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Bulgarian School

The Elin Pelin First Bulgarian School in Houston was established in June 2012 to instruct children in Bulgarian language, literature, history and geography. Our goal is to preserve Bulgarian cultural traditions and national heritage. We strive to unite the Bulgarian community in the greater Houston area, evoke our patriotic spirit and give an opportunity for our children to explore our unique national customs and native language.

Our school curriculum is designed to follow the instructional programs approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education for weekend tutoring schools abroad. The Elin Pelin First Bulgarian School in Houston will operate in compliance with Ordinance No. 334 dated December 8, 2011, of the Council of Ministers of the Repiblic of Bulgaria. Our school strives to satisfy all requirements of Art. 7 of the Ordinance with the ultimate goal of being entered in the Registry of Bulgarian weekend schools abroad at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science.


Our highly qualified teachers hold academic credentials from acclaimed Bulgarian Universities and have long professional experience in the educational field in Bulgaria. The School offers classes for a preparatory group, first, second, and third grade students.  There is also kindergarten for 3-4 year-old children. Students are divided in groups according to their age and abilities to speak and understand Bulgarian. Students in the lower grades engage in mastering essential communication skills, acquiring oral language practice, enriching active vocabulary and creating fun instructional projects and crafts. Those in higher grades learn to read and write in Bulgarian and gain extensive knowledge of our main historical events and figures of national stature, geographical characteristics and cultural traits. Children demonstrate their creative abilities by focusing on the mandatory guidelines of the instructional materials as well as different extracurricular activities. All students are introduced to a variety of folk tales, songs and poems to grasp not only the grammatical construction of the text but also the semantic implications of our folk literature.


We are very enthusiastic to participate in this momentous initiative and also extremely proud to make an outstanding contribution to the development of Bulgarian language and culture in Houston.

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