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Studio Policies

                                         Studio Policies, Guidelines and Procedures
  1. Location--- All lessons are weekly and held at the France Avenue studio.    
  2. Group Classes---please refer to the 2018-19 calendar to determine dates and times.
  3. Tuition---Tuition is based on quarters.  However, there are actually 5 different payments made throughout the year.  The first payment is a $200 registration deposit due in July for current students. New students who want to join the studio after this date pay the deposit at the time a specific lesson spot for the fall has been offered to them.  This holds your spot.  Failure to pay the deposit fee within two weeks can result in losing your slot.   No late fees are added for new students enrolling after the registration deadline.    
  4. There is the expectation that you are enrolling for the year. The minimum requirement is two quarters. If you should decide to terminate your lessons, you must inform me via email, phone, or in person, at least one month before the new quarter begins. Failure to do so will result in being billed for the next quarter. Tuition reminders will be sent approximately two weeks before tuition is due. 
  5.  Payment methods available- Venmo, electronic check from your bank, written check, Square Cash
  6.  Payment method  I   30 minute lesson (Venmo, check)  1st child-- $345; ($36.75 per lesson)  2nd child-- $335 per quarter   
  7.  Payment method  II  30 minute lesson (Square Cash)--  1st child-- $352.50; 2nd child $342.50  per quarter                                  
  8.  Payment method  I   45 minute lesson (Venmo, check)-- $425  (Group weeks are figured at the 30 minute tuition rate)                                                                               
  9. 45 minute lessons Square Cash payment-- $435
  10. If you want to use Venmo, please email me with your Venmo information so I can send you a request.
  11. If you want to use Square Cash, email me for my cash tag if you don't already have it. 
      Late fee.  A $25 late fee will be added to payments made after the due date listed on the calendar.  This applies to both registration dates in the summer as well as quarterly tuition payments. 

1Make up Policy  Each student is allowed one make up per school year provided that you contact me before your lesson.  Missed lessons due to a funeral, serious injury, hospitalization or prolonged illness are made up as best I can and do not count towards your allotted make up. 

2. The Swap List   When you see a conflict coming up, you can try to find someone who can switch lesson times.  Those who want to be included will have their names listed, the time and day of their child's/children's lesson, and your preferred method of communication via email, text, or phone. The person who initiates the change is responsible for following up with me to let me know ahead of time that arrangements have been made.  You do not have to be on the swap list but you do have to be on it in order to use it.  I will ask you at your first lesson if you want to be included and then will send out the list via email for your security rather than post it on the website.  

3. Make Up Dates.  See calendar 
4. Changing lesson time or day for long term conflicts.  Please do not assume that I will be able to accommodate a lesson change in the middle of the year.  I am happy to send out an "all studio" email to see if there is anyone else who might want to switch lesson times with you for the rest of the year or a sports season.  But this needs to be taken care of before, not after, the conflict arises.