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Vicker Inc - Website Launched

April 9, 07 11:25pm

April is the month of updates here on my lame, stepchild of a blog. vickerinc.com is up and Kicking. I am very fortunate to have Brycen helping me out with some of the design changes coming up. (After 2 years in beta, it gets old, even to me). But now it is up and you should check it out. Vicker Inc - Rocklin Computer Repair. There it is, hit it up.


Switch to Fusion

April 19, 08 3:47pm

I am very excited to finally finish my "Switch to Fusion" Ad/Video. The opertnity could have not come at a better time as I my self had just switched because Parallels had been giving me a lot of problems.

I have a very good history with VMware, back in my dark PC days, I used VMware as my only virtualization product to run Vista along side XP along side Ubuntu. It 'Just worked.'

So now that brings me to my long awaited switch to Apple. After the big jump, I still need a way to use Office 2007 for Windows as Office 2008 for the Mac had not come out yet, so I virtualized with Parallels alongside BootCamp for gaming. I quickly found out that Parallels liked to do things on its own, without my knowledge, resulting in its demise and an infenent BSOD inside Parallels and BootCamp.

After switching to VMware all these things became a non issue, thanks to VMware, I have 'A Whole New Way To Slice It."

Lastly, Please enjoy this tribute to VMware Fusion:

Vicker Inc. Officially Launched

April 10, 07 10:06pm

Today marks the official beginning of Vicker Inc., a software/design/repair company started by me, Elias Eldabbagh to further push my endeavors in Information Technologies and Graphic Design.

Apple TV Exit Icons Revised

April 3, 07 6:00pm

While looking through all the ways you can hack the Apple TV at aTV Hacks, I came across an awesome plug-in that ads the option to exit from the Apple TV BackRow App.

BackRow is a media element that can be installed in Mac OS X instead of FrontRow, the media center application.

I later remade the icon to match more beautifully with the GUI, click here to find out more.

The New Photoshop Cartoon

February 18, 07 1:00pm

So i have been working on a new series, "Sleep" as i want to call it. The odds are that iReally cant use that name because someone probably already took it. More importantly: The Fact »

The Whopping 80Gb Zune

February 17, 07 1:00pm

Check out the full story!

Photoshop Cartoon!

February 17, 07 11:15am

So, i hardly update the sight, no matter, i don't think anyone actually reads it... so if you do, send me an email at:


Other than that i have a new picture of of a cartoon i thought up last Sunday (The 11 of February) in the car while listing to the song "Sleep" by Taking Back Sunday. It is Probably my new favorite song. So it was inspired by that. If you have any questions, you can contact me at the address above. This is the 5th picture in the series.

Crack Down On TorrentSpy

December 30, 06 3:00pm

It seams that someone is watching our every move on torrentspy.com as i got this message »

Just Say No To UMG

If you are a music device owner, it is time to tell UMG to shut up. I am getting sick and tired of these music mafiosos calling legit music buyers, aka the customers, criminals.

The biggest culprit is Universal Music Group, and it is time to teach them a lesson. Last week it was David Greffen who said “Each of these devices is used to store unpaid-for material.” Now UMG CEO Doug Morris tells Billboard.com that “These devices are just repositories for stolen music, and they all know it.”

All right folks lets teach these guys a lesson. Just don’t buy any of their music for one week. Just one week say no to UMG. He will realize that people actually buy music, not steal it. If anyone wants to put up a wiki with all the UMG artists/labels to help this digital disobedience movement, let me know. No point reasoning with these guys.

About Me:

I've got 15 years of trickiness and creativity under my belt. And... according to a questionnaire which I took while sitting in a class I didn't belong in, I have a 75% social desirability. Maybe I should focus my educational aspirations on a psych major so I can sit around all day and answer true/false tests to find out how desirable I am? What's else is there to say? I love computers, so much in fact, that it might be unhealthy.

I am different, and I love it.

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