Elizabeth Adams, writer



Elizabeth Adams speaks with an experienced and balanced voice on the divisive issues of worldwide religion and politics, and on Anglican and Episcopalian politics in particular. Readers and reviewers of her writing frequently cite her ability to step back from the issues and speak from a broader viewpoint. 

Her 2006 book, Going to Heaven: The Life and Election of Bishop Gene Robinson, is a case in point, blending perspective with specificity in a way that opens a discussion, rather than closing it. Instead of being a dense tome of church-speak, her book navigates the currents of the ongoing controversy in American religion over the issue of ordaining openly gay and lesbian clergy, while at the same time offering a close and faceted portrait of one person who found himself at the center of an international storm.

Adams' well-read blog, TheCassandraPages, is entering its ninth year as a place where she expands her focus, and is joined by responses from her widespread and diverse readership. Her topics are culture, society, place, and spirituality, and these subjects also inspire her essays and articles, published in periodicals and on the web.

She grew up in the rural northeast of the United States, and currently resides in Montréal and Vermont with her husband, photographer Jonathan Sa'adah. Elizabeth is the founder of Phoenicia Publishing, a small independent publishing house in Montreal, and a founder and co-managing editor of qarrtsiluni online literary magazine. She is a member of PEN Canada.