Eleonore Neufeld, B.A. Philosophy, M.Sc. Cognitive Science

PhD Student in Philosophy
University of Southern California
School of Philosophy
Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Email: eneufeld(at)usc.edu

Recent Updates

I'll give a talk on whether we can perceive mental states at the Perception and Justified Belief conference at Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany (June 2017), and at the 4th iCog conference in Oxford (June, 2017)!

I will present my new paper project on slurs at the next meeting of the Pacific APA (April 2017); the meeting of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology (Hertfordshire, August 2017) and at the meeting of the European Congress for Analytic Philosophy (Munich, August 2017)!

My paper, "Intentional action processing results from bottom-up attention: An EEG-Investigation into the Social Relevance Hypothesis using hypnosis", co-authored with Elliot C. Brown, See-In Lee-Grimm, Albert Newen and Martin BrĂ¼ne, is now out in Consciousness and Cognition!