Quit BackRow: aTV plugin

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Create plugins for Backrow

 Backrow, the GUI that is used with the Apple TV was quickly spotted to have a plugin architecture, intended to allow for it to be extended and improved. Apple have provided no documentation or details about this, but it has been successfully reverse engineered to the point where some plugins have been made. Thanks go to XianLi over at hackint0sh.org for the tip off.

Quit BackRow

You can download a “Quit” plugin here which provide an option to quit BackRow, and thus if you are using it as a front end on top of regular OS X, you can use it and drop back out to the OS to use other apps or media apps.

Once downloaded, unzip it and copy Quit.frappliance inside the plugin folder located here:

/System/Library/CoreServices/Front Row.app/Contents/PlugIns/

Icon Update

I have personally remade the exit icon to match the beautiful GUI of the aTV. The link above has been updated with the icon.


- The original icon was a big black ugly red "X" that bothered me so i decided to fix it. Although i do thank the one who made the application because it has helped a lot.