Elizabeth Brady Cabot Winslow
ELIZABETH (LIZ, LISA) BRADY CABOT WINSLOW, A PRODIGY IN MANY FIELDS. Perhaps I rank historically among the 50 or 100 most intelligent and talented people in the most fields ever. More high abilities in more different fields than anyone in last 50 years. Fair, beautiful face and figure, blond, brunette, redhead, green eyes, 5'8", American.


Former child prodigy in many fields. More high abilities in more different fields than anyone in last 50 years. IQ perhaps c 180. Based on amazing abilities suitable for international competition in and impact on and work in numerous fields from an early age, I should be rich and in Who's Who and the Social Register and have many known major credits. In early 1982 I told a classmate of my father in Virginia that I had been described as a genius at large in the early 1970's. I have never known anyone as intelligent as I am. I have by far the best memory of anyone I ever encountered. I have intellectually one upped experts in fields I have never studied, had little interest in, and had little knowledge of; I have done this since an early age. I think I comprehend high intelligence better than anyone.

I am currently unemployed, impecunious; all of my invaluable unique possessions including several thousand pounds of personal effects plus two cars, my writings, files, my parents' files, press clippings about me, my modeling books, c 1000 books; my address book listing well known, important, relatives, acquaintances, business connections; my records, etc. were stolen by others, most of whom are listed in the Crime and Malice section below. The New York City government, the crooked New York City Police Department, New York State agencies, the FBI, the DOJ in Washington, DC, etc., have never replied to my many bitter complaints. All of the people named as crooks below directly illegally maliciously schemed against me, some for many years. Anyone who is willing to state that they know who committed the thousands of illegalities against me in New York City primarily but also in the DC area 1982 on, will state where my possessions are, who stole them, who was illegally eavesdropping on my resident phone, who was illegally calling behind my back people they illegally heard me talking to on my residence phone and without my permission or knowledge from 1982 on in New York City, who set up the malicious and nasty incidents with others and persuaded others to go along with their malicious schemes, including the absurb bs at Allen, White & Case, with Gunnar Theel, Jack Macidull, etc., 1989-1990, contact me.

Last Revised: 9/29/02, bold faced, toward the end New York, NY

Contact Information:
Best way to contact me: in person, Meeting Place-SW corner of E 42 St ; Park Ave, c 6-6:30pm pm Mon, not there every night. PO Box 1001, New York, NY 10156-1001. Pre-1982 good friends and relatives can contact me perhaps at the below email address which I access at public terminals in the library and such. I do not have access to a secure computer and crooks and flakes are likely to alter, delete, and meddle in anything I put on the net or send through the net. Disguise messages to me. Also, my mail is tampered with and I have had imposters approaching me through the mail, phone, and in person for decades. And my mail is handled by low types. Contact me regarding where my property is that was stolen from me and regarding the multiple crimes about me; I am surrounded by low types and I have not had any of my property stolen from me returned to me.; (I access public library computers. Do not send any confidential information by fax or email; include a copy of a current passport or state photo ID ; other revealing reference) Homepage URL: through Altavista type: Elizabeth Brady Cabot Winslow, hit enter.

Emergency Contact: Mr. Roger Hugh, London, England; born in England, Oxford University graduate, c 1966, Wharton School of Business student c 1969-1970, investment banker at Loeb Rhoades c 1973.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Exceptional memory and mental abilities including paranormal; autodidact; independent projects on many topics; activities include singing, dancing, piano, creative writing, acting, art work. Creative polymath, very high IQ, tested and performed exceptionally brilliantly off and on from an early age and was told from an early age by brilliant and professionals that I had a brilliant future ahead of me due to my looks and talents and brains. Ingenious, inventive, original, analytical. As child interviewed by media (not in USA). Due to my looks I threw a major sports event when I walked in (18 years old). I am the basis of a lead in several films in late 1970's (one with Fred Astaire and Helen Hayes) due to nefarious scheming by crooked relatives and my then agent Paul Kohner; I was never credited. I was a major force re and basis of and influential in around seven years of major stories in a major newspaper (not in New York City) c1970's to early 1980's; I was never credited. Before 1982 I had read more classics of world literature than anyone ever by far and was one of the best read ever. I am formerly rich, a millionaire. Primarily from 1982 on (due to the death of my father in early 1982), original intellectual property of mine mostly from my pre-1982 projects in education, intelligence testing, medicine, law, office procedures, acting, comparative literature, nonfiction prose, fiction, and many topics was stolen from me and management, medicine, law, office procedures, personnel, acting, comparative literature, nonfiction prose, fiction, and other topics marketed by the crooks for millions of dollars. The crooks never credited me or paid me for anything. The material that was stolen was NOT INTERACTIVE AND WAS SOLO WORK OF MINE. I was on the star track in modeling and acting repeatedly from the early 1960's until 1982. I was close to being famous and very successful more than once.

WRITING AND OTHER ACTIVITIES: 1940's-1982. 1940's-1970's, autodidact, dance, ballet, operatic quality singing, classical piano, acting, art. Inventions. Often plagiarized. Solo independent original publishable projects, research and notes on very many topics, including literature, arts, sciences, humanities, business, psychology, mythology, medicine, law, economics, physics, military, philosophy, genealogy, education. Horseback riding, tennis, ice skating, fishing, water skiing, skiing, swimming. Author:(1950's-1982) poetry (some published), nonfiction, nonfiction book on international man, short stories, fiction; (1983-1987) a novel which I wrote as a vehicle for me as an actress for a major film; crooks around me in New York City did not want me to be successful or rich, and they illegally prevented me from publishing anything from 1983 on. 1970's-1982 until return to New York City 10/1982--experience in legal procedures and court appearances, conservatorship, power of attorney, matrimonial matters, wills, hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, convalescent hospitals, medical insurance, retirement homes, pensions. After 1982 due to crooked meddlers almost all my intellectual productivity halted. Late 1990's-2002 several nonfiction works including Directory of Geniuses; Directory of Prodigies. This is a variation of Directory of Living Prodigies, Living Prodigy Directory, International Directory of Living Prodigies, Directory of Prodigies, Prodigy Directory, International Directory of Prodigies.

BACKGROUND: I have lived in beautiful, lavish, costly places and had and owned rare and valuable possessions. I
lived in beautiful large furnishings with many full time live in servants, including chauffeurs; I have been around people who lived lavish very expensive lives including international travel, famous families, celebrities, historically famous people, etc. I have expensive tastes including box for horse shows in Madison Square. Formal, strait laced, conservative, elitist, high brow, intellectual. No marriages, no children. I am an Army brat, a debutante in New York City 1960; I was invited to be a debutante at an international ball in Rome, summer 1959. I have lived c 7 years in Japan and Western Europe. I have belonged to the DAR, Daughters of the Cincinnati (c 1968 on), Mensa (1982-1983, 2000-2001), Episcopal Church, St. Bartholomew's Community Club 1967-1974. I was the heiress of Elita and Lowell Wadmond, former president of ABA, senior partner of White & Case, on board of Metropolitan Opera, in Who Was Who. 

FAMILY: I am the descendent of and related to historical, famous and prominent individuals and families that go back perhaps several thousand years. Father: Col. Hugh Whitaker Winslow, career Army officer; mother: Elizabeth (Libby) Brady Ferguson Winslow; brother: Hugh Whitaker Winslow, Jr. Relatives and ancestors: Irish kings, European nobility, Oliver Cromwell, Pres. Andrew Jackson, Nathan Hale, Zane Grey, Jane Addams; families: Cabot (Boston), Zane, Davenport. Alexander, Caldwell, Strong, McCulloch, Clark, Whitaker, Winslow, Brockunier, Brady, Putnam, Ferguson. Generals, US Congressmen, pilgrams, patriots, pioneers, landowners, judges, lawyers, manufacturers, writers, doctors, clergymen, corporate executives, educators, clerymen. In Who Was Who recently: cousin, high executive in Standard Oil of NJ; cousin, Dean of Harvard Medical School; godfather, investment banker; godfather, high ranking military officer; uncle, publishing; uncle, founded largest engineering firm in world in its field at one time.

