I am a Lecturer in Mathematics at: 

       Department of Mathematical Sciences,
       Loughborough University,
       Leicestershire LE11 3TU, United Kingdom


       (+44) 01509222675

       E.Postinghel *at* lboro.ac.uk

research interests:
My work is in Algebraic Geometry with connections to Commutative Algebra and Combinatorics. My research interests span topics such as polynomial interpolation problems on higher dimensional varieties, birational geometry, positivity properties of divisors, Newton-Okounkov bodies, the minimal model program, secant varieties and tensor decomposition as well as general aspects of toric and tropical geometry.

2018-20: EPSRC new investigator award, grant ref. EP/S004130/1, United Kingdom
2013-16: FWO postdoctoral fellowship, Research Foundation Flanders, Belgium

Maria Chiara Brambilla (Italy), Jaroslaw Buczynski (Poland), Lorenzo Di Biagio (Italy), Jan Draisma (Switzerland), Olivia Dumitrescu (US), Antonio Laface (Chile), Frank Sottile (US), Stefano Urbinati (Italy), Nelly Villamizar (UK)