"My style is young. Funk. I feel like it's one of my responsibilities to keep 
the dance alive, to keep it out there, to keep the style."

"My school is not even about tap shoes. My school is basically educating the kids about history. Not only about tap dancers, but also about people's grandmothers and grandfathers. My school is about knowing Jimmy Slyde, learning about Lon Chaney, knowing these people as men who survived the world in a time when to be a man was to be nothing. Dehumanizing. So these people overcame and all of our parents were a part of overcoming. We're still overcoming - where I used to think, Oh gosh, nothing is going to change, I now have belief and hope that the world is gonna change. Prejudice, racism, evil - everything is going to change because of life, because of our creators. Once we acknowledge our past and see where we went wrong, there's going to be more change. The world will get better. People will get better."
--Savion Glover