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Behavioral Ecology (BIOE 140) Fall 2011

Welcome to the webpage for Behavioral Ecology (BIOE 140), as taught at UC Santa Cruz by Elizabeth Bastiaans.  Here are some resources you may
find useful:

Thanks for an awesome quarter, everyone!
  Below, you can find a key to the final exam. 

You can find the key to the midterm below.  Please take a careful look at it before submitting any re-grade requests.  As with the quiz, you can submit your midterm to me (Beth) if you don't agree with how any of your questions were graded.  However, be warned that I'll re-grade the entire question, and the average scores on each page of the midterm definitely bore out my impression that I'm a more demanding grader than either of the TA's.  Also, please be advised that the scores we have recorded for you are the ones written on each separate page of the exam.  The total score at the top of your midterm was calculated very quickly by Dawn and Will while they were reassembling the midterm pages, so a few arithmetic errors may have crept in.

Please see below for the key to the quiz from Oct. 10 (included as an attachment on this page). 

On Monday Oct. 10, we enjoyed a guest lecture on social parasitism and slave-making ants by Joe Sapp, a graduate student in the EEB department.  Here's a link to his website: http://people.ucsc.edu/%7Ejrsapp/If you're interested in volunteering to help with Joe's research, you can find his contact information there.

The website for Barry Sinervo's version of the course.  Barry is the professor who typically teaches this class, and he's also my dissertation advisor.  On the website, you can find PDF's of the chapters of a textbook Barry has written that could be a useful supplement to the material we'll be covering. 

The website for using a proxy server to access UC e-Links, the University of California's subscription service.  This will let you download the full text of scientific articles even when you're not on campus.  You'll need to enter the number next to the barcode on your student ID, but then you should be able to use Web of Knowledge, Google Scholar, or whatever search engine you prefer to find references for your term paper (or anything else you want to learn from the primary literature).  
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