ASSOCIATES, ACQUAINTANCES or CONNECTED TO: I have been the associate or acquaintance of many famous, rich, prominent, and brilliant people from an early age- including a Watson of IBM, an Agnelli, middle eastern royals, high ranking US military including Air Force Chief of Staff and Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, famous movie stars and their spouses, famous opera stars, famous Hollywood personalities, prominent international economists, governor of NY Stock Exchange, investment bankers, film producers, agents for famous film directors and writers and movie stars, prominent lawyers, prominent US Senators and Representatives including Chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee, prominent businessmen. 1960-1964 roommates included female Foreign Service Officers, National Security Analyst, International Economist.

Secret Security Clearance, 1961-1962.

EDUCATION: Columbia, late 1940's.
Japanese School, Japan, early 1950's.
Greenwich Academy, Greenwich, CT, 1955.
Rosemary Hall, Greenwich, CT, Honor Roll, 1955-1958.
Coral Gables SHS, Coral Gables, FL, Honor Roll, Swimming Team, top 15% of class, 1958-1959, HS Diploma, 1959.
The George Washington University, Washington, DC, Major: International Relations, Minor: International Economics, Dean's List, 1959-1961, 1962-1964, BA, 1964.
University of Paris, Paris, France, French Language, summer 1964-1965
University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany, German language and literature, 1965-1966, 1 on final exam.
University of Poitiers, Tours, France, French language, summer 1966.
Columbia University, New York, NY, English literature, spring 1968.
New York University, doctoral candidate, comparative literature, 2/3 courses, GPA 3.5, Dean's List, Scholarships, 1968-1970.
Lee Strasberg, 1970.
HB, 1970-1974.
Weist-Barron, 1970.
Other studies: piano, singing, speech, acting, riding, tennis, Japanese dancing

Languages: French, German, Latin, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian

EMPLOYMENT: US Department of State, Medical Division, Washington, DC, receptionist, recommended by US Representative Dante Fascell, summer 1960.
US Agency for International Development, Washington, DC, clerk typist, secretary, spring 1961.
University of California LRL, Nevada Test Site, NV, sole secretary/administrative assistant for the Mechanical and the Electrical Engineering Departments during resumption of nuclear testing, 1961-1961.
Sands Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, showgirl, summer 1963.
Model agents for me: Dorian Leigh Parker, Paris, France, 1964-1965. Wilhelmina, New York, NY, 1971-1972. Talents, Milan, 1972-1973. Gavin Robinson, London, 1973; and other model agents in Europe and US.
Acting agents: Mort Schwarz, Ann Wright, Jane Broder, New York, NY; ICM, Rome, 1973; Dale Garrick, LA, 1975-1977; Paul Kohner, 1976-1977, LA
McKinsey & Company, New York, NY, associate editor-line and structural editing and rewriting of management consultants' reports and presentations, 1967-1968.
World Book Encyclopaedia, New York, NY, updater and editor on previous articles on countries and sole researcher and sole writer on new articles on additional countries, 1968.
IBM World Trade, New York, NY, solo outside consultant to top IBM World Trade management and solo researcher and writer on assigned large international topics, the results reviewed by the Director of IBM World Trade (I was 27 to 28 years old), 1969, 1970.
Other employment:
Model-fashion, print, TV, TV commercials, films, Johnny Carson Show; shows, theatre; actress; showgirl; editor; writer; office work-receptionist, administrative assistant, publishing, law, and others. AEA, SAG, AFTRA, AGVA, spokewoman, voiceovers, conventions, demonstrations, promotions, reservationist for airlines, Las Vegas, NV and New York, NY, 1961-1972.
Secretarial, word processing, administrative support, proofreader, typist, encoder, typesetter, fax, telex, data entry, dictaphone, fast long hand, technical writing, financial research, legal secretary, paralegal, as a temporary and part time employee often through temporary agencies, New York, NY, 1984-1989, Chemical Bank, American Express Co., Morgan Stanley, Editor & Publisher, Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft, Finley Kumble Wagner, Kelley Drye & Warren, Merrill Lynch & Co., Lehman Bros., Allen & Company, other law offices and banks.
Computer programs used at work and in my apartment: Wang, Atari, Displaywrite, Word Perfect, MS Office, and data entry systems, 1984 on.
Crooks illegally tapped my residence and office phones, illegally cut off my mail, watched me with concealed surveillance that I could not locate in my apartment, and illegally read my private non-published material in my apartment, and stole and plagiarized and assaulted, tailed, poisoned, and plagued me 1982 on in New York City.



Think tanks, research organizations, intellectually high level organizations or companies or similar entities would be appropriate, such as the Princeton Institute, Watson Research Center, Rand.

I am probably one of the most intelligent and talented ever. I should have spent my entire life among the most brilliant living; most of my life I have been surrounded by people very inferior to me. My careers have been maliciously and criminally ruined by people around me repeatedly. I have an idea for a new measurement of intelligence. I have never taken a course on this topic, but it is one of my many life long interests. Both my parents were exceptionally brilliant, imaginative, creative, and artistic.

I wrote a brief book late 2000 and copyrighted it but cannot publish it; it is very relevant to the current environment and should have been published. 2/2/2002

My resume is currently on America's Job Bank; it was on Nevada, but I am changing it to New York. Since the US Dept of Labor and state departments of labor provide the site and the IRS perhaps has records of many of my jobs and dates, I think I am validating my statements by putting my resume on there.3/1/2002

I have not been hired when the workers and the applicants were all or nearly all inferior to me intellectually. According to the Encyclopaedia of Human Intelligence in the charts for US Army testing for WWI and WWII and the US Dept. of Labor statistics for c 1970, the mean IQ and range of IQ's for most of the jobs I did in New York City 1984-1993 were much lower than my IQ; due to the fact that it has been very hard if not impossible for me to get any job for about 11 years I wonder what the explanation for this is. In addition, the people who considered me for jobs did not ask important questions and did not do adequate fact checking when considering me for employment. I mean, what is going on? It appears that the public and employers deliberately refuse to hire me because they do not want me to have any money and want to steal all my possessions and to force themselves on me and that they want me to be defenseless and they want to put me through the hoops and through their contrived illegal often situations in order to pick my mind for free.


Photo of Elizabeth Brady Cabot Winslow below

Pre 10/82

1958 Knappens caused my teenage brother to run away from home. 1960 theft of my clothes by Ruth Timberlake Prokop and Daryll Quinn both of whom were my guests at my debut in NYC. 1960 Ruth Timberlake got me thrown out of dormitory for no good reason and through malicious false talk got me thrown out of sorority by same tactics. 1962 - 1963 Giuseppe Morra made me severely ill for a long time and bedridden, and I missed college classes which hurt my academic career and I was not back to normal for several years. C 1968 Aunt Gorgianna Knappen almost killed me in a car accident when she was driving and was unharmed. Late 1960's on Knappens engaged in severe defamation vs. me and behind my back legal actions against me based on deliberate lies; they maliciously caused severe trouble and financial losses for my parents, contributed to divorce and trouble between my parents. I had been the heir of the Wadmonds off and on since the late 1960's.

