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Although this site was originally intended to provide just some really basic information about life in Japan, over time it has expanded to include a hodgepodge of unrelated stuff - cooking, crafts, favorite stuff, etc.

The links on the menu at the left are key to navigating through all the stuff that has piled up.

Life in Japan

Basic information, places of interest, restaurant reviews, etc. for Urayasu City (浦安), which is located in Chiba Prefecture, and Okinawa (沖縄) can be accessed via the Life in Japan link.


A short section on cooking introduces some favorite dishes from Japan and around Asia.

Favorite Stuff

This is basically just a section to introduce some of my favorite stuff from Japan and around the world.


Just a few pages with some information on crafts such as crocheting.

Urayasu  City (浦安) and Okinawa (沖縄)

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