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About Music Discovery

In 1985, I began developing a preschool music program that included many of the usual musical elements found in Early Childhood music classes. We sang songs, played percussion instruments, danced, and hopped like frogs. These activities are very important for young children. But my Suzuki and Yamaha training assured me that they could learn and do so much more.
At the core of the Music Discovery Program is the belief that social development, language and cognitive development, and creative growth occur in an integrated manner. The program provides a safe, joyous, and respectful atmosphere and encourages children to explore their thoughts, feelings, and creativity through music and movement.  

The Music Discovery curriculum includes: Exposure to many different styles of music including classical, jazz, and music from around the world; singing and solfege; movement; hands on experience with a wide variety of instruments; and story telling through music and poetry.  Musical concepts such such as pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, articulation, melody, harmony, and pre-music reading concepts are introduced in age appropriate activities.  The instructor will suggest ideas to try during the week including; art projects, additional music listening, and activities to deepen the understanding of musical concepts covered in class.  

Classes offered for infants, toddlers,  preschoolers, and Pre K

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Alumni photo from Music Discovery Early Childhood Music Program.  All students in this photo were enrolled in my Music Discovery program as preschoolers and studied piano with me at some point along the way. 

Back row left to right: C. Engel saxophone; M. Murray competitive figure skating; I. Murray piano and choir; N. Burns piano and trumpet; M. Ryden piano and dance; H. Grathwol choir, theater; L. Meyer, guitar and theater (Freshman at Northeastern in Boston) Front row N. Ryden piano and dance; M. Engel trumpet; E. Easter choir, theater, guitar; K. Engel French Horn.