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Studio Policies

Studio Policies, Guidelines and Procedures
  1. Location--- Currently, all lessons are offered through Zoom. This is subject to change if we get this crazy virus under control but I plan to offer Zoom lessons throughout this school year.  If things greatly improve, there may be an in person option later in the year.     
  2. Group Classes---Group weeks have been cut down to 3 in the year.  See lesson policies for more details. 
  3. Tuition---  Tuition is based on 4 payments throughout the year.  The first payment is a $225 registration deposit due in the summer.   New students who want to join the studio after this date pay the deposit at the time a specific lesson spot for the fall has been offered to them.  This holds your spot.  The 3 additional payments are spread throughout the year starting the first week of fall lessons.  Due dates are on the yearly calendar.  You will receive an email about 2 weeks prior to your tuition due date with your balance due.  Yearly tuition is based on a total of 35 private, group, and summer lessons plus a small registration/materials/ recital fee;   Additional costs such as contest fees (if your child is participating)  will be added into the tuition.   I will send ONE mass email reminder about a week before tuition is due.  
  4. There is the expectation that you are enrolling for the year. The minimum requirement of study is one trimester.  If for some reason, you decide to terminate your lessons, you must inform me in person, at least one month before the next trimester begins. The deadline dates will be on the calendar.  Failure to do so will result in being billed for the next trimester.
  5.  Payment methods available- Venmo, electronic check from your bank, and regular paper checks. 
  6.  Tuition fees:   1 child        30 minute lesson  $390      per trimester  
  7.  Tuition fees:   2 children   30 minute lesson  $765      per trimester  (1st child  $390; 2nd child $375)
  8.  Tuition fees:   3 children   30 minute lesson  $1,135   per trimester  (1st child  $390; 2nd child $375; 3rd child $370)  
  9.  My Venmo tag is Elizabeth-Erickson-27                                                             
      Late fee.  A $25 late fee will be added to payments made after the due date listed on the calendar. 

1Make up policy----I've increased the make up lesson policy to include 2 make ups for this year.  Use however you see fit---illness; screen exhaustion; last minute travel, the pope coming to visit, etc. etc. If you know ahead of time that you have an upcoming conflict, the swap list will be useful. 

2. The Swap List   When you see a conflict arises, you can try to find someone who can switch lesson times but you have to be on the swap list in order to use it.  Those who want to be included on the list will have their names, the time and day of their child's/children's lesson, and your preferred method of communication via email, text, or phone. The person who initiates the change is responsible for following up with me to let me know ahead of time that arrangements have been made so I can be prepared.  

3. Bad Weather Policy  Oh, this is kind of funny so I'm keeping it in!  Chances are, bad weather will not impact your lessons!
4. Changing lesson time or day for long term conflicts.  We are all living with so much uncertainty, including me.  I've tried very hard to offer a flexible layout that takes into consideration that school schedules might change and therefore, you may need to find a new lesson time.  With a large studio and the possibility of serious upheaval in the middle of the year, this is as much flexibility as I can guarantee you.  Please do not assume that I will be able to accommodate a lesson change in the middle of the year simply because you want to add something else to your schedule.   I am happy to send out an "all studio" email to see if there is anyone else who might want to switch lesson times with you for the rest of the year or a sports season.  But this needs to be taken care of before, not after you sign up your child for an activity that conflicts with their current lesson time.