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String: that's what it's all about.  I want to understand all about things involving string/fiber. 
This is the sharing page for progress on my past and current projects for Society for Creative Anachronism A&S.  Mostly embroidery, but some others as well.  Items marked with # have sub pages (click on the project name, or see the navigation bar to the right).  I am playing a bit with the layouts and styles available to me through this service, so each page looks a little different.
Comments? Questions? Email me at KandyFling AT Gmail DOT com.
Completed Works
#Embroidered book with fingerloop braid instructions -- a gift to my Laurel
#Now What Do We Do? The search for replacement for Medici Wool (Paper) [With updates as I find more "candidates" or other information]
#Miscellaneous projects -- these are items I have only one or two pictures of, mostly prizes, gifts, etc.
# Athena's Thimble 2009 Triathalon book cover (prize for the Athena's Thimble Triathalon).
# Work box with an embroidered lid -- this is to be a gift for our King and Queen to present to other royalty at Pennsic. 
#Red monochrome ("Blackwork") handkerchief inspired by T-133 at the V&A and other red monochrome pieces.
# Champions' Favors for His Majesty Griffith II -- 9 favors for HIs Majesty to give to his Champions. Prepared December 2010 through February 2011
# Queen's Gift box top with embroidery - which also appears in the A&S 50 listing.
Felt Applique pieces: A tissue packet for Pennsic XXXIX kingdom gifts and a pair of needlebooks for my applique class.
See also the section on my A&S 50 Challeng, as items are finished.
I have decided to join the A&S 50 Challenge.  In fact I started on May 1, AS 46 -- so I started with 4 years.  My challenge is to do 50 fiber related projects each one of which will have something new to me about it.  It might be as simple as a new stitch, or a thread or ground fabric I haven't worked with, or as major as a whole new technique (to answer my husband's question, yes there are a few .... not many, but a few). Projects may be listed elsewhere in this website (as they are completed, for example), but they will be listed and linked here
I have a few classes that I can "pull out" to teach, and I am happy to work on new ones. Here are some of the classes I have taught. There are links to handouts for some of them.
Applique needlebook. A needleook of wool-blend felt. Here is an on line version of this class.
Bayeux Stitch. A simple motif for learning to do the stitches on the embroidery known as the Bayeux "Tapestry"
Introduction to Fingerloop braids. Using two similar patterns from the Compleat Anachronist on fingerloop braids (also on the web, here), learn to make two braids in one -- just one little change -- or make one braid with holes.
Double Running stitch blackwork. Also known as Holbein stitch.
Welcome to Evenweave -- an embroidery class aimed at those who wish to move away from the Aida cloth.
Impromptu Embelishment -- embellish your garb in just a couple of evenings.
A Period Stitch Sampler.  This was a 2 day, 8 hour total class, studying 6 period stitches.
Museum Article: This is an article I wrote for our local Shire newsletter about using museum websites.  It needs to be updates as some of the sites have changed.
Reference Booklet: This is a compendium of reference materials for fiber arts. It's a living document, come back to review it often! Version is current as of July 29, 2009.
Current and Planned Projects
#"The Marshall Hanging" An embroidery based on the Bayeux Tapestry
#"Tasha" A canvas work embroidery based on the Oxburgh embroideries
A new fingerloop braid book, this one for me
Reticella handkerchief
Double running handkerchief
Study of void work embroidery
Also, see the A&S 50 Challenge listing

Upcoming Events
(Subject to change)
Will be attending: (information available at the East Kingdom website):
Past Events/Competitions
Northern Lights 2009
I took second place in the overall Pent 
My projects were:
#German Brick Stitch Pouch (Embroidery, counted and Accessories) Apparently won counted (late notice)
#Knitted Relic Bag (Non Woven Fabric) Won its category
#Now What Do We Do? The search for replacement for Medici Wool (Research paper (8 page or more) Won its category
Bayeux Stitch Embroidery Class (Teaching/Demonstration) Was beat by my husband! :)
Fingerloop Braids for Pouches and other uses (CordMaking) (No sub page for this, but a web version of the documentation can be found here This documentation actually reflects the project as revised for the King's and Queen's A&S Champions the following week.)