Beetroot Wine

Ingredients: (yields around 2 liters)

Beetroot- 2 medium sized (2 cups) (I have used Californian beets here)

Sugar -2 cups

Water -8 cups

Yeast - 1/2 tsp (Active dry baking yeast) (Use wine making yeast if u get it, in the proportion said on the pack)

Lime juice - juice of 1 lime

Note :

PLEASE read the instructions and pointers given at the end of the blog page for getting 100% success in wine making. 

I need to emphasize here that PLEASE drink responsibly and use your discretion  as this wine is strong.

I make wine in very small quantity and just for my family and friends visiting us at this time of the year. I love serving it with rich IRISH FRUIT CAKE / KERALA PLUM CAKE  (Instant cake no longtime fruit soaking involved. )


Proportion is 2:2:8 (all the ingredients are measured with the same cup) That is 2 part beet 2 part sugar and 8 part water.

1. Select good,firm beetroot without too many bruises.Peel it and give a very quick rinse under running water to remove trace of sand or dirt stuck.Don't wash too much or soak in water etc as the color runs out.

2. Chop beet into fine julienne strips (Grate or run in food processor).

3. Boil the beet and 8 glasses of water together.Let it come to a rolling boil then reduce heat and simmer for 15-20 minutes.You will find that the beet is losing its color and becomes pale red. Remove from stove top and allow it to cool completely.

4. Sieve the beetroot water using a strainer or clean (new, washed and dried) cheese cloth into another sterilized pot. Discard the grated beetroot.

5.In the meantime take a small bowl put the yeast and dissolve it with 1/3 cup water (boiled and cooled to lukewarm (around 60-70°F / 15-20°C) (ie;slightly warm when you touch) High water temp will kill yeast.

6. When the beetroot water is entirely cool add the yeast mixture, sugar and lime juice. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Sieve once again if there is any scum or dirt from sugar floating.

7. Pour into glass bottle, fill to only below the neck of the bottle so the fermenting gases have enough space and for frothing. (This wine has very less frothing.)

8. Put the lid close it to 90% so if there is extreme gases formed it can escape without bursting when u open.

9. Leave it in cool dark place (check very important info below) for 14 days undisturbed (do not touch, shake or open). Label the date on the bottle.

On the 15th day inspect wine carefully, smell it ,sample taste it (check very imp info below).

Now your beetroot wine is ready to be served. Keep the bottle tightly closed to keep the sparkling and fizz intact.

This is a sweet wine.

You may serve it along with dinner or along with dessert .