Ma-Ma Salada

Ma-Ma Salada is a favorite Thai dish.

Ma-Ma Salada is a quick salad that is typically served at road-side food stalls in Thailand. Really quite a junk food, but firey hot and yummy.

It is made from a package of Thai instant ramen called Ma-Ma. I prefer the Tom Yam flavor one. Add in some corriander, tomatoes, purple onions, nampla, lemon juice, and some hot Thai chilis - both fresh ones and the dried ones. It is quite hot and spicy.

Mama Harusame Tom Yam Salad

Harusame (bean threads or glass noodles) are mixed with tom yam flavoring, nampla (fish sauce), corriander, tomatoes, shrimp, etc. Basically this is just a variation of Ma-ma Salada, slightly healthier since it is made with harusame noodles instead of instant ramen.

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