We are living in uncertain times.  But throughout history, the power of music has helped sustain us. It has helped us see beauty when it was difficult to find; it has lifted our spirits and calmed us.  Music has brought us joy as well as comforted us in moments of sorrow.  It is oxygen for our souls and it is essential ---maybe now more than ever.  
Welcome to Elizabeth Erickson Piano Studio of Linden Hills.  If you are thinking about beginning a musical journey or continuing on the one you have already started, I'm glad you stopped by.  My studio is conveniently located near 41st and France Avenue and I offer private piano instruction to students of all ages and levels.  At this time, I am only offering Zoom lessons.  I do hope that in the future, I will once again, be open to in studio lessons.   During this time, my studio is committed to working with parents in the Minneapolis and surrounding southwest areas to offer flexible scheduling to accommodate various school formats and allow for changes should school changes arise.  


I bring my passion for all great music---from Bach to the Beatles, and Mahler to Mingus; bring over 40 years of teaching and performing experience; and bring my sense of humor because I think that is how people learn best.  

         What current parents have to say about my studio. 

"I am a performing jazz and rock musician and was a music educator myself for ten years
 before changing careers. My seven year old daughter has been taking lessons with
 Elizabeth for two years, and I have been blown away by her creativity as a teacher,
 the sense of musicality that she is able to share with children, and the spirit of
 curiosity and fun that she brings to instruction. I have learned enormously from
 watching her work with my daughter. A true gem of a teacher."

Michael Fuerstein
Southwest Minneapolis

"I highly recommend Elizabeth Erickson for piano lessons. She is excellent at meeting 
your children where they are at, keeping them engaged, and exposing them to an
array of genres and styles.  Her passion is addictive and my children have cultivated
a greater understanding and love of music under her wing."

Christi Williford
Southwest Minneapolis

"I second Elizabeth Erickson.  My 5 year old takes lessons from her and she really likes it. 
Elizabeth has a way of getting kids engaged"

Daphne Karypis
Southwest Minneapolis

"Elizabeth is a phenomenal teacher! She is very talented and has a deep understanding of music.
Teaching piano is definitely her calling!"

Melissa Thornton
Southwest Minneapolis

Contact me for more information and current openings

I look forward to hearing from you soon!