1. About the Project

In the Project ELEVAtE (E-Learning & Science Education for Adults: a Virtual Approach to Experimenting) we have approached learning through virtual media and utilized the technology used in everyday life of the students. The Partners of ELEVAtE have produced 4 E-learning units exploring how to integrate real experiments into interactive activities.

Various forms of social media are new within the educational world, but well incorporated into most of our student’s lives. Exploring if those tools can be an adequate response to some of the problems with engaging persons in learning was a major topic during the partnership. The Toolbox is a important product of this partnership - mirroring and collecting the experiences from the partners and of the partnership.

ELEVAtE involved investigating and identifying the current state of E-learning materials and technology at the partner institutions and in general.
This inspired us to develop 4 science units based on filmed clips of experimental work. This is one of the major outcomes/outputs of the project along with a toolbox for creating short instructional science videos allowing for low-threshold transfer between potential users in the institutions and beyond. See products in an other part of this site.

Each partner contributed to the discussions in sharing their experiences in producing 
e-learning activities. ELEVAtE participants come from very different fields of
education and with diverse areas of expertise, this contributed to an inspired and productive
cooperation. External experts gave ELEVAtE further impetus.

ELEVAtE means moving in a new and not precisely defined area of education.
Product development automatically results in a professionalization of the trainers.
Cooperation and discussions during ELEVAtE involved both teachers, experts but
also students.


Making it possible

ELEVAtE was a 2 year Grundtvig Learning Partnership 
under the Lifelong Learning Programme 
financed by the European Commision.
Project period: August 2012-July 2014