Pronoun Resolution Publications

Eleni Miltsakaki 

To appearEleni Miltsakaki.
Not All Subjects Are Born Equal: A Look at Complex Sentence Structure. In E. Gibson and N. Perlmutter (eds),
The Processing and Acquisition of Reference. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
2009Eleni Miltsakaki
A Computationally Efficient Approach to Pronoun Resolution in Dialogues Using Available Knowledge Sources
In preparation .
2008Timothee Cour, Chris Jordan, Eleni Miltsakaki, and Ben Taskar.
Movie/Script: Alignment and Parsing of Video and Text Transcription.
Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Computer Vision, ECCV 2008, Marseille. .
2007Eleni Miltsakaki.
A Rethink of the Mapping between Salience and Referring Expression.
Presented at the 20th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing,La Jolla, California.
2007Stella Tsaklidou and Eleni Miltsakaki.
The Role of Animacy in the Ranking of Entities in Complex NPs: Evidence from Greek.
Presented at the 31st Penn Linguistics Colloquium, Philadelphia.
2007Eleni Miltsakaki.
A Rethink of the Relationship between Salience and Anaphora Resolution.
In Proceedings of the 6th Discourse Anaphora and Anaphor Resolution Colloquium, Lagos, Portugal.
2006Eleni Miltsakaki, Martha Lambropoulou and Athanasios Koutroupis.
The (Non)-Tension between Structural and Semantic Focusing: Evidence from Greek
Poster presentation, in Proceedings of the 12th Annual Conference on Architectures and Mechanisms of Language Processing (AMLaP 2006),Nijmegen, Netherlands .
2006Eleni Miltsakaki and Paschalia Patsala.
Effects of Structural Prominence on Anaphora: The Case of Relative Clauses.
In Proceedings of ISCA Tutorial and Workshop on Experimental Linguistics, Athens.
2006Stella Tsaklidou and Eleni Miltsakaki.
Animacy Effects on Discourse Prominence in Greek Complex NPs
In Proceedings of ISCA Tutorial and Workshop on Experimental Linguistics, Athens.
2005Eleni Miltsakaki
Investigating Salience in Complex Sentences: A Look at Relative Clauses.
On the Syntax-Pragmatics Interface: A Workshop in Honor of Ellen Prince.
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
2002Eleni Miltsakaki
Towards an Aposynthesis of Topic Continuity and Intrasentential Anaphora.
In Computational Linguistics, Vol. 28(3).