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Currently, I teach Evolution and Animal Behavior at SUNY Oneonta. As of spring 2017, I'll be starting a Herpetology class, which will teach students about the fascinating world of amphibians and reptiles using both the vertebrate collection and lots of trips to the field to see and capture live animals. 

As an HHMI Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, I worked with biology majors, especially transfer students and non-traditional age students, to make sure every biology major had an authentic research experience before graduating from the University of Minnesota.  For more information about that project, please see the HHMI Authentic Research Experiences page

During Fall quarter 2011 at UC Santa Cruz, I taught Behavioral Ecology (BIOE 140) independently, which was incredibly exciting!  I loved exploring the fascinating (if sometimes a little freaky) world of animal behaviors with a group of motivated students.  If you were one of my students from that class and need a recommendation or reference, or just want to chat about behavioral ecology some more, please feel free to send me an email! 

During the 2010-2011 school year, I was an NSF GK-12 fellow with SCWIBLES, or Santa Cruz-Watsonville Inquiry-Based Learning in Environmental Science.  I worked with teachers at Watsonville High School to integrate more inquiry-based science into their classrooms and help students learn more about what it's like to be a practicing scientist.  Please see the SCWIBLES website for more information about what we accomplished, including learning modules I created with science teachers at WHS. 

I was also a teaching assistant for three courses at UCSC: Ecology and Evolution (BIOE 20C), Invertebrate Zoology (BIOE 122), and Behavioral Ecology (BIOE 140).