1970 on models, model agents, theatrical agents and others stole material from me. 1970 on Aunt Georgianna, Erwin Schaeffer, States Coyle, Cousin Ted and Aunt Georgianna Knappen, and Katherine Laurelle illegally ruined my career in different fields- modeling and acting; Erwin Schaeffer attempted to completely end my career in a field through illegal and nefarious means. 1970-1974 I was deliberately forced out of housing due to Wadmonds, McCrareys and their friend, Goddell, Leslie Feldman. Walter Scholz, Elita, and others deliberately defamed me and conspired to get me disinherited. Erwin Schaeffer, John Moore, and Don Goddell set me up with harmful bums. Erwin Schaeffer, John Howell, and States Coyle illegally tailed me, and they and Walter Scholz illegally got confidential information regarding me and spread it around, lied, and defamed my character to have me disinherited. Those illegally meddling in my careers and setting me up for robberies and squeezing me out of housing illegally caused me to lose property I could not replace or afford to lose. My cousin Polly Knappen accused me as did her mother c 1970 that I blacklisted her with McKinsey in Washington so she was not hired; all completely lies. The Knappens were so jealous of me and resentful of my superior brains, looks, glamorous life, TV appearances, beautiful pictures, etc, and were so vicious tongued that I had to completely stop speaking to them or having anything to do with them. Aunt Georgianna and my cousins Ted and Nat and Polly Knappen worked on my mother behind my back and were instrumental in brainwashing her with Christian Science lies and encouraged her to divorce my father and live with them and pay them room and board out of her money from my father in the early 1970's. And the Knappens got money out of mother for witch doctor Christian Science practitioners, which money came from my father. Aunt Georgianna and Ted and Polly wrote vicious hysterical letters and made similar phone calls to me and my father. From the early 1970's on Aunt Georgianna, Polly, Nat, and Ted Knappen wrote hostile, crazy, completely untrue and vicious letters and made similar phone calls for years to my father and to me and some to my brother. In the summer of 1970 the Wadmonds pressured me to leave my furnished studio apartment, 138 E 37 St, to stay in their Park Ave apartment in the tiny maid's room; I had to get someone in my apartment to pay the rent on it, and I then could not move back into my furnished apartment and lost it. Then I was maliciously booted around by a woman Dennis McCrarey referred me to; I helped her paint her apartment, I moved my furniture into her bare apartment and paid for the move in 1970; with no warning or excuse she suddenly forced me to move out; I had to pay for another costly move and put my possessions in storage, find another apartment, move again, and it cost a lot, took a lot of time, and it disrupted my acting and modeling career and caused financial losses and harm to my career as an actress plus worsened my life style. I moved into a smaller apartment that necessitated my keeping most of my things in storage. C 1972 Don Goddell set me up with a woman sleaze to live in my furnished apartment while I was modeling in Europe; she wrote me in Europe that she had left the apartment, and I had to break modeling assignments to come back to New York City to pack my possessions in my apartment, store them, and I lost a lot of money, and this was very costly, and I gave up the apartment before I returned to Europe for modeling. C 1973 robbery in Milan of my modeling book and all my 1000 pounds of property including irreplaceable writings and jewelry severely disrupted my very successful modeling and acting career; probably this robbery was set up by States Coyle or Erwin Schaeffer in New York City. C 1974 Seth Baker in New York City in a financially ruinous, devastating, severely damaging theft for me stole a very valuable irreplaceable heirloom from me. In Los Angeles in 1974 on, a shady jerk, Walter Rosen Scholz referred to material in my nonpublished notes I kept in my apartment and that I never showed anyone and that he could only have known about by having someone illegally get them and copy them and read them; Walter also defamed my character and lied maliciously about my past and contacted the Wadmonds in New York City and lied to them; he also set me up illegally in a sleazy attempt to extort funds from me; he also approached my father and tried to pump him when my father was not with me (c 1974-1978). When I was in Los Angeles from c 1975 on the Knappens went behind my back to my agents and employers and got me thrown out and tried to get me thrown out and fired in LA, and they maliciously contacted mother's nursing homes and lied about us and caused trouble for me and my father. Around 1975 when I and my parents were in Los Angeles and the Knappens were still in Northern Virginia, the Knappens without my knowledge or consent contacted a Christian Science practitioner in Los Angeles, Katherine Laurelle, who wanted my father to pay her, which he would not; she called without my consent my acting agent and caused trouble for me with him because she was a former agent and she wanted me to leave the agency; I ended up leaving the agency due to her poisoning of my agent's mind. Also, Laurelle was conspiring to have a film made about me and my parents, a fil made with the Kohner agency, which was my agency; she did this behind my back in order to keep me out of the film, which I did not know about until it was aired on TV. My Aunt Georgianna Knappen flew out to Los Angeles, went into my mother's hospital, poisoned the minds of the staff, and conspired against me and my father. Col. Robert Kreuter became a co-conspirator, and he lied ("I have cancer of the prostate") to me and my father, and he maliciously set up my father in my presence in Los Angeles. The Knappens were threatening to the lives of my parents; I told the Knappens to leave us alone, and I changed our nonpublished number again, and I took other steps to defend us against them. In Los Angeles Walter Scholz from 1975 on repeatedly set me up without my knowledge or consent and tried to make me pay him for services I had not agreed to. He also called behind my back my agents and told them malicious lies about me and infuriated them and one of them threw me out. He also called the Wadmonds in New York and dumped malicious lies about me and my parents on them. He told me that he was rich and would be inheriting a lot more soon. In Los Angeles from 1975 on I was wrongly sued, falsely accused by a court in LA, against which false charges I cleared myself, probably due to the Knappens (Ted and Nat are lawyers) who went behind my back and complained about me. c 1976 Georgianna Knappen flew out to LA to land on my sick mother's bed and to pump her and the nursing home staff and then pass it on to my agent behind my back and to contribute to films based on me and my parents, which films were contrived behind my back and without my knowledge or consent. Georgianne's, other Knappens', and Katherine Laurelle's direct approach to my agent (Kohner) caused me trouble and resulted in my leaving the agency c 1977. C 1978 in LA I was assaulted from behind and knocked down on my lawn where the assailant beat me, this was probably set up by a member of the LAPD living in my apartment complex or someone else who knew I was an actress. An LAPD cop who was a lookalike for someone I knew in LA knocked on the door of my apartment. LAPD officers knocked on my door with another hoax sending me on a false goose chase about a fake medical alert pertaining to me.

Names of Malicious and Criminal Before 1982 (Dates of Acquaintanceship and of Criminal Activities)

Baker, Seth H., international playboy, c 1974 owner manager Manor Care, Towson, MD, c 1974-? managing ed Los Angeles Magazine, New York, Los Angeles, Palm Springs;
Coyle, States Wm., Cornell Univ., BA, c1963, MBA Columbia U, c 1969, marketing with Standard Brands, c 1970-1972, NYC, London c 1973, c 1974 New York City and Los Angeles;
Ferguson, Uncle Wilson, insurance, Pinkerton investigator, Penn State grad, NYC, died c 1977;
Fortucci, Paola, George Washington University graduate c 1962, Johns Hopkins post grad student, c1962, economist IFC, Washington, DC, c 1963-1964?;
Godell, Donald, lawyer, Columbia University Law School graduate, ITT, Community Club, St Bartholomew's, c1968-early 1970's, NYC;
Howell, John D., Life Mag., advertising, sales, c 1967-1968, NYC;
Knappen, Georgianne, Aunt, Christian Scientist, married to Theodore Knappen who was founder of TAMS, lived in No. VA, 1960's on;
Knappen, Cousin Nathaniel, Vassar, BA and U of VA LLB, lawyer, worked in NYC and Ithaca, NYC, late 1960's on;
Knappen, Cousin Theodore, lawyer, U of VA BA and LLB, lives in VA, vice president of Greyhound in Washington, DC in 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, Christian Scientist, late 1960's on;
Knappen, Cousin Polly Knappen (married Randy Barnes), Christian Scientist, BA Univ. of Penn., lived in MD, worked in restaurants, retired, lived on a boat in Baltimore, late 1960's on;
Kohner, Walter, Paul Kohner Agency, Los Angeles, CA., c1975-1978;
LAPD c1977-1981;
Laurelle, Katherine, Christian Science practictioner, Los Angeles, CA., c 1977-1978;
Moore, John S,. lawyer, Harvard BA, LLB Stanford, Park Sheraton, NYC, brother of Robin Moore, 1973 on;
Morra, Giuseppe, c1960-1964, editor in World Bank, Washington, DC, GWU grad., 1960's on;
Prokop, Ruth Timberlake, c 1959-1964, BA & LLB GWU, lawyer, Washington, DC;
Quinn, Daryll, student, GWU, Washington, DC, engaged to Russell Jones who was an Annapolis student, c 1959-1960, 1960's on;
Schaeffer, Erwin, Schaeffer & Assoc, salesman KMart & Italian sunglasses, NYC & Montreal, c 1967-1990's;
Scholz, Walter Rosen, BA Boston U, actor, producer, heir and relative of founder of Caramoor, NYC & Los Angeles, c 1969-1990's;
Wadmond, Elita, wife of Lowell Wadmond, NYC, c 1967-1990's;
Wadmond, Lowell, lawyer, White & Case, NYC, c 1967-1990's;
Wilhelmina, model agent, NYC, c 1969-1974.

