Nian Gao/Glutinous Rice Cake Taro Rolls

500gm taro (芋头, keladi )(cleaned weight)

100gm fresh grated coconut

2 Tbsp sugar

1/3- ½ tsp salt (use 1/3 tsp first, taste and add more if needed)


1. Slice taro and steam until cooked(soft).

2. Mash taro while it’s still hot and put in coconut, salt and sugar. Mix until well combined


300gm nian gao, cut into 2 inch long strips (mine were anywhere from 8-12gm each)

Spring roll wrappers (125mmX125mm)

Egg white to brush on edges

1. Place wrapper onto a flat surface, eg: a plate.

2. Place 1 tbsp of taro filling onto wrapper (I used 20gm filling since I had about 32 pieces of nian gao), lightly spread it out.

3. Place 1 pc of nian gao onto taro and wrap (see pictures)

4. Brush edge with egg white before rolling up.

5. Fry the prepared rolls in medium- medium low heat until golden.