Course Co-coordinator:   Dr. Leonardo Clarke    
Course Support:              Mr. Yekini Wallen-Bryan, Mr. Mario Eunick
& Mr. Phillip Logan

Course Times:               1-5 Monday                  
                                  1-5 Wednesday       

Venues:                       Electronics Lab I (down_stairs lab)
                                  Physics Virtual Lab


In this course students are required to do Five (5) LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS and a PROJECT. The five experiments carry 30% of the course marks and the project 70% as described in the Course Mark Scheme.

The Laboratory Experiments
There are a total of 5 laboratory experiments scheduled within the first half of the semester. Students are require to do ALL five (5) of these experiments and submit a report for each. Please see the  Laboratory Experiments page for more information.

The Project
Students are require to do a project. This year's project is to design and implement a ..... Please see the project page for more information.

Important Notes:
Students are required to purchase the components and materials for this course.

Students who require parts to purchase are being asked to order these parts by sending an e-mail to Mr. Mario Eunick at mario.eun11@gmail.com.

Orders are to be made by 11:00 a.m. on lab days and the parts will be delivered to students at the start of the lab after the necessary payments are made.

Please note that only parts available in the Physics department can be ordered from Mr. Eunick. All other parts should be ordered from MSC stores or any other available sources.