After 1/82 (when my father died)

The new technology was already creating dangerous crooked meddlers in Washington, DC, area in 1982 when crooked meddlers with PC’s in their homes, university computer staff, and others were doing strange illegal things with the phone networking; 1982 in No. Virginia I was set me up deliberately with physical assaults including with deadly weapons, small boulders thrown at my head by someone (probably set up by Knappens or Gary Lynn Jordan). In 1982 when I was living in an apartment in Arlington, VA, a roommate set up a crooked racket on my phone; I had to go to court as a consequence; I threw him out; I won in court; but I think that someone else I knew had a hand in setting up the phone rackets.

10/82- I fully owned all the possessions; I had a major credit card, cash in the bank, excellent health, youthful looks, a lot of credits and original intellectual property, and ambitious plans. 10/82 When I moved from Washington, DC, back to New York City, and drove a rented truck full of my possessions (several thousand pounds) and towed my car behind the truck and was driving alone, Beth Buchter, Cy Charas, Charles Parl, and probably Vance Jordan ganged up on me behind my back and cut the brakes on my truck, had my car sideswiped while I was towing it and driving the truck alone, and set me up in a bogus apartment in Queens that I had paid for but could not move into, and Beth suggested I move into her house in New Rochelle, which house was a booby trap of set up references to personal facts regarding me and my past, which I had not told her about; she was illegally scheming against me with other trash; her motive was financial; I brushed off and refused to acknowledge or comment on her sly suggestions and insinuations. She was my former classmate at Rosemary Hall for three years ,and she had never acted illegally against me before, and I was not expecting her illegal trap. After 1982 in New York City I got very strange phone calls, and people I called on my home phone were saying strange things, e.g. Margaret Ferguson Hansen; they alluded to illegalities I had not told anyone about, personal references about material they had no legal or known access to. 1983 Gunnar Theel set me up to deliberately wreck the motor and engine of my car so he would split the costly repair bill with crooked mechanics in the location he did this. 1983 I was set up with a premeditated purse snatching in Queens. In 1982-1984 the Wadmonds wanted to meet prominent relatives and friends I had in others fields and they illegally eavesdropped on my phone calls and called without my consent relatives and others and caused trouble for me and poisoned their minds. I was illegally and deliberately cut off from superior relatives and others starting in 10/82 in NYC. Walter Scholz, the Wadmonds, and others illegally tapping my home phones and illegally tailing me from 1983 on prevented me from getting or keeping employment and illegally cut off my career plans for years. 1983 on malicious crooked scheming against me including direct quotes to information about me they had illegally acquired through eavesdropping on the phone and illegally reading my nonpublished personal letters, journals, files, etc. that I kept in my apartment and never showed anyone; Elita Wadmond, Walter Scholz, Gail Lloyd, my brother, Betty Foster, and others maliciously did this to bait me and upset me. In 1983 I was set up with a conniving crooked Hungarian mathematician in Mensa, Attila Mate. Staff in mother’s nursing home had obviously been approached by someone other than myself from 1983 on and said and did hostile and odd things and referred to and alluded to things they had been told about me or my family. From 1983-1987 Walter Scholz continued to illegally call my employers behind my back cause trouble for me. Also, the Wadmonds interfered behind my back with my employment and told the employment agents and personnel in the jobs things about me that they should not have told them and I never gave them consent to do that. They leaked important and financially valuable and relevant information behind my back at work, causing me to lose control over my own life and assets and story; they went behind my back and called people in DC and elsewhere and called around and asked strangers to them questions about me and believed everything they heard; Walter Scholz also did this, also illegally eavesdropped, called around, and asked strangers to them questions about me and told them malicious lies. In 1984 Wadmonds, Gail Lloyd, Walter Scholz, Dorothy Booraem, crooked NYPD and others colluded in stealing my car. By 11/84 all the cash I had had and the major credit card, were also gone. In 1984 the Wadmonds and Booraem specifically told me to finish writing the novel I was working on; I did; then the Wadmonds dumped the book and dismissed it without reading a sentence of it. They caused me to get into a bad spot financially, risking being thrown out of the apartment, making it impossible to replace the car they stole or to move out of the apartment; I was down to zero cash as a result. They illegally ended my social life; I was illegally cut off from important friends, relatives, and occasions. They cut me out of acting, modeling, temp work through interference with my phone calls and hostile tails. Crooked employers and employees in offices 1984 on maliciously caused trouble for me at work and fired me. They cut me out of acting, modeling, temp work illegally through interference with my phone calls and hostile tails. Crooked Employers employees in offices 1984 on in NYC they planted hostile crooked coworkers in offices with me and illegally cut off my employment and fired me deliberately. 1983 - 1984 I was swindled out of money by the Wadmonds who said I was going to have a lot of money from them, going to have a new car from them, they made a lot of other promises including publishing my book; none of which they did, but they urged me to spend my money. The Wadmonds swindled me out of my money and deliberately put me in a financial bind and gloated maliciously (1982-1984); also, Walter Rose Scholz was in on that; the Wadmonds reneged on their promises regarding finding and/or replacing my car they stole in 1984, buying my book for $1,000,000, making me their heir, leaving me their apartment, etc. Walter Scholz and others in NYC illegally prevented me from 1984 on from publishing a novel I wrote c 1983 - 1987. I could not write or publish in New York City after 1984 due to the crooked circumstances imposed on me. All employers I worked for from 1984 on were themselves crooked schemers against me and or had such as coworkers; taxi limo drivers illegally meddled with me. Employment agencies illegally set me up in bad jobs where I had illegal trouble aimed at me. 1983 gas sabotage caused me to miss important funeral of a relative. I could not write or publish in New York City after 1984 due to the crooked circumstances imposed on me. I was told often 1984 on that I was being sued, was going to be taken to court for multiple charges, etc.

My phone calls had been intercepted by others pretending to be the person I was calling; the first incident I noticed was in 1984 when I phoned out on my home phone. In many of the law offices I worked in the attorneys were acting strangely and deliberately talking strangely; making many references to personal details I had not told them about, including about activities inside my apartment when I was there alone and there was no one else visible in the apartment. I was being followed by strange people, including every time I left NYC for DC or VA I was tailed by strangers who accosted me in line, sat next to me in the bus, tried to pump me, gave me unsolicited advice, etc. I was being maliciously hazed by insulting and hostile and crooked people since I returned to NYC in 10/82. My social life was ended due to illegal phone taps, concealed surveillance other criminal acts. Michael McGehee 1985 tried to scare me into leaving NYC where I was living and not to return to my apartment and to move to Atlanta immediately, and he poisoned me. May 1985 when I was illegally forced out of the apartment by Zuckermanns, Betty Foster, Walter Scholz, Jack Lynch others illegally meddling with my premeditated actions primarily because of those who did it.

