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Welcome to My Webpage's 'About Elitecoder' Section -

Here I will talk about Myself and first of all, I shall clear the mis-concept here, because of which often people consider me an "Elite" "coder" or "programmer", but let me clear it once and for all, I am not an "Elite""Coder".

My Nickname "Elitecoder" is comprised of 2 self-sufficient words - "ELITE" + "CODER"

While "Coder" simply represents my being a coder or a programmer as a matter of fact, "Elite" doesn't mean, by any co-incidence at all, that I am "Elite" programmer or anything that sort. It simply means, that I am striving to be an Elite human. That's all.

I will be appending more information about me in the coming times here. Until then, you can keep browsing the rest of the pages.

Lots of people ask me 2 typical questions many many times over and over again, so I decided to post their answers here.

Question 1. What is the procedure for getting Technical Paper Presentation(tpp) published? and What are the good Current Topics on which one may write tpp?

Answer -   Answer, as I think.

Question 2. What are my future options if I am going to be an engineering graduate soon with an average performance?

Answer -  Answer, as I think.