Ophidian Invasion Meeting (unedited)

Meeting at the Court of Truth, Yew, Trammel - Europa - 15th August 2006, 8pm

This version is unedited. Don't poke fun at the confusion, spelling mistakes, odd creatures, strange happenings and occasional swear word. All that is said hereis the responsibility of those who said it - not anything to do with EA other than being on the Europa shard! This shows the incredible participation that everyone went to during this player event - well done!
The edited version can be found here, and is useful to pick out the main points and actions.
One final point - although I am hosting these dialogues, I did not organise this as an official EA event - Jordan attended to watch and interact a meeting organised by players and advertised on the forums. This meeting contributed to the overall community event currently in progress. Any other bizzare happenings were not under my direct control!

Jordan Jurrel: I feel like a sore thumb over here.
Ultimor Slowtree: this is for audience, right?
Jordan Jurrel: Are there... sides here?
Sedirae: this is the worst pantomime ive ever been to
Cerys Slowtree: *nods slowly*
Tabbitha: Any more leaders of forces or communitites wishing to please sit through here
Masakonen: Aye it is
Pierre Vikor: MM'lord
Taggart: I think so
Pierre Vikor: Through the gate
Edmund: Yes, I think you may be on the wrong one?
Tabbitha: will ye please sit down
Tabbitha: *pokes*
Jordan Jurrel: Hmm.
Tabbitha: Any more leaders of forces or communitites wishing to please sit through here
Paladis: this will be a short meeting?
Masakonen: Kain go easy on th wine
Tabbitha: Ah Duke Irvyn
Tabbitha: P,ease come
Tabbitha: *smiles*
Cerys Slowtree: *looks around at all the smart people*
Edmund: It is not a good meeting hall, however.
Nomark: *hic*
Tabbitha: the paladin will have to saty oout here
Nomark: *hic*
Ultimor Slowtree: ah duke.. we didn't talk dreamings after all
Nomark: *hic*
Cerys Slowtree: *nods*
Paladis: its best if the legs of that stool are on the ground
Nomark: *hic*
Tabbitha: this way Baroness
Ultimor Slowtree: well, there is time
Nomark: *hic*
Cerys Slowtree: Duke people are busy
Drax Varibolt: *whispers to Ultimor and Cerys* Should not ye two also be with those folk inside?
Irvyn: Where do you want us?
Cerys Slowtree: *blushes*
Ultimor Slowtree: why?
Flame: good evening Duke Irvyn
Cerys Slowtree: Aye, why?
Tabbitha: there are two seat here
Irvyn: *nods politely to Flame*
Nomark: *hic*
Paladis: at the back o' the room ye dukeness
Irvyn: *nods*
Irvyn: Thank you.
Ultimor Slowtree: I am priest of flock of 6 people
Cerys Slowtree: *smiles*
Nomark: *hic*
Cerys Slowtree: But a very good priest!
Irvyn: *nods to Jordan*
Edmund: Good evening.
Paladis: *hic*
Ultimor Slowtree: it is community, but too small for high politics
Drax Varibolt: Because ye two are representatives of forces, numbers do not count, but willingness does
Cerys Slowtree: *nods*
Taggart: Greetings
Masakonen: How many bottles, does one need paladis?
Irvyn: *gives Edmund a slightly frosty nod*
Cerys Slowtree: But it is not a force, drax
Callum Fitzhugh: Oh dear lord can we get on with it?
Nomark: *hic*
Moiraine: Evening commander, Grand Master
Moiraine: *nods to both*
Paladis: i need more ale
Jordan Jurrel: *bows head*
Callum Fitzhugh: People are dying in the cities
Drax Varibolt: A force for good deeds thy guild is, or so I would say anyway
Nomark: *hic*
Cerys Slowtree: We are humble people
Tabbitha: Hrothgar
Paladis: *hic*
Irvyn: *looks around at the others in the room*
Cerys Slowtree: We do as we are told
Tabbitha: Good ye could make it
Paladis: *hic*
Hrothgar: *Tips cap*
Tabbitha: please come thriough
Nomark: *hic*
Drax Varibolt: It is the humble folk who win wars, not those who lead them
Paladis: *hic*
Ultimor Slowtree: *nods* true
Nomark: *hic*
Flame: please take a seat
Hrothgar: Anywhere?
Cerys Slowtree: Aye, but those people there are leaders
Tabbitha: a stoll here sir
Hrothgar: Evening Baron..
Callum Fitzhugh: *pokes lereia*
Nomark: *looks around*
Hrothgar: Oh right..
Pierre Vikor: *Nods to Bertrand*
Paladis: *hic*
Nomark: *hic*
Drax Varibolt: We shall see, we shall indeed see...
Tabbitha: callum
Hrothgar: Hrmm..
Bertrand: evenin
Tabbitha: can ye come through please
Paladis: *hic*
Nomark: *hic*
Pierre Vikor: Good evening
Shadow: *woof*
Callum Fitzhugh: No im happy here
Paladis: *hic*
Nomark: *hic*
Callum Fitzhugh: Just get them started
Callum Fitzhugh: Please
Tabbitha: then ye arent representing ypour community?