May 1985 I was illegally forced out of a crooked apartment into a worse and more crooked apartment in Queens. From May 1985 when I moved into 41-15 75 St, Apt. 6, Elmhurst, NY 11373 because I was illegally forced out of the previous apartment I was living in, crooked cops and others including fire dept. wired my apt. with concealed cameras and bugs and cut off my job searches and phone calls, and my mail was illegally disrupted crooks in the local post office. 1985 on many plagiarized and stole nonpublished material I kept in my apartment and they marketed it. others including lawyers 1987 on referred to and apparently were in on crooked interference in my mail including forgery, bogus letters, bogus invitations, attempts to set me up on booby traps in others states where I would be isolated and surrounded by crooks, etc. Walter and others including Betty Foster ganged up against me behind my back with my crooked landlords Zuckerman and Chin Su Ling and illegally forced me to move out in May 1985 when Jack Lynch and others steered me to an apartment in Elmhurst that they said would be better but was worse. It had more concealed cameras and bugs I could never get rid of. In 1985 Walter Scholz lied to Episcopalian clergy about me and convinced them I was paranoid about the phone tap and the clergy and Walter said I had no tap, although Walter knew I did have a tap. Crooked employment agencies and agents included: 1985 Sloan, 1985 Mr. Kaye, 1984 Essex, 1984 Georgie Girls, 1986 Personnel Pool. Among the crooked employers or offices where I was followed to the job by crooked new employees and others from outside the office and where crooked occurrences against me were staged: Feurstein, through Sloan temps on a project for Cadwallader in 1985-1986 1985 Editor& Publisher, Marion Larson, Bill, Rachel In and others. In 1986 Allen & Company- Lin Illusorio, Naomi Johnson. 1987- Finley Kumble Wagner- many word processors, Tab Rosenfeld, and other lawyers; Kraver & Parker, 1988; 1988, Kelly Drye- word processors, lawyers connected to FKW, to a firebombed taxi in front of me across from Tiffany's, 2 jackknifed semi trailers blocking traffic on the highway near my exit when I was in a limo on the way back to my apartment in Queens. They illegally contributed to the horrific death of my mother in 1987. C 1988 someone set up a snare in the street near my apartment; this snare was intended to cause me to fall and cause a serious permanent injury; I fell, was severely injured, was slated for surgery, but luckily escaped it. All this was apparently worse suddenly around 1988 when either someone I had known got new equipment, or the NYPD got new tracking and surveillance equipment, or surveillance equipment became used more by truck drivers, and taxi drivers were also linking through their radios, city employees were being linked and contacted about me; people in offices I entered were apparently being contacted or had just been contacted about me by people outside; strangers apparently linked to illegally acquired information about me were following me; coworkers were doing the same, and my entire life drastically deteriorated and worsened. Tthe behavior was hostile, crooked, harmful; they were obviously baiting and hazing and threatening me. Generally, I ignored all of them and never said anything or acknowledged. Also, people including NYPD needled me with information. In late 1980's I was deliberately given an irregular very fast pulse by a pharmacist. I was maliciously threatened in and out of offices. In the late 1980's a Haitian deliberately caused a large hematoma in my arm. In late 1989 TM Lipscomb set me up with a Walker, Esq., a blind date Lipscomb introduced me to, and they put something m my drink that caused me to suddenly be unable to walk well, and I thought I would fall down in the street; they were working with a cop outside who apparently was hoping I was going to fall down in the street, and my crooked date Walker Esq. suggested I go to his house in Westchester with him; of course I did not. In the late 1980's the Barclay's Bank in Queens where I had my account was bombed out in the front, a set up blew out the window at the time I usually went there and someone tried to link me to this. My phone calls in my apartment, outside public phones, and in the offices where I worked were being cut off. At Birnbaum & Birnbaum c 1989 when I phoned Haliburton Fales at White & Case the phone line went dead and I was fired from the job. In 1989 I was probably deliberately given a heart attack in a crooked law office, Virag. Others deliberately overdosed and drugged me to cause heart problems (in a NYC hospital). The following crooked lawyers colluded illegally against me: Birnbaum, Cadwallader, Kanter & Bergman, Finley Kumble, Mangiatorde, Jennings & Grimble, Robt McKay, Nat and Ted Knappen, John Moore, Virag, Kelley Drye, White & Case-Rutherford, Edgerton, Fales, Wadmond; GL Jordon. After 10/82 -several tried to scare me into leaving New York City where I was living, illegally prevented me from publishing, illegally prevented me from getting and/or keeping employment, illegally cut off my career plans for years. The town of Elmhurst near my former address there in the late 1980's, 1989, blitzed me illegally inside and outside my apartment and illegally cut off my communications and my income and illegally forced me to spend all my savings; they set me up with hoaxes through illegal means; they drugged me illegally; they illegally got into my apartment and deliberately broke my furniture and irreplaceable art objects.

After 7/90 when I was illegally forced out of my apartment (my crooked landlord and others illegally cut off my phone and mail employment search) my address books, all my possessions (insert 9/10/02)including several thousand pounds of personal effects, writing, a thousand or so unusual and many irreplaceable books, my brilliant and original and exceptional files and notes and writings including poetry, a novel, short stories, my modeling books, pictures of my family and relatives; photos of my mother, one of the most beautiful women who ever lived; photos of my father, one of the handsomest men who ever lived; geneological data including material pertaining to eminent relatives, records of employment and education, special awards and honors, recommendations, medical records of mine and of my father and of my mother, special events and invitations, press clippings, my letters and letters sent to me by others, my legal files, my address book containing names and addresses of important people and relatives and acquaintances and business connections) were stolen or seized by crooks who premeditated it; they wanted notoriety for themselves and to use me as an unpaid PR agent and billboard for their favored schemes, and they counted on getting attention due to the fact that I was related to and had known many famous and well known people previously. I have not gotten anything out of this period 10/82 on and have had only losses due to crooked schemes against me, 1982 on by Parl, etc, then Wadmond, Scholz, then many others. I was maliciously bombarded and mobbed; people illegally bugged and kept concealed cameras in my apartment and tapped and interfered with my phone calls and mail; they plagiarized and stole nonpublished material I kept in my apartment and did not show to anyone. Also, they set up theft, robbery, poison, malicious crooked tails, physical assaults and fall; illegally meddled with my mail. They caused severe illness and injury. The Wadmonds, Walter Scholz, Gail Lloyd, Betty Foster, and others dragged all of this out for many years and kept needling me and baiting me; also, they lied and defamed my character and tried to cause trouble with the Wadmonds so I would have no money; they said I had had an affair with Lowell, which is completely untrue but certain to annoy Elita, which is why they said it; Walter Scholz, Betty Foster, and others were repeating the same theme, and were needling me on the phone, apparently hoping that Elita Wadmond was eavesdropping and would hear it. Hostile tails followed me on my job searches and deliberately through illegal interference caused me not to get jobs I had to stop using my phone. I thought I was still the Wadmonds heir. Malicious and crooked trash including cops followed me to my jobs and got jobs wherever I worked after I got the job and deliberately caused trouble for me at work or tried to get me fired or did get me fired for no good reason. Walter Scholz, Marion Larson, and others maliciously behind my back axed me with literary agents about my book and tried to persuade me my book was terrible. I did not believe them. I got from 1985 on letters and invitations from and meetings with relatives and former acquaintances perhaps and forged letters and invitations to visits and meetings, bum steers, including Gary Lynn Jordan, Jean Shepard Martin, Mrs. Wm. Brown, Capt. Harry H. Caldwell, Col. Bob Kreuter, Col. Samouce, Ted Knappen, my brother, Nat Knappen, Ted and Robin Withington. I could never get rid of the phone or mail interferences from 1982 on. Rodents were deliberately placed in my apartments repeatedly. People in the apartment buildings deliberately screamed through the floors and in the hall and outside the window to upset and worry me. My apartment was apparently wired with cameras and bugs that were broadcasting outside my apartment. People that had illegally caused trouble for me and cut me off from my more agreeable and important and successful relatives and friends blitzed me with new illegal high tech networks against which I have no chance. on a sadistic spree of robbery, freeloading, empire building, publicity making malicious dangerous stunts. Hostile women in historical societies set me up with malicious hoaxes. In late 1989-1990 apparently new equipment, high tech, worsened my position drastically. I could not get any job and was being tailed, pursued, cut off from employers and employment and hired by boguses: Jennings & Grimble 1990 and Mangiatorde 1993. In early 1990's on E 53 St a Negro murderously premeditatedly slammed my head with a very heavy object. The public has continued with the cooperation of cops and others in government to pursue, accost, rob, assault, and push me down illegally.

