure the student is looking at the correct feature (e.g. cinder cone on the side of a shield volcano).

This is another easy one to do with a Moodle quiz.
Elli Goeke,
Jan 17, 2011, 9:19 PM