Irvyn: *shifts on the stool to get comfortable*
Nomark: *hic*
Pierre Vikor: You have Muldran in there
Paladis: *hic*
Callum Fitzhugh: I have no community
Nomark: *hic*
Tabbitha: Muldran
Tabbitha: *looks*
Tabbitha: Ah yes
Paladis: *hic*
Tabbitha: my apologies
Paladis: ye could've bathed covian
Cal Soulshadow: I hope this doesnae go on too long, we got Voggy's funeral te do
Nomark: *hic*
Jordan Jurrel: *looks around*
Callum Fitzhugh: Naeloth is probably not interested
Hrothgar: Pah.. i bathe twice a year.. aint that enuff?
Pierre Vikor: I notice Yew is not either
Jordan Jurrel: Plenty here...
Paladis: *hic*
Nomark: *hic*
Irvyn: *nods*
Paladis: *hic*
Nomark: *hic*
Shadow: *puts head in cals lap*
Sedirae: if i may say the marksmen and jhelom are having chicken fights tonight
Paladis: obviously not
Nomark: *hic*
Irvyn: I hope they will not be disappointed.
Paladis: *hic*
Flame: perhaps we shoud start
Cerys Slowtree: *hums softly, a little out of tune*
Nomark: *hic*
Masakonen: *cheers*
Irvyn: *looks over to Flame again*
Paladis: *hic*
Flame: firstly thankyou everyone for coming
Tabbitha: seems all are here who wish to be now
Nomark: *hic*
Sedirae: its the only fights they can win
Flame: I would first like to ask
[Jordan Jurrel]: Use ! in front of yer sentences.
Paladis: *hic*
Nomark: *hic*
Flame: that any with weapons to put them away
Cerys Slowtree: * whispers* that lady was at the university
Flame: this is to be a descussion only
Hrothgar: How far away?
Paladis: *hic*
Flame: you will not need them
Nomark: *hic*
Blue Velvet: hi
Flame: that goes for evryone
Paladis: we shall see about that
Paladis: *hic*
Nomark: *hic*
Jordan Jurrel: Understood, Flame.
Cerys Slowtree: Oh..
Irvyn: *nods*
brahma: *sniffs*
Masakonen: This is not the place for horses
Cerys Slowtree: Nice horse!
Paladis: *hic*
Nomark: *hic*
Flame: we are here to descuse one thing and one thing only
Ultimor Slowtree: is he a councelor, that horse?
Paladis: *hic*
Cerys Slowtree: Maybe
Flame: the Ophidian situation
Paladis: *hic*
Paladis: free ale?
Paladis: oh
Cerys Slowtree: horses are wise
Paladis: *hic*
Shadow: *woof*
Flame: *smiles*
Ultimor Slowtree: *nods seriously*
Nomark: *hic*
Blue Velvet: are we late???
Cerys Slowtree: *And they smell good too*
Masakonen: no
Paladis: *hic*
Drax Varibolt: Aye, compared to some they most certainly are!
Hrothgar: Aye...
Nomark: *hic*
Flame: can we at least agree that Sosaria has an Ophidian situation
Tabbitha: any leaders of forces or communities may sit through here if wishing to
Blue Velvet: ARE we late???
Cerys Slowtree: *smiles aye*
Nomark: *hic*
Drax Varibolt: Nay, right on tiem methinks
Jordan Jurrel: *nods*
Jordan Jurrel: We do.
Nomark: *nods*
Flame: we have 4 towns now over run
Irvyn: I agree.
Flame: and they can now use moongates
Paladis: ye should've kept 'em caged
Tabbitha: any leaders of forces or communities may sit through here if wishing to
Nomark: *hic*
Hrothgar: Shouldn't have released them...
Flame: so nowhere is safe
Flame: sure
Pierre Vikor: *Unstraps his gloves and flexes his fingers*
Flame: the town of Papua
Tabbitha: this side of the room cannot hear the fasr table
Roland: travel west
Flame: the City of Vesper
Tabbitha: *points to Vesper*
Flame: serpents hold
Tabbitha: we need a receiver here
Tabbitha: and a broadcasyter
Flame: and Skara Brae
Pierre Vikor: *Glances over to the Kaldorians*
Hrothgar: Cove has also been suffering minor attacks... but nothing serious..
Flame: thankyou
Flame: my apologies
Tabbitha: we have a [problem Lady Flame
Flame: oh
Tabbitha: *coughs apologetically*
Blue Velvet: Saw some in minoc !
Flame: please what is it
Paladis: the lass said ye over run
Tabbitha: the table here can not hear the far table
Jordan Jurrel: We may have to move... with our seats... Up there.
Drax Varibolt: *whispers* I think Haven wilt be safe, its a long swim for the serpentmen!
Flame: please ask them to come in here
Edmund: Ah
Tabbitha: my apologies all
Flame: and stand to the sides
Olk Samsca: Bah..
Darkion: *Glances over shoulder*
James Enaver: *Looks to his right*
Callum Fitzhugh: Musical chairs
Flame: please anyone that cannot hear
Irvyn: Thank you.
Flame: come in and stand to the sides
Jordan Jurrel: Well...
Flame: this is for you too to hear
Olk Samsca: Clearly unused to gatherings of this size..
Kain Twothumb: Why can the paladin that guards the duke be armed?
Hanse Davion: Mmh..
Jordan Jurrel: *looks to Irvyn*
Masakonen: Age tis mayhem
Cal Soulshadow: Only got half an hour left and they've not even started...