There is no remedy for this and I specifically oppose a further build up of high tech as a realistic solution.

Since 1982 when I returned to New York City former acquaintances and new acquaintances have been illegally conspiring against me including NYPD, NYNEX employees, people in the apartment houses where I was living, the landlords, new people I met at Mensa gatherings, at invitation only gatherings of other groups I belonged to and at social gatherings at St Bartholomew's Episcopal Church, at job interviews, on jobs, at functions advertised in the papers. The situation became much worse in NYC. High tech has blitzed me out, often illegally and deliberately. Since 1990 all my property has been stolen from me or seized by crooks. A wagon full of my writings was stolen by crooks from me in Washington, DC, in 1990's.

They wanted to abuse me, at the same time steal intellectual property from me, get access to prominent, successful, high ranking, well known people I had known; they obviously misunderstood my background, my life, my personality; they thought they could lie, bully, and confuse me into introducing them to people I would never introduce trash like that to. Crooked freeloaders and jerks including cops got the wrong notion that they could quickly get access to Hollywood stars, rich people, producers, famous actors, high ranking generals and others through me. This is not true. Jerks have been following me around to steal and freeload for many years. The new technology made the entire situation for me much worse. Obviously people have been illegally cutting me off from my rich, prominent, correct relatives, friends, and acquaintances for many years now; they have done it through the phone, the mail, personal in person interception, and other tactics. They also wanted to use me as an unpaid beggar and PR person and fundraiser for themselves or their pet project. I am not an unpaid fundraiser for anyone; I am not an unpaid file cabinet for unsolicited material; I am not an unpaid servant or errand boy or teacher, coach, guidance counselor, advisor. I do not introduce people merely because they want to meet someone I know. I dislike social climbers. This entire period 1982 on has been a disaster for me. I do not like the interferences, illegal meddling, or unreasonable pressures on me for years by strangers and unwelcome acquaintances. People illegally moved in on me in my apartments and used them as a lab for their crooked experiments on me. 1982 on people have stolen all my possessions and they stole all my intellectual property through illegal means including stealing the papers they were written on, physically seizing the papers, illegally getting access to the papers when I was not in my apartment or room, illegally keeping concealed visual surveillance of me and illegally eavesdropping on my phone conversations, intercepting my mail, illegally tailing me, illegally keeping surveillance on me at work. They prevented me illegally from marketing my own intellectual property and they deliberately illegally ruined my careers and all my endeavors in all fields. They illegally cut off my social life. The intellectual property they stole from me has been used as the basis for much of the software and computer programs that have come out since 1982; also they stole other material that has been used in politics, advertising, publishing, movies, and other fields. They destroyed my peace of mind, my pleasure and have made every day an affliction. They did this through fraud and lies also, to pin me down under their thumb, and keep me in a weak, poor, inferior position, away from more successful, smarter, nicer people I have known. They did this primarily because they knew my father had died and they wanted to take advantage of me and clean me out illegally. They impoverished me, destroyed my income, and some want me to work on increasing income for impoverished people, themselves; I will not do this; the trash that illegally did this to me wanted to force me to be their unpaid servant; I think they should be exterminated, not paid.

I have been illegally run over by inferior trash since my father died 1/82.

Much worse in NYC since I returned has been a gross and vulgar and crooked invasion illegally of my apartments and continuous illegal surveillance of me visually and orally and tailing of me by inferior very frightening and dangerous assaultive trash including large number of African Americans and mulattos-- none of whom I know. I have attempted to reach successful smart honest and honorable people I have known but the crooked trash on my tail has been illegally cutting off my mail and phone calls and other communications still. In haste below are some of the names and incidents of this crooked garbage that I can identify somewhat: 1990 spring a crooked set up in No. Virginia involving Jack Macidull; crooks who stole my footlocker containing valuable writings of mine and other invaluable property while I was in the DC Greyhound bus station; my cousin Ted Knappen, a Greyhound employee; Kuchera near capital hill in DC in the 1990's and the disgusting crooks in his house; the mailmen and the workers in the post offices that handled mail addressed to me at my residences and post office boxes and general delivery stations in New York City from 1982 on; thieves who stole my cell phone, stole several luggage carriers, 12/15/99 stole my luggage carrier and large bag on it with many personal papers including many ID's (NYPD and African Americans and others in the neighborhood did this); set up vicious assaults on me; massive plagiarism of what I do in the NYC public library and elsewhere; no replies to my job search although I am more qualified than most of the applicants and the employed. Chin Su Ling; Queens court; in the 1990 summer. C 1992 Citibank guards stole my address book from the lower level where I was sitting and put the names in my address book on their crooked list and deleted them from directories and contacted them and caused trouble for me; 1985 Editor & Publisher; 1985 on Elmhurst Hospital staff; 1988 Kraver & Parker; 1983-85 Jamaica Hospital. 1982 McCrarey. 1985 McGehee. 1982 Ned O'Gorman. Greyhound bus station personnel; DC cops; riffraff who followed me to DC from NYC in; in 1990 Greyhound personel stole my suitcase with my original solo literary writings and other valuable property; they are crooked very low grade sadists including very dumb Afro-Americans; I never recovered any of my property. In 1999 I was set up with an assault by crooked NYPD and others in the 47th St area. My computer was deliberately broken repeated in 1999-2000 by library personnel and repair people. Other crooks: the Maddoxes in Greenwich, Christ Episcopal Church in Greenwich, Lydia Stevens Justin, John Moore, Peter Braun in Greenwich in the 1990's; in the 1990's Dick Hochman, 1985 -1990 Pakistani newsmen on the corner near my Elmhurst apt; Korean, Chinese, Phillipine, Irish, Peruvian, Afganistan neighbors in Elmhurst; my mail was stolen from me and read by others; forged replies were sent to me including attempts to set me up with dangerous bogus meetings with hoaxes; owners of nearby pay phones; crooked cops; others impersonated people I was calling and cut off my phone calls. Unidentified strangers tailed me to work and job searches; to social functions I attended; others illegally snooped into my private business for years and maliciously illegally caused trouble for me there. Someone in NYC in 1982 on behind my back illegally contacted previous acquaintances, persuaded them to do hostile crooked things to me, to scheme against me, to lie to me and to others; to try to do numbers on me. I was tailed by unidentified hostile undesirable oddballs and accosted by them. Someone behind my back contacted staff in mother's location and caused malicious trouble there with the staff. In 1985 crooked NYPD came into my apartment when I asked for a security check; they illegally colluded against me in setting up illegal concealed surveillance against me in the apartments. They illegally deliberately ruined me financially and forced me due to their crooked moves to spend all my savings. I was set up with false arrest in Manhattan in 1990 and have had pests and thieves on me tailing me back and forth across the US. I have been repeated robbed, including thefts of a lot of my personal papers and documents in Washington, DC. in the mid-1990's. Early 1990's theft again of my address book, 1990 on illegal seizure several times of all my possessions that were in storage by criminals colluding; collusion and fraud against me regarding my possessions in storage 1990 on, forced sale of valuable irreplaceable family jewelry and silver. The people who did all this are bums and trash, and there is no excuse for it. I will never deal with or have anything to do with low class people (including cops) or crooked schemers below my normal and usual levels. I have been illegally cut off for about 20 years from some people I knew, including some that have died (according to the newspapers) with conditions that are just unbelievable. The public has gone on a crooked crime spree targeting me for many years; they are cowards and bullies acting in packs; they have previous information that I am in a weak position, so they gang up against me. I avoid all of them and have not kept contact with any of those I am convinced are part of the crooked packs. One way I am getting out of this is to avoid all those I know are or were crooked and scheming against me, and I avoid any involvments or meetings or conversations with crooks I have identified including crooked groups such as the NYPD. I am leery about reporting crimes to the cops because they are crooked schemers who are apt to make things worse. I was set up (I think) with an assault in a Catholic shelter in the early 1990's during which I was assaulted and slammed to the floor and hurled across the room into table legs that injured my head.

