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I have worked at quite a few places, gathering valuable experience and knowledge. 

My Skill set is as follows -

Platforms  :   

  •  Linux, Solaris, Windows, TRON/T-Kernel.

Languages  :    

  • C, C++, Bash scripting, Ruby, x86 assembly, VHDL, WinCE Programming.

Others  :    

  • CVS, STL, Open Alchemy , OpenGL, SQLite3, Cairographics APIs. 

 Details of my experience are as follows -

Research Intern (Aug 2007 – Present)

Centre for High Performance Embedded Systems, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


  • Middleware Development for Tri-Core T-Engine (TRON Project) under Prof. Srikanthan and Mr. Mohit Sindhwani – Ported Cairo Graphics - Vector Graphics Library over T-Environment. Project displayed at TRONSHOW 2008, Tokyo, Japan. 
  • TinyOS Porting onto NiosII Soft Processor for application prototyping of OS acceleration by customized instruction set.

Software Intern (Jan 2008 – Present)

Quantum Inventions, Singapore

  • Map Harmonization Project for dynamic road traffic data services.
  • Implementation of traffic data service application over WinCE using Cairographics Engine (experimental port – officially not supported over WinCE).
  • Implementation of a Database based Cache for incorporating with the Routing Server.


Research Intern (June 2006 – Dec 2006)

Media Lab Asia, New Delhi, India

  • Designed and Developed Software Modules under the project named ICT CA:SH for Child Healthcare and Disease Recognition in rural areas under Dr. G. V. Ramaraju (Scientist ‘G’) in collaboration with All India Institute of Medical Sciences (Currently under field testing at Ballabgarh, Haryana).
  • Project Work displayed at 8th International Conference on e-Health Networking, Applications and Services, India in August 2006.
  • Worked on Porting of Linux Kernel onto ARM Based Cogent SBC kit (AT91RM9200), used in the development of cheaper palmtops for healthcare purposes. 

System and Network Administrator 

(Aug 2004 – May 2007) 

Computer Technology Department, YMCA Institute of Engineering.


  • Initial setup and administration of Local Area Network for Computer Technology Department.
  • Maintaining Proxy, DNS, YP/NIS, NFS Linux servers. 

Software Quality Assurance Intern 

(June 2005 – August 2005)

Indiabulls Securities Ltd., New Delhi, India                        

  • Creating Test Cases for PIB Client Version 3.18 and Documentation and Simulation of High Level Architecture of Indiabulls Online Trading System. 
  • Documentation of Installation Artifacts for all components in Trading System. 
  • Unix backend creation and its interoperability with the various test machines.