Blue Velvet: ack i sat on someone lap :(
Tabbitha: excuse me Barinees
Irvyn: Roy, go and wait outside please.
Kain Twothumb: Then I see no reason why not my guards can also be armed
Jordan Jurrel: Can you dismiss your Guard, your Grace?
Roy: Very well.
Blue Velvet: sory
Tabbitha: excuse me Barinees
Roland: lol
Shadow: *sits near Muls feet*
Sedirae: this looks like a plan for the loyalists to assasinate our leaders
Hanse Davion: Mmh...
Edmund: Captain
Edmund: A chair for you
Shadow: *puts head in his lap*
Muldran Skully: Good Shadow, stay.
Paladis: good te see the loyalists get the peasants tables
Muldran Skully: Now, sit behind me, boy.
Darkion: *Chuckles*
Callum Fitzhugh: Good job its nothign serious eh?
Kain Twothumb: It is as it should
Edmund: Captain Devante, have this chair
Paladis: indeed
Callum Fitzhugh: Or we need to move fast
Blue Velvet: *slaps a fellow sosarian about internal strife when we got ophids to deal w/*
Irvyn: Do you wish this stool?
Jordan Jurrel: Can we all heard and be heard now?
Blue Velvet: yes!
Irvyn: *looks at Moiraine*
Hrothgar: Aye..
Paladis: unfortunately
Blue Velvet: I think
Flame: like I said earlier the internal conflicts are not for discussion here tonight
Moiraine: I have one.. thankyou just waiting till they are done
Irvyn: *nods*
Tabbitha: excuse me please
Darkion: *Adjues on stoll*
Flame: yes
Tabbitha: thank ye
Tabbitha: ALL
Kain Twothumb: Can we get started soon...
James Enaver: Aye
Kain Twothumb: People have things to do apart from drinking wine
Justice Forum: thankyou stoxius
Tabbitha: if ye could seat at the table
Kain Twothumb: *drinks some wine*
Stoxius: My pleasure
Paladis: they do?
Devante Stirling: *thumbs up*
Light: *scribbles notes and pulls out paintbrushes*
Olk Samsca: Indeed..
Tabbitha: sorry for inconvenience
Flame: sorry about this
Kain Twothumb: I do
Olk Samsca: Drinking ale for one
Kain Twothumb: *nods*
Kain Twothumb: *hic*
Paladis: *hic*
Jordan Jurrel: So, Lady Flame.
Masakonen: *drifts to sleep*
Flame: is any one here in denial that the Ophidians are a problem
Jordan Jurrel: You were saying Four towns were imperilled?
Paladis: *hic*
Flame: for us all
Kain Twothumb: *hic*
Paladis: *hic*
Jordan Jurrel: It is.
Blue Velvet: *jots notes*
Tabbitha: can ye wait through there please turcopole
Leloo: *looks left at her*
Leloo: *nods*
Paladis: *hic*
Kain Twothumb: *hic*
Tabbitha: thank ye
Irvyn: I agree .. they are a problem for the entire land.
Paladis: they seem te be a problem fe the less loyalist towns fe sure
Flame: we have had taken off the bodies of the Ophidians
Hrothgar: Aye..
Muldran Skully: Surely by chance...
Paladis: conveniently
Darkion: *Nods*
Muldran Skully: *looks to the left*
Irvyn: *raises eyebrow at Paladis*
Flame: that from what little can be understood
Erika Twothumb: Chance my arse
Hrothgar: I'll believe you didn't release them when i see Britain invaded...
Kain Twothumb: *hic*
Muldran Skully: They're not a problem in Rhovanion...
Tabbitha: Sir please move next to Lord Taggart
Blue Velvet: What do you mean by loyalist towns?
Kain Twothumb: *hic*
Grim Dysart: *rolls eyes*
Pierre Vikor: *Mumbles*
Jordan Jurrel: I released nothing.
Kain Twothumb: *hic*
Jordan Jurrel: *scowls*
Flame: that they are over streached at the moment
Tabbitha: *points*
Kain Twothumb: They only became a problem in Vesper when someone... herded many of them to us
Hrothgar: *Nods*
Jordan Jurrel: *looks at the orders*
Jordan Jurrel: I can't reach that.
Irvyn: No-one herded anything Kain ... be sensible for once.
Flame: but it seems we must strike at there weakest point
Kain Twothumb: Yes they did
Tabbitha: *nods satisified*
Muldran Skully: What language are those in?
Kain Twothumb: We have eye witnesses
Darkion: *Shugs*
Olk Samsca: Jurrel has a history of.. releasing things into Vesper
Flame: please Kain they are Ophidian
Tabbitha: can ye ehar back here ?
Kain Twothumb: *nods*
Jordan Jurrel: Of stopping things in Vesper!
Hrothgar: They seemed like a good tactic at the time? Get rid of the rebels for good...
Blue Velvet: aye can u hear us?
Kain Twothumb: Of releasing
Jordan Jurrel: Vesper has had its fair share of problems...
Flame: w can only make a few markings out
Jordan Jurrel: Which is why I am to help.
Irvyn: No-one can herd an Ophidian anywhere.
Kain Twothumb: Yes.. becuse of you Jurrel
Kain Twothumb: it was fine until ya meddled there
Jordan Jurrel: Please, Twothumb, these are not my doing.