After 10/82 - return to NYC- Names of Criminals (Dates of Criminal Activities against Me, most were in spring 1990 actions)
Afghanistan neighbors in my apartment building in Elmhurst, c 1985-1990, spring 1990;
Allen & Company, employer 1986, 1986-1990's, spring 1990;
Allen, Herbert, investment banker, Allen & Company, c 1987-1990;
Barclay's Bank, Queens, near Elmhurst, c 1988;
Barnes, Polly, (Knappen, Georgianne, below);
Biehl, Fred, lawyer, spring 1990;
Bill, editor at Editor & Publisher, 1985;
Bilsky, Pauline, former editor at McKinsey c 1967-1968, part of crooked network 1990's;
Birnbaum & Birnbaum, law firm, employer, c 2 weeks, c 1988;
Bolivian woman, tenant in my Elmhurst apartment building, 1989-1990;
Booraem, Dorothy, 1983-1985, (in Greenwich) early 1990's ;
Bowman, Suzanne, wife of US Navy captain, VA, 1982, c 1988;
Brockunier, Barbara, cousin, Boston, 1982, c 1990-1995;
Brockunier, Jane, cousin, Boston and Cape Cod, spring 1990, 1990’s;
Brockunier, Nicholas, cousin, Amtrak employee in 1982, Maryland resident, hoaxes, knew re theft of my footlocker, 1982, spring 1990-1990’s;
Brown, Mrs. Wm, Fort Collins, CO, cousin, 1985-1990's;
Buchter, Beth (Sis Hibbard), Rosemary Hall grad 1959, in New Rochelle, NY and a social worker 1982-1990's, spring 1990;
Cadwalader Wickersham Taft, employer, 1985-1986;
Caldwell, Capt. Harry H., USN Ret, c 1988-1990's;
Caldwell, Harry H. Mrs, 1990's;
Cantor & Berkman, lawyers, employers, 11-12/89;
Carey, former Gov Hugh, 1987, spring 1990;
Chase, Ned, Esq., New York, NY, Chevy Chase's brother, spring 1990;
Chin Su Ling, my landlord, Elmhurst, Chinese immigrant, 1985-1990;
Christ Episcopal Church in Greenwich, c 1990-1995;
Clements, Robert, Chairman Comparative Literature Dept. New York University, Spring 1983, early 1980’s, spring 1990;
Crooked employment agencies and agents in New York City 1984-1990's;
Crump, Juliette Taft, classmate class of 1959 Rosemary Hall, 1980’s, 2001;
Edgerton, Barbara, Rosemary Hall classmate, resident of VA, spring 1990, c early 1990’s;
Edgerton, Malcolm, Esq, at White & Case, c 1990, spring 1990;
Edgerton, son of Barbara, resident of VA, early 1990’s;
Editor & Publisher, employer, 1985;
Epstein, Ira, Mensa member, 1983, US Post Office employee at 34th St, 1983-1990's;
Essex employment agency, c 1984-1985;
Fales, Haliburton, Esq., at White & Case, c 1985-1990's;
Feldman, Leslie, Esq, spring 1990, early 1990’s;
Feurstein, computer encoders in New Jersey and working for Cadwalader in 1985-1986, employer;
Finley Kumble Wagner, many word processors and some lawyers, employer, 1987;
Foster, Mrs. Thomas “Betty”, a president of Daughters of Cincinnati, c 1984-1990;
Freedman, Gerald, Esq, early 1990’s;
Georgie Girls, Jamaican employment agency, 1984-1985;
Gleason, Fred, Choate graduate c 1958, U of Pennsylvania, BA, Wharton student, with Ladenburg Thalman, investment banker c 1983-1984, with crooked networks into 1990's;
Gluck, Fred, managing partner of McKinsey, married to Sue Lehmann, 1983-1990;
Goddell, Donald, ITT lawyer, Columbia University LLB, St. Bartholomew's Community Club member, c 1968-1974;
Hansen, Margaret Ferguson, cousin, in Park Ave. apartment, c 1982-1987;
Harper, Helen, Daughters of Cincinnatti member, 1984, spring 1990;
Harper, Mai D, a president of Daughters of Cincinnatti, spring 1990;
Hellman, John, (former head of Editing Dept. at McKinsey c 1967-1968), in early 1980’s;
Hochman, Dick, photographer, c early 1990's;
Holle, Mrs., (wife of Maj Gen Charles Holle), resident of Washington, DC, late 1980’s, 1990’s;
Horowitz, Seth, Mensa 1983-1984, c1985- spring 1990, 1991;
Ilusorio, Erlinda, immigrant from Phillipines, Columbia University MBA, Allen & Company, investment banker, c 1986-1990's, spring 1990;
In, Rachel, Chinese, supervisor at Editor & Publisher, 1985;
Irishmen, many, in basement apartment in my apartment building in Elmhurst, c 1986-1990;
Jennings & Grimble, law firm, employer, c 1 week spring 1990;
Johnson, Naomi, employee at Allen & Company, 1986, spring 1990;
Jordan, Ann Marie, Mrs. Gary, Swedish, 1990's;
Jordan, Gary Lynn, BS Electrical engineering, patent atty, Phd in business, GWU grad, VA, 1982-1990's, spring 1990;
Jordan, Jason, son of Gary Lynn Jordan, Vassar student, 1985-1989;
Jordan, Vance, student at Hunter College in 1960's, theatrical agent (Joe Jordan) 1960's-1980's, art dealer at Jordan-Volpe Gallery, New York, NY, 1982, spring 1990;
Justin, Lydia Stevens, Rosemary Hall, 1959 grad., married, never a friend, c 1983-1990's, spring 1990;
Kaye, Mr., employment agency worker, 1984-1985, spring 1990;
Kelly Drye Warren, lawyers, employer, c 1 week 1988;
Knappen, Aunt Georgianna, N VA, 1980's, 1990's;
Knappen, Nat, Esq., Vassar grad, admitted to New York State bar, grad of U of Virginia law school, attorney for collections of debts in New York City, Ithaca, general practice, 1984-spring 1990;
Knappen,Ted, Esq, expelled from Principia then taken back, graduate of U of Virginia undergraduate and law school, vice president of Greyhound in Washington, DC, married to Panamanian, 1982-spring 1990;
Koreans with apartments in my apartment building in Elmhurst, 1989-spring 1990;
Kraus, Marianne, (maiden name) Rosemary Hall classmate, Kraus Books, 1980’s, spring 1990;
Kraver & Parker, law firm, employer, 3 months, 1988;
Kreuter, Col. Robert, USA Ret, 1920 West Point grad, classmate of my father, in Santa Monica, CA, 1975-1990’s;
Kucera, Eugene, Czech, in house near Capital Hill in Washington, DC, 1990's;
Larson, Marion, employee at Editor & Publisher, 1985;
Lehmann, Sue, (former editor at McKinsey when I worked there), married to Fred Gluck, 1983-1990’s, spring 1990;
Lemnitzer, Gen. Lyman, daughter of, resident of Washington, DC, early 1990’s;
Lindsay, John, former mayor of New York City, spring 1989, early 1990’s;
Lipscomb, Tom and Christine, met at Daughters of the Cincinnati, New York City, 1983- spring 1990;
Lloyd, Gail, MA NYU Art History, Daughters of Cincinnati, with Frick Museum, in art field, 1983-1990’s, spring 1990;
Lynch, John J, Queens, NYU PhD comp lit, Eng prof, CUNY, LaGuardia, 1983-1990;
Lynch, Mrs, John Lynch’s mother, c 1983-1990;
Macidull, John C., Jack, Annapolis grad, Mensa, FAA, Washington, DC, 1982, 1984, spring 1990;
Macy, Lisa, roommate in my apartment in VA in 1982, 1990’s;
Maddox, John Davies “Dave”, Yale, BA, Harvard MBA, (advertising in 1970’s), 1983, 1990’s;
Mangiatorde, Esq., employer, law firm, 1 week 1993;
Marble Collegiate Church, hoax in spring 1990;
Martin, Jean Shepard, cousin, hoax re, 1983, 1987, early 1990's;
Mate, Attila, Hungarian immigrant, prof of math, CUNY, Brooklyn; Mensa, NYC, malicious liar and schemer, 1983-2002, spring 1990;
McCrareys, Dennis and Eugenia, American Express, 1982, spring 1990, early 1990’s;
McGehee, Michael, Choate grad, private investigator, 1985;
McKay, Robt, Esq., at Brown & Wood; U of VA LLB, spring 1990;
McKinsey, New York, NY, spring 1990, early 1990’s;
Meyer, Jon, Mensa, New York, in personnel field, Queens resident, 1983-1990’s, spring 1990;
Miller, Cy, partner of Erwin Schaeffer, fall 1984, spring 1990;
Moore, John S, Esq., formerly with Sheraton Hotel, resident of Greenwich, CT, 1980’s, early 1990’s;
Morgan, Howard, Bard College BA, MBA Harvard, (with Allen & Company 1986), spring 1990.
Morra, Guiseppe, spring 1990;
Negro gangs unidentifed, hundreds of them in New York City 1982 on, then everywhere else I went 1982 on;
Negro who moved into apartment above mine in Elmhurst, c 1988-1989;
NYNEX employees;
O'Connor, Carol, the actor, c 1987-1990;
O'Gorman, Ned, party attender, c 1983, spring 1990
Pakistani newsmen on the corner near my Elmhurst apt, 1985-1990;
Paolucci, Robert, Mensa member, partier, c 1983- spring 1990;
Parl, Chas., Princeton Univ., BA, MBA Columbia U.,( Salomon Bros., bonds, 1970’s), long time Bayside resident, parents immigrants, 1982-1990’s, spring 1990;
Parl, Mrs. Chas, 1982-1990’s;
Personnel Pool, employment agency;
Peruvians next door to my Elmhurst apartment, worked for Fedex, c 1985-1990;
Phillipines in several apartments in my Elmhurst apartment building, 1985-1990;
Pritchard, Hugh, Mensa member, Univ of Maryland computer center employee, 1982, 1990’s, Washington, DC area;
Prokop, Ruth, Esq, Washington, DC, lawyer, spring 1990, 1990’s;
Reed/Read/Reid, John, New York University MBA, Metropolitan Opera Guild member, financial analyst at Spencer Trask c 1974, Queens landlord, NYC, spring 1990;
Roblin, Linda (maiden name), Rosemary Hall classmate, Greenwich, early 1990’s;
Rosenfeld, Tab, attorney, Finley Kumble, 1987, spring 1990;
Rutherford, lawyer, White & Case, spring 1990;
Samouce, Col. USA Ret, classmate of my father, spring 1990;
Samouce, Mrs. James, resident of VA, 1990’s;
Sansbury, Ralph, Mensa member, former doctoral candidate in mathmatics at New York University, partier, 1983-1984, spring 1990;
Savalas, Telly, the actor, Elmhurst, c 1987-1990;
Schaeffer, Erwin, Hungarian origin, Canadian citizen, New York, NY, 1983-1990’s, spring 1990;
Scholz, Walter Rosen, actor, producer, New York, NY, 1983-1987, spring 1990, 19990’s;
Schwebel, Stephen, President of International Court of Justice, Hague, c 1990, early 1990’s;
Shepard, David Allan, Jr,, cousin, son of oil company executive, 1983;
Shepard, Marie, c 1997
Sibley, Maj Gen Alden, 1983, spring 1990;
Sipe, Barbara, (Mrs. Harry Sipe), resident of VA, c early 1990’s;
Sipe, Lt. Cmdr. Harry Sipe, resident of VA, c early 1990’s;
Slater, Patrick, Queens resident, banker, retired, loitered near my Elmhurst apartment, c 1985-spring 1990;
Sloan temps, employment agency, late 1985-early 1986;
St Bartholomew’s Church, 1984- spring 1990;
St. James Church, Rev Rockwell Hayes, c 1988- spring 1990;
Stoddards, Dudley and Helen, Daughters of Cincinnati, spring 1990, early 1990’s;
Theel, Gunnar, artist, German citizen, NYC, 1983, spring 1990;
Virag & Virag, lawyers, Virag, Esq, New York, NY, employer, 1989, spring 1990, 1990’s;
Wadmond, Elita and Wadmond, Lowell, New York City and Palm Beach, 1982-1990’s;
Walker, John, Esq, lawyer, Simpson T&B, NYC, 11-12 1989;
Watson, Thomas, IBM executive, early 1990’s;
Watts, Huntington, hoax at Colonial Wars, c1984-1985;
Weist-Barron, TV commercial teachers, Bob Barron, c 1990;
White & Case, New York City office, several attorneys there, c 1987-1990's;
White, Dorset, Manhattan, private businessman, spring 1990, 1990's;
Whitman, Janet, married to Charles Whitman, c 1982-1990's, Daughters of the Cincinnatti Christmas Party 1989, spring 1990;
Winslow, Hugh Whitaker, Jr, my brother, 1987-1990's;
Withington, Robin and Frederick, cousins, NYC and Boston, former consultant with Arthur D. Little, 1987-2002, spring 1990;
Wolsfelt, Vicky, classmate class of 1959 Rosemary Hall, resident of Gainesville, FL;
Zuckerman, Harry and Lily, Rumanian immigrants, Queens landlords of my apartment in Briarwood, 1982-1985.

