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IA unique application to create customized digital elevation maps. Plots are automatically georeferenced in KML files. The results can be viewed in GIS applications such as Google Earth or ArcGIS. A CSV file is created which provides the elevation data or creation of 3D surface plots. There is a Global Version 3.02 and a Canada Version 3.00. The Canada Version uses CDED DEM data which is a higher accuracy than the ASTER GDEM data, but covers Canada only. 
Important Changes To Elevation Mapper, May 5, 2018
The user interface to Elevation Mapper has changed. Currently I am running a server that holds all of the elevation raw data files and Elevation Mapper connects to that server to get the ones required based on the coordinates. It will now function so that all the raw data files will be stored on the user's computer, so it it does not need to connect to my server.
Please contact me for the cost and details of how it will work now.
Roger Zimmerman, Founder of Elevation Mapper

Important Messages 
● This website replaces www.elevationmapper.com.
● Please check this website for updates for the Elevation Mapper installer, User Guide or other information.
Product Information Summary
● The current version of Elevation Mapper is 3.02, Win32
● It provides complete global coverage
● The product license type is PWYW (Pay What You Want)
● Try out the full version first. If it is useful to  you, then pay what you feel the product is worth to you.
● See the User Guide for the End User License Agreement on the Download page.

Elevation Mapper Quick Start Video