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I have worked on a variety of Projects. Here is a brief description of each of them -


 Distributed Network Analyzer (Fall 2006)

  • Projects  Network flow analysis to collect per-link statistics and per protocol usage.
  •  Statistical analysis to detect anomalous network flow pattern.
  •  System deployed in Computer Technology Department to monitor network bandwidth usage.

 Analysis/Control of Cluster Networks (Spring 2006) 

  • Open Mosix Project and CHAOS used for setup of Cluster.
  • Load Balancing done using Massively Parallel Processing Technique.
  • Stability and Security of the network was tested for over 2 months.

Analysis of various Network Protocols (Summer 2006)  

  • Ethereal used for packet capture over the Network. 
  • Studied TCP/IP, DHCP, ARP, HTTP, DNS, ICMP, OSPF, RIP, Router Configuration using CISCO IOS.

 Beyond Linux From Scratch (Ongoing GNU Project) (Summer 2006)

  • Built a Linux Operating System from Scratch for x86 systems and customized it. 
  • GNU Step Project was used for GUI along with LFS and BLFS Documentation of GNU.

 Re-mastering of Multi-boot Debian Core Live Distribuions (Fall 2005)

  •  Auditor, L.A.S, Whoppix, CHAOS, Phlac distributions were re-mastered.
  • Live DVD File-system edited to make it Multi-boot and customized as per user requirements.


Image Morphing Project(Spring 2007)  

  • Image morphing based on Delaunay triangulation and interpolation of barycentric coordinates. 
  • Image Enhancement in Spatial and Frequency Domains and Edge Detection.