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Studio Policies

I'm revamping the studio policies to reflect our current situation.  Right now, what's important to know is that you have some options. As long as you pay for your 3rd trimester, due date delayed by one week, you have the rest of this school year and all of the summer to take your lessons.  You will NOT lose any lessons if you need a little more time to start in again.  If anyone has any health related or serious and unavoidable work issues that conflict with your scheduled Zoom lesson, you will be able to make up that lesson as long as I know ahead of time.  Below is a review of what the 3rd trimester covered before we moved to our new system. 

7 private lessons left for the school year
2 group classes
4 30 minute or 3 40 minute summer lessons 

if you are part of Week 1 group, your lessons now look like this


We are all going to get through this.  This summer could be a little challenging for those who are used to doing tons of camps, contact sports, etc.  Maybe it will be a good summer for lots of piano and music projects.                                    

Studio Policies, Guidelines and Procedures
  1. Location--- All lessons are weekly and held at the France Avenue studio.    
  2. Group Classes---Group weeks are indicated on the calendar but actual classes will be set in the next couple of weeks. The the first group week is October 28th.
  3. Tuition---  Tuition is based on 4 payments throughout the year.  The first payment is a $220 registration deposit due in July.  New students who want to join the studio after this date pay the deposit at the time a specific lesson spot for the fall has been offered to them.  This holds your spot.  The 3 additional payments are spread throughout the year starting the first week of fall lessons.  Due dates are on the yearly calendar.  You will receive an email about 2 weeks prior to your tuition due date with your balance due.  Yearly tuition is based on a total of: 33 private and group lessons during the school year; a small materials and recital fee; plus either 3 40 minute private lessons in the summer or attendance of an end of summer workshop of your choice.  Additional costs such as contest fees (if your child is participating)  and music that has been purchased specifically for you child will be added into the tuition.   I will send ONE mass email reminder about a week before tuition is due.  
  4. There is the expectation that you are enrolling for the year. The minimum requirement of study is one trimester.  If for some reason, you decide to terminate your lessons, you must inform me in person, at least one month before the next trimester begins. The deadline dates will be on the calendar.  Failure to do so will result in being billed for the next trimester.
  5.  Payment methods available- Venmo, electronic check from your bank, and regular paper checks. 
  6.  Tuition fees:   1 child        30 minute lesson  $390      per trimester  
  7.  Tuition fees:   2 children   30 minute lesson  $765      per trimester  (1st child  $390; 2nd child $375)
  8.  Tuition fees:   3 children   30 minute lesson  $1,135   per trimester  (1st child  $390; 2nd child $375; 3rd child $370)  
  9.  My Venmo tag is Elizabeth-Erickson-27                                                             
      Late fee.  A $25 late fee will be added to payments made after the due date listed on the calendar. 

1Make up Policy  Each student can make up one lesson per school year provided that you contact me before your lesson.  Missed lessons due to a funeral, serious injury, hospitalization or prolonged illness are made up as best I can and do not count towards your allotted make up. 

2. The Swap List   When you see a conflict arises, you can try to find someone who can switch lesson times but you have to be on the swap list in order to use it.  Those who want to be included on the list will have their names, the time and day of their child's/children's lesson, and your preferred method of communication via email, text, or phone. The person who initiates the change is responsible for following up with me to let me know ahead of time that arrangements have been made.    

3. Bad Weather Policy  School cancellations due to cold weather do not cancel piano. The reason that school is called off when it's -35 below is that the buses don't run properly and it is dangerous for children to wait for the bus.  However, if school is called off because of a massive snowfall, blizzard, or extremely dangerous road conditions, lessons will be cancelled for that day. Make ups will be scheduled at a later date. 
4. Changing lesson time or day for long term conflicts.  Please do not assume that I will be able to accommodate a lesson change in the middle of the year.  I am happy to send out an "all studio" email to see if there is anyone else who might want to switch lesson times with you for the rest of the year or a sports season.  But this needs to be taken care of before, not after you sign up your child for an activity that conflicts with their current lesson time.