New plan, new policy, new materials, same old piano teacher.  Make sure to visit:  new studio policies; new groups and materials; and the revamped calendar under piano lessons! There are materials listed that you will need.  Call Groth and leave a voice mail about what you want. The website does not list everything in the store.  1-800-969-4772. they ship to your doorstep for free. 

  1. ENVIRONMENT.  Please make the effort to have the learning environment be as focused as possible. Children 9 and under should have a parent in the room.

  2. EQUIPMENT.  Position your smartphone, tablet or computer so I can see you at your instrument.  Aim for good lighting. Keep your device plugged in to power.  

  3. AUDIO.  Please note we can’t talk at the same time. We will discuss our signals at the first lesson.

Then look at the group page under Piano lessons.  There are some materials you will need. They can be ordered from Groth music and they will ship for free.  You will still be able to use some of your current books. Some are just not ideal for on-line learning. 
Dear Parents,
Here are some updates on the developments in the studio.   What is critical, at this point, is a clear but flexible plan.  Everyone is pretty overwhelmed with the size of their "to do" list, including me.  The trimester has officially been extended by a week for everyone. This gives us all a little more time to get up and running.   I will be in contact with you individually to help make a plan.   I hope to have some tutorials, videos, and different projects, up and running by next week.  Here are a few more details about what the new Elizabeth Erickson Piano Studio is going to look like:

1.  I will be using Zoom for our on-line platform. That seems to be the preferred way of most music teachers.  It is free for you. I now know that you do not have to upload it prior to your lesson.  You will be given a link to click at your lesson time and will automatically be connected to me.   You will alternate weeks between a Zoom lesson and  time shifted instruction (see details below)

2.  In order to provide the best and most consistent on- line instruction, there are going to be a few books that you will need.  Groth music in Bloomington, will mail directly to you. It's best to leave voice mail.  They don't have everything in the store listed on the website. They are very knowledgeable and they ship for free. Their number is listed on the materials page.  The books that many of you have are not conducive to on line learning. For my younger students, I'm in the process of creating custom materials that gently lead into note reading.  The basic packets will be in the range of $15-30 per student with possible supplemental music suggested but not required.  Two children from the same family at the same level  will not need duplicates of everything, only the theory books that require writing.   We don't have to throw our old books away but we needed different materials for this new experiment!

3.  The logistics and many challenges of online learning will require a different kind of flow of instruction. Your child will be getting weekly instruction from me but it will look different. I will be using: real time on-line lessons via Zoom; time shifted instruction ---projects, demonstrations, tutorials of many pieces at different levels that students can select; recordings of my playing as well as recordings that students will send to me of their work. I will provide individual feedback and recommendations for further work.   Kids can work at their own pace and view demos, tutorials etc. multiple times. This will be very helpful to a lot of students.  I also think that Zoom will allow us to record the lesson for later viewing. On the list to figure out!   Wish me luck setting up my private You Tube channel tomorrow!  This will be strictly for me to make videos for students to watch. 

4. Your lessons are split into two main parts and you alternate between the two weekly.  You sign up for a time and day of the week for your real time Zoom lesson. They will usually be 30 minutes but occasionally might go over a few minutes.   There will be complete flexibility for your time shifted portion of instruction via video demos, tutorials, listening assignments, and recordings. Although you have flexibility, I encourage you to send in your videos roughly a week after your Zoom lesson.  You will get feedback for the time shifted portion of your lessons, just not immediately.  I will do my best to listen to recordings and respond within 24 hours. Your child is welcome to start sending short videos of what they have been practicing via Google Drive. Short minute videos seem to work very well with Google Drive.  If you need to send it two shorter videos, that's fine.  People have tried with dropbox and it took forever so I still think Google Drive is you best bet.  If you can label your video by your child's name, that would be great.  Now, I'm getting 25 or more videos per week so this would be most helpful. Keep it under 2 minutes or it takes forever to load.  Google Drive works well but people have been using other means to send recordings. Use whatever works for you. Students can send me more than one videos as long as they have actually been practicing the piece. This is not for sending sight reading or pieces that have not been carefully looked at.   The exception to this is if they are really stuck on something and want to record the problem area to get help. 


6. All measures need to be numbered before you take your screenshot.  If you are a brand new student who is not yet reading notation, don't worry about this.  Everyone else, pay attention.  This means start at the beginning of your piece, put a 1 in between the treble and bass clef like where middle C is.  After the bar line is measure 2.  Keep numbering all the way to the end of your piece.  

7.  All children will need some parental assistance in setting up prior to the Zoom lesson. (maybe not my techno savvy middle and high schoolers).  Children 9 and under need to have a parent or caregiver present during their on- line lesson if at all possible. I understand if there are little ones that need your attention. But there are things I can no longer do at the lesson and I could really use your help.  I'm making a parents video so don't sweat it.  It won't be too hard!!  All parents and other caregivers are welcome and encouraged to sit in.   I understand that you all have busy and sometimes noisy households. Please do what you can to minimize noise during the lessons as our devices pick up all the background noise and can make it difficult for the teacher to hear the student. Lots of piano teachers on Facebook are reporting terrible headaches from prolonged listening to out of tune pianos, sub standard keyboards, excessive noise, and straining to listen as carefully as we usually do at a regular lesson. Do your best to minimize distractions. 

I won't dwell on this, but I need to say it.  I understand first hand the incredible power of music and music making to help get us through dark and uncertain times. It's not some sort of magic pill that is going to fix everything, but throughout my life--- well over 50 years, music has sustained me and given me hope and some peace when not much else could. I am alive because of music.  It is good for our souls or whatever you choose to call the innermost part of your being.  Take care.
Welcome to Elizabeth Erickson Piano Studio of Linden Hills.  If you are thinking about beginning a musical journey or continuing on the one you have already started, I'm glad you stopped by.  My studio is conveniently located near 41st and France Avenue and I offer private piano instruction to children-adults.  In addition to weekly lessons, I am offering a new program this year for busy adults and high school students who would like to take some lessons but don't have a schedule that allows for weekly lessons.  Structured like a 5 lesson punch card, you can schedule a lesson at a convenient time for you.  Lesson times are available in the a.m. afternoon and evening hours and the card never expires. Call for additional information. 


I bring my passion for all great music---from Bach to the Beatles, and Mahler to Mingus; bring over 40 years of teaching and performing experience; and bring my sense of humor because I think that is how people learn best.  

"I am a performing jazz and rock musician and was a music educator myself for ten years
 before changing careers. My seven year old daughter has been taking lessons with
 Elizabeth for two years, and I have been blown away by her creativity as a teacher,
 the sense of musicality that she is able to share with children, and the spirit of
 curiosity and fun that she brings to instruction. I have learned enormously from
 watching her work with my daughter. A true gem of a teacher."

Michael Fuerstein
Southwest Minneapolis

Contact me for more information

I look forward to hearing from you soon!