Just like many other Reliability consultants, I have a breadth of experiences in the use of reliability techniques, such as FMEA, predictions and reliability testing. Unlike most others, I have several strengths that are not as common.
  • System Modeling
    • Reliability without repair
    • Reliability with repair
    • Availability
  • Model analysis
    • Reliability block diagrams
    • Markov models
    • Sequential Monte Carlo simulations
    • Fault trees
  • Field data analysis
    • Develop the data collection process
    • Data with non-constant failure rates
I use statistical fundamentals for all my work; but I always provide a practical application as simply as possible. I understand the bases for modeling and know why one type of model is better than another for a specific case.

In my role as manager, I have created many reliability program plans; in my role as individual contributor, l have created component/assembly reliability test plans. While steeped in reliability theory, I am very hands-on. I personally developed a reliability laboratory for testing plasm-etch subsystems and components; assembled a data storage system for Ongoing Reliability Tests (ORT) with over 1600 HDDs; and I have attached accelerometers to solar trackers during a light snow in China.

While developing tests and analyzing data, I have learned Visual Basic, LabView Basic, Python, Fortran and C programming languages.

For a few more details about Modeling and data analysis, click on these links.