Kain Twothumb: Yes they are
Jordan Jurrel: They attack all over the land.
Kain Twothumb: No
Pierre Vikor: *rolls his eyes*
James Enaver: *Looks confused*
Erika Twothumb: Mainly being Loyalists who don't know their place
Jordan Jurrel: What would I have to gain.
Irvyn: Unreasoning prejudice.
Kain Twothumb: Power ofcourse
Irvyn: *sighs*
Jordan Jurrel: The beasts themselves should be put down!
Erika Twothumb: Thats our problems
Erika Twothumb: *mutters*
Flame: it seems that from the Orders the Britain moongate was there next place to take
Olk Samsca: Is Britain threatened?
Olk Samsca: Is Trinsic?
Muldran Skully: I really don't know...
Olk Samsca: Yew?
Darkion: *Dazed look*
Irvyn: *looks round to Flame*
Kain Twothumb: I doubt that
Olk Samsca: Strange how they avoided so
Irvyn: Would you say that a little louder ... Kain may not have heard it.
Flame: they have not finished there invasion
Hrothgar: How do we know these orders weren't just written by Jurrel himself?
Blue Velvet: *is gonna slap some posturing males upside the head*
Tabbitha: In Lor - Night Sight
Amorph Mus: In Lor - Night Sight
Kain Twothumb: Aye
Irvyn: *lights lantern*
Grim Dysart: Are Britian, Trinsic, or Yew close to Lost Lands entrances...
Flame: have you fought these Ophidians sir
Tabbitha: this way
Jordan Jurrel: Because I say they're not.
Kain Twothumb: Yes it is
Flame: In Lor - Night Sight
Kain Twothumb: but ya known to lie Jurrel
Jordan Jurrel: But if we forget the fact that I have nothing to DO with these invaders...
Jordan Jurrel: They are still a problem.
Flame: Imj sure anyone who has fought them
Kain Twothumb: so thats not really good enough
Ultimor Slowtree: ahh
Flame: would have seen these
Tabbitha: *points to seat*
Ultimor Slowtree: thanks
Tabbitha: my pleasure
Cerys Slowtree: Thank you!
Muldran Skully: I've sent the Court to scout out and knock the creatures back.
Ultimor Slowtree: do sit my that
Flame: they are not descriminating between citys
Paladis: they are only a problem now they 'ave rebelled an' turn te britain?
Kain Twothumb: *nod nod*
Cerys Slowtree: *smiles*
Hrothgar: *Nods*
Olk Samsca: Not disciminating against cities?
Cerys Slowtree: Thank you!
Flame: I was in fact a theif that stired them up
Irvyn: They have been a problem since they first arose ... and they have been fought against since then.,
Muldran Skully: I've seen them use Moongates.
Cerys Slowtree: *quietly chews on clove*
Kain Twothumb: *hic*
Flame: thankyou Muldran
Kain Twothumb: A theif that clearly was hired by some loyalists
Flame: so they are a threat to everyone
Pierre Vikor: Skara Brae is hardly a rebel city Kain so use some sense
Kain Twothumb: *hic*
Kain Twothumb: They are used to taking what they want and not asking questions
Jordan Jurrel: You keep on like a stuck record, Twothumb.
Jordan Jurrel: Why not capture one of these beasts and talk to it.
Kain Twothumb: Whats a record?
Irvyn: *nods at Jordan's words*
Kain Twothumb: *hic*
Callum Fitzhugh: *laughs*
Shadow: *scratches*
Hrothgar: The Northern Alliance can defend our own cities.. we don't need you loyalists making things worse...
Kain Twothumb: *hic*
Blue Velvet: Ew
Jordan Jurrel: A record?  A record number of times you've blamed the loyalists.
Olk Samsca: Do you speak Ophidian loyalist?
Pierre Vikor: You need more than your own men
Flame: this is the very reason towns and citys fall
Muldran Skully: I... have been working on a translation.
Edmund: I would not mind doing some 'liberating' in Vesper myself.
Jordan Jurrel: No.
Jordan Jurrel: Do you?
Kain Twothumb: We fight em.. we dont talk to them and make agreements like some here
Irvyn: *nods over shoulder to Flame*
Flame: and all will fall if we continue
Kain Twothumb: *hic*
Olk Samsca: Then capturing them to talk to..
Tabbitha: excuse me
Olk Samsca: Borders on foolish
Tabbitha: please have a seat
Jordan Jurrel: *sighs*
Flame: how will any city stand
Kain Twothumb: *hic*
Luke Rechardson: Daaarkion..
Flame: when they are watching over there shoulder
Muldran Skully: *leans towards Flame*
Callum Fitzhugh: Im fine tabbbitha
Darkion: *Glances over shoulder*
Shadow: *swishes tail*
Tabbitha: *sighjs*
Flame: for more conflicts
Luke Rechardson: Psst...
Darkion: *Glares at Luke*
Luke Rechardson: *Looks at Tabbitha*
Flame: do you all wish to fight your battles
Paladis: seems to me someone's planned went wrong an' now everyone 'as te bail 'em out
Flame: whilst the Ophidians stael you homes
Hrothgar: *Nods*
Kain Twothumb: *nods at paladis words*
James Enaver: *Nods*
Luke Rechardson: *Sneaks across ducked under the fence*
Irvyn: Not you as well, Paladis?
