Donald Crews Was Born 1938 in Newark New Jersey. He graduated from Copper Union for the advancement of science and art in New York City in 1959.  He then persuaded a career as graphic artists in New York before Crews was drafted into the U.S Army. As a member of the army, he was sent to Frankfurt, Germany in 1963.   Crews career as an author transformed out of a piece he created, for his graphic design portfolio, which was an alphabet book. Everyone who saw this book suggested that he submit it to publishers as a children's book, so he did.  In1967 Donald Crews published his first children’s book, "A to Z”. Crews continued to work as freelance graphic artists from a studio in his apartment, where he created more books like, "Ten Black Dots" in 1968 and "Freight Train" 1979. Both these novels were awarded with the Caldecott Honor Award.

The success of Freight Train led Crews to write and illustrate other popular books Such as "Truck" in 1980, which followed suit and won the 1981 Caldecott Honor, along with The "School bus" in 1984, "Flying" in 1986,and "Sail Away" in 1995. Children comfortably embraced all the books about the trains, vehicles, airplanes and boats Donald was pleased by his success, he had created ground breaking books, n topics not previously indulged, while being a successful graphic designer.

Family Life

Growing up Crews would spend his summers in Cottondale Florida at his grandparent’s house along with his mothers and siblings. He was born to a seamstress and a railroad engineer. His family included four siblings besides himself, two older brothers and two sisters, an older sister and a younger sister. Crew’s parents included artistic influences in all aspects of their children’s lives, and were displayed in Crews very young who had exceptional artistic skills. While attending Cooper Union, he met his wife and collaborator, Ann Jonas. They had two children, their first born becoming an author as well.  The Crews family presently lives in a restored farmhouse, in Hudson River Valley. The mother of Crews is still alive and healthy and lives along with Crews, in his home in New York. 

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