Updates 10/24/01 8/01 -- Electrocuted in left ear at a public telephone. Assaulted by a pervert who had premeditated the crime and was colluding with county sheriff, local police, local EMS, local hospital, and local workers near the site of assault. I refuse to be a sucker for criminal colluders or to identify the assailant who was probably persuaded by others to do it. 9/01 very severe trip and fall due to a visible object and lack of sleep. A very severe slip and fall several days later due to a large greasy patch (probably deliberately) planted behind some objects in the station of a well known bus company. End of 10/24/01 updates.

Current Emergency: 2/19/02 12:37pm, Las Vegas, NV. Recently my car was illegally seized and towed by crooks who do not want me to have any money; they were tracking me and knew I wanted to sell the car to pay for storage and to leave Las Vegas and return to New York City. They want to seize for nothing my possessions now in storage here. Las Vegas is a hostile, terrible, crooked environment; most of the residents are blue collar; they have been overcharging me since I got here and they do not want to hire me or pay me for anything although I am smarter than most of those they are hiring; they want me to be a cripple and for me to receive Federal payments and Federal housing payments so that I bring in money from outside the state; they do not want to pay me any money. I do not want to be a cripple or to be ripped off here and I want to return to New York City immediately for urgent medical problems and other reasons. I returned to New York City.

Hoaxes, fraud, impersonations regarding identity aimed at me began in New York City in the spring of 1968 at a job where I was working, (I did not tell anyone this nor was it written down; it was probably set up by my mother's siblings in New York City), then they occurred in Los Angeles in late 1970’s; this pattern followed me to Virginia area in 1982, to New York City 10/82 on ,and expanded in late 1980’s and 1990’s into hundreds of illegal hoaxes. Also, people have gotten illegally into my files kept in my apartment since the 1960's in New York City; I did not tell anyone this nor was it written down anywhere; I know who probably did it. Updated 10/9/02

By Elizabeth Brady Cabot Winslow, last revised 10/09/2002 12:40 pm