Flame: regardless of what you think
Tabbitha: have a seat Iliijan
Flame: untill this is over
Irvyn: *shakes head in disbelief*
Tabbitha: Sir
Jordan Jurrel: All of your homes.
Tabbitha: wont ye take a seat
Jordan Jurrel: Not just... rebels.
Iljian: I am fine
Paladis: i was told there was free ale ye dukeness
Stoxius: Aye, perhaps I should...
Flame: no one will be left to think
Tabbitha: could be a long meeting
Blue Velvet: Come here sis
Kade: *Smirks*
Paladis: an' got none
Olk Samsca: The Vesperians are not rebels
Luke Rechardson: I like ale,
Cerys Slowtree: *slips hand into Ult's*
Blue Velvet: oops
Luke Rechardson: *Steals a bottle*
Bertrand: oi
Ultimor Slowtree: *smiles*
Flame: we have tryed when they wer weaker
Devante Stirling: Traitors then
Irvyn: Listen to Lady Flame ... she is talking sense.
Edmund: Coming from a Vesperian that is.. very enlightening.
Blue Velvet: sorry
Paladis: *stamps on hrothgars foot*
Flame: for Royalist to clear Papua
Hrothgar: Gah!
Hrothgar: Ye damn oaf!
Luke Rechardson: Muh?
Flame: and Free people to free Vesper
Kain Twothumb: Makes sense for someone who is under Jurrels thumb.. yes
Muldran Skully: *winces*
Kain Twothumb: For the freedom loving people of the North
Luke Rechardson: *hic*
Kain Twothumb: it is just propaganda
Flame: has either succedded
Tabbitha: *whispers to Paladis*
Luke Rechardson: *Notices Jurrel*
Olk Samsca: Had the Loyalists not constantly intervened in Vesperian affairs..
Luke Rechardson: *Waves slightly!*
Jordan Jurrel: *stares icilly forward*
Olk Samsca: The Ophidians would have been massacred
Luke Rechardson: *hic*
Paladis: 'e stole me ale
Irvyn: *glances over at Jordan briefly*
Kain Twothumb: *nods at olks words*
Hrothgar: I did not fool!
Flame: do you truly believe that
Paladis: tell 'im te be'ave
Drax Varibolt: This is the very thing those behind this want, discord and disent instead of unity!
Luke Rechardson: *hic*
Kain Twothumb: Its facts
Hrothgar: Speaking of ale however..
Luke Rechardson: I say! We burn loyalists!
Olk Samsca: Indeed
Flame: we cannot win this war devided
Hrothgar: Mind if i have one?
Olk Samsca: I do not need to believe it
Luke Rechardson: All of 'em!
Irvyn: *looks round to Drax*
Hrothgar: *Wiggles eyebrows*
Roland: when do we fight?
Paladis: aye i do
Flame: we hand them Sosaria on a plate
Jordan Jurrel: Oh please, Luke.
Kain Twothumb: I agree.. ya should not cause all this trouble
Hrothgar: *Pouts*
Jordan Jurrel: That's hardly a reasoned argument.
Luke Rechardson: I thought it was a good idea..
Luke Rechardson: *Sulks*
Hrothgar: Psst..
Hrothgar: Tabbitha..
Flame: it wont be long before we will have no towns left
Flame: for our people to go
Tabbitha: *leans in*
Shadow: *woof*
Kain Twothumb: Tell Jurrel to stop it then
Luke Rechardson: How about just setting their hair on fire?
Olk Samsca: Aye
Muldran Skully: There is already magical interruption in more places.
Flame: we will be the ones liveing in caves
Tabbitha: *frowns*
Muldran Skully: I'm worried about Britannia's magic at the moment.
Luke Rechardson: Aye!
Muldran Skully: *frowns*
Devante Stirling: who is this unimportant fool sitting next to me ?
Luke Rechardson: I can't get to swaggers or vesper!
James Enaver: Haven will always be a safe place
Leloo: this is nonsense...
Flame: whilst they walk our ruined cities
Hrothgar: You speaking to me bafoon?!
Luke Rechardson: Says the loyalist!
Irvyn: How in the name of all the gods does this crazy accusation of yours make sense, Kain?
Leloo: *turns back*
Hrothgar: I'll come over there and pull ye over me knee!
Tabbitha: *gives them a waerning glance*
Flame: but we could say well we still did not give in to each other
Kain Twothumb: You want a reply to that or ya just rambling Irvyn?
Flame: we are strong
Luke Rechardson: I SAY! We burn vesper!
Jordan Jurrel: Flame's words - drowned as they are under Twothumbs vitirol - should be listened to.
Hrothgar: Be silent fool..
Sedirae: *laughs*
Hanse Davion: Sonofa..
Blue Velvet: *frowns*
Irvyn: *nods to Jordan*
Luke Rechardson: And that'll burn the ophidians out!
Justice Forum: aye
Kain Twothumb: Becuse she is ya stooge
Olk Samsca: We have heard this loyalist rhetoric before..
James Enaver: *Looks at luke*
Kain Twothumb: Ya have no power of us in the north Jurrel
Jordan Jurrel: Not over you, twothumb.
Callum Fitzhugh: WILL you all speak one at a time for heavens sakes!
Irvyn: This is not a matter of anyone having power over anyone else ...
Drax Varibolt: Some council of the wise this is!
