Elevation Irish Dance Team is keeping the cheer

of the Irish alive through 
traditional and exciting

 world-class performances. Our dancers exhibit

talent that is seen in the regional, national, and

 world-wide levels of Irish dancing.

All of our dancers have come from reputable Irish Dance schools such as:

  • Lavin-Cassidy School of Irish Dancing
  • Mayer-Torno School of Irish Dance
  • Mulhern School of Irish Dance
  • Mullane Healy Godley Irish Dance Academy
  • O'Hare School of Irish Dance 
  • Trinity Irish Dance Company

Our members bring 142 years of collective experience to the company

Our members are championship level Irish dancers who have retired from

 the competition. They continue dancing with Elevation because they love to

share their joy and passion for the art form with audiences

Elevation is an organization affiliated with and chartered by Saint Louis University