I am notoriously bad at these things.

I am a squirrelly woman with piratey tendencies. And a hearse.

I am a poet, a haunter, a Gemini, a Rune reader.

I have been a zookeeper, an office drone, a dog walker, a sound engineer.

At the moment, I am a customer service person in a retail store, a school secretary, and a more-or-less Russian vampire on a horror host TV show.

I was born in Florida - the beach is my first memory; raised near Reading, PA; a Philadelphia transplant for 18 years.

Currently I'm living in an incredibly tiny, beautiful town in Western PA, with a population of 500. Some of my nearest neighbors are sheep. It's now spring, and I am often awakened by the soft sounds of wild turkeys calling to each other across the bedewed grass.

Below are some links to places and people that mean rather a lot to me.

Thank you for visiting my corner of the internet.