Flame: I have no desire here for anyone to feel threatened
Callum Fitzhugh: Listen to each other
Irvyn: this is a matter of fighting together for our survival!
Jordan Jurrel: But over the people of the land who want to repel the Ophidians, I do.
Kain Twothumb: Yes thats exactly what it is IRvun
Tabbitha: ye were offered a voice
Tabbitha: *frowns*
Blue Velvet: *raises hand*
Flame: we are not here to descuss lands
Cerys Slowtree: *shakes head sadly*
Kain Twothumb: You see it as a isolated incident.. we see the whole picture
Flame: we are here to save Sosaria for our childern
Muldran Skully: But you must admit, no staunch loyalist places have been invaded.
Paladis: so ye sayin' if we agree te fight these ophidian's ye will control us all Jurrel?
Moiraine: Yet..
Jordan Jurrel: *sighs in disgust at Muldran*
Pierre Vikor: You see nothing but your own clouded judgement!
Flame: Britain ws to be there next target
James Enaver: Yet, that is why ye are getting worried
Irvyn: What do you call Skara then, Muldran?
Flame: from what we can gather
Luke Rechardson: *Blinks*
Kain Twothumb: Thats just ya making up rumours
Darkion: When A loyalist town si invaded, That would be usefull proof.
Muldran Skully: An island people dont' tend to care much about, Irvyn.
Muldran Skully: Because it's too far away....
Flame: that they have intended to take britain moongate
Hrothgar: *Stares at Luke*
Jordan Jurrel: And that is my point!  They're going for a place out of the way!
Luke Rechardson: I say! All come to Haven!
Jordan Jurrel: To cause troubel!
Irvyn: Skara is overrun ... Spiritwood is threatened ... they edge ever closer to Britain.
Hrothgar: Pah! Haven? Not that dirthole..
Grim Dysart: Vesper being hit has nothing to do with it being mere feet from a Lost Lands entrance...
Kain Twothumb: Becuse you pointed them there
Flame: look everyone I know you dot trust one another and with reason
Luke Rechardson: No Ophidians there..
Ultimor Slowtree: *gasps*
Cerys Slowtree: Haven?
Olk Samsca: What evidence is they are after the Britain moongate?
Ultimor Slowtree: not again
Darkion: Dirthole!
James Enaver: I must be exscused
Luke Rechardson: Haven!
James Enaver: *stands up*
Ultimor Slowtree: last invasion devastated poor little town
Flame: but you have a greater threat than whos sitting here
Justice Forum: the maoris of new zealand are fighting for spiritwood but losing
Cerys Slowtree: *nods*
Luke Rechardson: Nothing dares invade Haven! With a force like us guarding it!
Hrothgar: Started by some who are sitting here!!
Flame: you have a simple but hard choice
Sedirae: Corp Por - Energy Bolt
Jordan Jurrel: Please stop these pointless accusations.
Pierre Vikor: They are simple alright..
Pierre Vikor: *mumbles*
Flame: kill the Ophidians with a plan that will work
Cerys Slowtree: *whispers* that bald man has gone
Kain Twothumb: So now its not a meeting with the aim to discuss the problem
Flame: are wait for them to crush you one by one
Vegeta: *taps leg*
Kain Twothumb: But a meeting to TELL us what we should do
Justice Forum: *nods*
Cerys Slowtree: *smiles*
Luke Rechardson: Make a ophidian killing machine!
Jordan Jurrel: *looks to Flame*
Hrothgar: *Eyes Luke*
Olk Samsca: The traditional view of the loyalist
Jordan Jurrel: Tell us what we should do then, Flame.
Flame: it is a choice
Vegeta: ....
Hrothgar: Who ARE you?
Justice Forum: follow flame as we did before
Jordan Jurrel: What should we , all of us here , do?
Luke Rechardson: Luke!
Luke Rechardson: *Unhooks helmet*
Flame: we know how to defet them
Irvyn: *looks round to Flame*
Kain Twothumb: Do we?
Flame: but allown we fail
Hrothgar: Doesn't ring a bell..
Darkion: Ye do?
Flame: *nods*
Darkion: Perhaps ye should share it with us?
Flame: we do
Muldran Skully: Well, I'[d assume we hit the bloody things.
Kain Twothumb: Ya learned that from talking to them?
Luke Rechardson: Blatently Equestrian Commander of haven..
Luke Rechardson: *Nods*
Tilley: We need to work together put your petty differences aside and help all of sosaria!!
Hrothgar: Oh dear... they make anyone commander these days..
Olk Samsca: Do you have something better than meet them in battle together..
Luke Rechardson: Bah,
Jordan Jurrel: here here, Tilley.
Luke Rechardson: All in good reason.
Flame: dont be a fool I or no one else can talk to them
Olk Samsca: And hope that magically solves the problem?
Tabbitha: Hear hear
Tabbitha: who ever said that
Irvyn: *nods to Tilley*
Callum Fitzhugh: *claps*
Kain Twothumb: Yet ya know what their plans are
Blue Velvet: doods?
Flame: but many have been studying them
Jordan Jurrel: I really don't care if you *think* I directed these forces, Twothumb.
Callum Fitzhugh: doods !
Flame: and there plans
Luke Rechardson: I SAY! Burn all mages! They cause all the trouble anyway!
Hanse Davion: We dont think..
