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Performance and group class Opportunities

Studio-sponsored performances

Winter recitals----- zoom recitals--  Tentative dates: 2/6 morning;  2/9 evening;  2/10 afternoon.  
Spring recitals-----                         Tentative dates-6/1, 6/5 and 6/6  location and details to be 
determined at a later date.  

Group lessons have been reduced from 6 per year to 3 per year. None are scheduled for the 1st trimester.  It is assumed that these will be remote classes. There will be at least two options for each student.  Unlike past years, you will have your regularly scheduled lesson during group weeks.  In addition to afternoon and evening classes, there will also be some weekend times available.  Group sizes will be similar to our usual in person groups.  Groups will be approximately 60 minutes.  Older students' classes may be scheduled for a little longer depending on how many are in a group.  We will cover theory, ear training, musical styles, maybe some composition, and everyone will have the option to perform for their group.  Group assignments will be made in Nov.  

GROUP WEEKS   1/19 , 3/15, 5/17

Adjudicated performances
Gold Cup / National Federation of Music Teachers / Junior Festival ( Feb 27)  It looks like participants will be sending in a video of their performance.  I don't know details but there will still be a judge and there will still be two pieces that must be memorized.  

Participation is encouraged but not required.