ELF EMF Magnetic Field Radiation - Truth Exposed for Motorcyclist Safety


Magnetic Field Shielding

Randall Dale Chipkar discovered extremely low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF EMF) radiation penetrating up through motorcycle seats. Cancer-controversial ELF EMF magnetic radiation flooding riders is unacceptable. The motorcycle industry needs to relocate excessive ELF EMF magnetic field radiation producing components from immediately beneath motorcycle seats.

Concern includes prostate cancer, colon cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer, etc. Motorcycle ELF EMF radiation also penetrates bone marrow melatonin. People have a right to physiological integrity without synthetic electromagnetic intervention. Randall Dale Chipkar developed The Motorcycle Cancer Book along with the motorcycle cancer website for rider safety.

The Motorcycle Cancer Book was awarded the 2011 Health / Medical eLIT Bronze Award and Silver Medal for Randall Dale Chipkar, the Health eBook Award - 2012 International Book Awards and the IBA Health: Men's Health Finalist Award.

Motorcycle Seat ELF EMF Magnetic Field Radiation

Please visit the motorcycle cancer YouTube videos.

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