Tabbitha: *eyes callum*
Kain Twothumb: Good.. becuse I dont need you to belive it
Hanse Davion: We KNOW!
Tilley: we are fighting against eachother instead of the snakes who are our true enemy!
Hanse Davion: *Mutters*
Jordan Jurrel: But I will instruct any *loyal* citizen of Britannia to fight against the snakemen.
Flame: they stuck at Skara Brae last
Blue Velvet: remember back in day?
Darkion: Quiten down Luke!
Blue Velvet: trinsic!

Cerys Slowtree: *whispers* lady Flame knows clever people
Luke Rechardson: Aww..
Hrothgar: Allright! Lets say! That you loyalists had nothing to do with releasing the ophidians...
Kain Twothumb: In the towns ya control yes
Flame: thats there weakest point
Hrothgar: How do you plan on stopping them?!
Blue Velvet: we fought back as a whole team!
Kain Twothumb: In the free towns... I think not
lighthart: a true team
Tabbitha: Ye should hear the wisdom of the townsfokk
Callum Fitzhugh: Aye lassie
Ultimor Slowtree: *whispers* is this young man new in Haven? he is quite loud
Jordan Jurrel: Then *you* should tell the ones in the towns *you* control to fight back.
Luke Rechardson: I hate snaked!
Masakonen: The Royal bBritannian Guard fights the ophidians, not aids them
Luke Rechardson: *Coughs*
Olk Samsca: We are fighting back Loyalist
Cerys Slowtree: *whispers* He moved in recently
lighthart: kill eack other after the snake men
Callum Fitzhugh: Tell your leaders what you think of them
Jordan Jurrel: They are?  Then if you're so successful, why not help others?
Kain Twothumb: I dont need too .. my citizens understand those things without being told it
Blue Velvet: Tabby?
Luke Rechardson: And they shed like mad!
Ultimor Slowtree: ahh *nods*
Luke Rechardson: *Drops skin on table!*
Tabbitha: yes callum?
Callum Fitzhugh: The people are talking
Irvyn: You would rather rule over a wasteland of ophidians.... I would prefer a land free of them.
Tabbitha: *tries to hear above noise*
Blue Velvet: can i say something been playing here over 8 yrs
Irvyn: *eyes Kain*
Callum Fitzhugh: as is their righjt
Tabbitha: I know
Kain Twothumb: When we get payed we might consider it
Olk Samsca: Redeploying forces half way around the world with no moongates
Flame: have you finished arguing things
lighthart: work together as a team and work at one town at a time
Luke Rechardson: See!
Olk Samsca: Is rather a challenge logistically
Luke Rechardson: Skiin!
Callum Fitzhugh: Not endless waffle
Tabbitha: Im treying to shut them up
Hrothgar: I'd rather get along with ophidians then loyalists...
Flame: and avoiding the issue
Hrothgar: To be honest..
Drax Varibolt: Here here Irvyn!
Muldran Skully: *winces*
Kade: This is bloody ridiculous...
Irvyn: *looks disgustedly at Hrothgar*
Kain Twothumb: Easy for ya to say Irvun
Flame: you will not get along with them
Pierre Vikor: You would be welcome to them
Luke Rechardson: *Looks at Hrothgar*
Jordan Jurrel: You'd want Ophidians to rule you?
Tabbitha: *whispers to Flame*
Blue Velvet: *bonk*
Luke Rechardson: Wha's your name?
Blue Velvet: please listen
Kain Twothumb: Ye sit down there in Trinsic and cuddle with ya troops in saftey
Flame: Kain please where are the citizens of Vesper
Jordan Jurrel: Are you mad. man?
Hrothgar: Mine?
Blue Velvet: whoever
Masakonen: If yu spent more time decoding the journels and less banter perhaps we would get somewhere
Luke Rechardson: Aye!
lighthart: not really
Irvyn: My troops have been out fighting ophidians.
Geronimo: Tha' be a trick question nuw..
Hrothgar: Corporal Hrothgar De'Mar... Covian Army...
Luke Rechardson: Well!
Blue Velvet: we need like to work together!
Kain Twothumb: In Papua.. not a real town even
Blue Velvet: darnit
Flame: *looks up*
lighthart: TOGETHER
Luke Rechardson: Me and you share a similar view!
Hrothgar: Is that so?
Geronimo: Evereh great man 'as been mad..
Luke Rechardson: *grins*
lighthart: TOGETHER
Irvyn: In Papua, in Skara, in Serpents Hold, even in Vesper.
Luke Rechardson: Damn loyalists!
lighthart: TOGETHER
Blue Velvet: remember trinsic!
Kain Twothumb: Until we kicked ya out yes
lighthart: TEAM WORK
Blue Velvet: before trammel!
Tilley: Please Jordan Jurrel make them hear our plee
lighthart: TEAM WORK
Flame: I think your own people have concerns
Kain Twothumb: You think wrong
Sedirae: *laughs*
lighthart: work as a team
Tabbitha: LISTEN TO YOUR PEOPLE for ONE moment
Blue Velvet: been playing here 8 yrs and more I know can be done
Tilley: The masses are dying why you bicker amonst yourselves
Blue Velvet: *bonk*
Drax Varibolt: *starts to shake head sadly whilst mumbling 'we're all doomed at this rate'*
Masakonen: Jurrel do you know anymore about the journals? Perhaps this information could aid us
Paladis: *hic*
Blue Velvet: so listen to us
Hrothgar: *Eyes Blue Velvet*
Blue Velvet: !
