Upcoming recitals
2:00 Harley, Gen, Ethan, Sam K, Elsie, Lila, Conor S, Claire, Hendrix, Joey, Kate, Will, Clara, Sophia, Rory, Henry F
3:30  Kaya, Maddie R, Sam H, Tess, Gigi, Maddy H, Charlie O, Charlie C, Eddie, Henry C, Shep, Davis

Welcome to Elizabeth Erickson Piano Studio of Linden Hills.  If you are thinking about beginning a musical journey or continuing on the one you have already started, I'm glad you stopped by.  My studio is conveniently located near 41st and France Avenue and I offer private piano instruction to children-adults.  In addition to weekly lessons, I am offering a new program this year for busy adults and high school students who would like to take some lessons but don't have a schedule that allows for weekly lessons.  Structured like a 5 lesson punch card, you can schedule a lesson at a convenient time for you.  Lesson times are available in the a.m. afternoon and evening hours and the card never expires. Call for additional information. 


I bring my passion for all great music---from Bach to the Beatles, and Mahler to Mingus; bring over 40 years of teaching and performing experience; and bring my sense of humor because I think that is how people learn best.  

"I am a performing jazz and rock musician and was a music educator myself for ten years
 before changing careers. My seven year old daughter has been taking lessons with
 Elizabeth for two years, and I have been blown away by her creativity as a teacher,
 the sense of musicality that she is able to share with children, and the spirit of
 curiosity and fun that she brings to instruction. I have learned enormously from
 watching her work with my daughter. A true gem of a teacher."

Michael Fuerstein
Southwest Minneapolis

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I look forward to hearing from you soon!