Knitted Relic Bag

Inspired by several extant 14th century bags, and undaunted by the fact that I'd been knitting for only about a year, I decided to make one...
Here are some pictures.  Here is the documentation.
Close up of the bottom                               The whole bag   
Just the bag                                                Size comparison 
Below are my running notes of working on this project
12/9/08  I've started some test knitting.  First with perle cotton size 8 on 000 needles -- then some Guderbund size FFFF silk.  Once I've finished a few more rows I'll check gauge.  I'm suspecting I'm going to want something finer and at least 0000 if not 00000 size needles. 
I love the Churl bag, but it's very complex, and I think I'll try to design something on the lines of one of the simpler Sion bags.
12/16/08 Guage is coming to about 13 stitches/inch on the Perle 8 and FFFF on 000 size needles.  Almost done the test bag.  I've learned to knit with the yarn in both hands (one color in each).  Ordered some 0000 and 00000 needles.  I think a Perle 12 thread and the smaller needles may just be the trick.  Have to start thinking about design.  One of the Sion bags is rows of rosettes in two colors with a row of a line with leaves coming off of it above and below.  I'm thinking gold acorns on blue and a white line with green leaves on gold for the other stripe -- thus echoing the Sion but an heraldically significant design for us.
12/29/08 I've finished the first sample bag.  I'll post pictures when the lining and blocking have been done.  I've done more research and am close on my design decision.  I've got my 0000 and 00000 needles and am starting a small swatch on 0000 needles with Perle 8 silk. 
1/2/09 Decided to go with the 00000 needles for my next swatch.  The Perle 8 wraps to about 50WPI.  If that works, Halcyon carries a nice silk in a 50WPI that might work well.   I'm not enjoying the very long needles -- I think the length of the needles is  bothering me more than the small diameter.  Have to settle on the pattern soon, too.
1/19/09  Finished the Perl 8 on 00000 needles.  Comes out to about 17 stitches to the inch.  I think that's going to be ok.  Now I need to finalize the pattern and buy materials.
1/22/09  Pattern determined.  Similar to the one that Rutt calls IV, however, using acorns instead of the stars/flowers.  Slight color change. 
1/28/09 Started this weekend just past. I'm on the third row.  Managed to lose one of my 00000 needles, so doing it on 4 (3 plus one working).  Slow going to start, but I think once there's more than a few rows it will go better.  Still considering purchase of shorter needles.
2/12/09  It's going well.  I found the missing needle and finding the working much easier now.  I've completed one full set of motiefs and am down to less than 20 minutes per round.  (from about 40) Even so, it's going to be HOURS of work invested.  Had to order more silk, but it fortunately came before I was out. 
2/22/09 Almost done the second set of stripes.  Definately going faster now.  One problem is that my left hand cramps up after a certain amount of knitting time.  I've ordered a second set of needles to avoid any future needle loss issues. 
3/8/09 Half done.  Less than two weeks to go.  Goal is to have this done by the end of next weekend.
3/23/09  Finished on Thursday 3/19.  (But not the tassels, still need to do those).  Won its category at Northern Lights.
3/26/09 Made and attached tassels. BUT, no monkey fist knots.  Need to work on those still.