I am a Lecturer at the University of Milano-Bicocca, Psychology Department, where I arrived in 2006. I teach Philosophy of Science. 

I received my BA in Philosophy from the University of Bologna in 1997 and a PhD in Philosophy of Language and Mind from UNIPO (Italy) in 2003. Before coming to Bicocca I held appointments in the universities of Modena, Parma, and Bologna. I also studied in London (Birkbeck College), and in Aberdeen (Northern Institute of Philosophy). Outside academia, I worked as a communication consultant in the healthcare area.
My broad view is that philosophical analysis and scientific research can profitably collaborate on the same problems, with different methods. Philosophy can clarify scientists' problems and claims, and propose new ethical or conceptual questions. At the moment my research interests are in the philosophy of psychiatry, medicine and healthcare. In the past I published on the philosophy of psychology, specifically on concepts and categorization, and on linguistic relativity.

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