Muldran Skully: You'd want/add
The Dark Lord: *taps callums shoulder*
Luke Rechardson: *Nods*
The Dark Lord: *hisses*
Tabbitha: QUIET!!!
Flame: right
Paladis: *hic*
Paladis: feisty lass that one
Callum Fitzhugh: The poeople must be heard
Tabbitha: Grim
Hrothgar: How about we take turns on speaking?
Flame: now we need to stop pointing fingers
lighthart: we dont need this but action as a team
Tabbitha: come please
Justice Forum: the maoris will follow flame
Darkion: Aye!
Tabbitha: BE HEARD
Paladis: *hic*
The Dark Lord: *hiises*
Luke Rechardson: Start at Moiraine! Then Jurrel!
Luke Rechardson: Gooo!
Flame: we need to resolve the situation
Hrothgar: Who's first?
Tabbitha: here Griim
Blue Velvet: its male testosterone posturing mostly
Luke Rechardson: *Points to Moraine*
lighthart: i was fighting there last night
Grim Dysart: ?
Tabbitha: so they hear loudly
Blue Velvet: bleh
Kain Twothumb: And telling it how it is is the first step to resolving it
Hrothgar: Moraine?
Moiraine: *looks at Luke curiously*
lighthart: every one was helping everyone
Luke Rechardson: Spead Moiraine!
Tabbitha: go Grim
Darkion: Start at Lady FLame
Jordan Jurrel: How it is?
Grim Dysart: Right!
lighthart: different guilds
Luke Rechardson: I mean Speak!
Azaire: Your bickering will be the death of your peoples. The Ophidians *will not* stop.
Blue Velvet: Can we organise!
Jordan Jurrel: We're under siege.  We need to..
lighthart: different cities
Cerys Slowtree: *whispers* he is very loud
Tabbitha: SILENCE!!!!
Jordan Jurrel: *blinks*
Blue Velvet: city by city
Moiraine: *looks at Grim*
Hrothgar: Who was that?
Olk Samsca: Assassins!
Kain Twothumb: Like we care what that moron say
Iljian: Um
Illusion: Vas An Nox - Arch Cure
Grim Dysart: How can any of you people possibly think those snakes give a damn about Britannian politics?
Ultimor Slowtree: *nods*
Moiraine: I think he wants to speak
Kain Twothumb: We seens those pop in all over the world
Kain Twothumb: They do nothing
Kain Twothumb: they help with nothing
Paladis: *hic*
Jordan Jurrel: A watcher?
Kain Twothumb: Watcher
Kain Twothumb: *pfft*
Flame: how it is is that we are being oh
Olk Samsca: Davion
Irvyn: *pointedly concentrates on Jordan*
Kain Twothumb: More help from a pixie
Hanse Davion: Aye?
Olk Samsca: If that one returns..
Jordan Jurrel: If they're seeing what is happening, then it's truely dire.
The Dark Lord: what about those poor harmless snakes...
Olk Samsca: Remove it
Grim Dysart: Do you honestly think they invaded Vesper over what they think of Lord British?
Paladis: *hic*
The Dark Lord: you force them into seclusion...
Paladis: *hic*
Grim Dysart: And not the fact that it's right near to a bloody passage to their lands?
Jordan Jurrel: *looks concerned*
Luke Rechardson: Jurrel! YOu speak first! Then Darkion!!
Hrothgar: Take turns on speaking.. yer giving me a headache..
Edmund: *puts his hand to his mouth and surpresses a small yawn*
Luke Rechardson: And then.. We follow that way round!
Jordan Jurrel: Very well.
Jordan Jurrel: My turn to speak?
Paladis: *hic*
Luke Rechardson: YES!
Jordan Jurrel: Briefly.
Darkion: Aye
Tilley: Please Jordan Jurrel
Callum Fitzhugh: Leave Trammel to the snake men and good riddance
Roland: z\lol
Hrothgar: Meh..
Hrothgar: Go ahead..
Paladis: *hic*
Flame: *takes seat*
The Dark Lord: *folds wings*
Jordan Jurrel: The Ophidians are a threat.  We should all join forces to stop them.
Illusion: Vas An Nox - Arch Cure
Loki Danu: z\lol whats that sir?
Loki Danu: are you sleepy?
Kain Twothumb: HAH
Jordan Jurrel: I care not for what people think.  I will put an end to the invasion of Ophidians.
Jordan Jurrel: And if it fails...
Loki Danu: *smiles*
Paladis: *hic*
Jordan Jurrel: Then those who kept to themselves will be to blame.
The Dark Lord: the opgideans were not a threat until you opressed them first
Tilley: *claps Jordan*
Jordan Jurrel: *glares at Kain for a moment*
The Dark Lord: *hisses*
Olk Samsca: Loyalists never care what people think
Grim Dysart: I agree with whoever is screaming over there!
lighthart: people are fighting them while you speak
Kain Twothumb: When it fails
Luke Rechardson: EVERYONE SHUTUP!
lighthart: fighting as a team
Blue Velvet: thx
Tabbitha: thank ye Grim
Luke Rechardson: *Grumbles!*
Cerys Slowtree: *giggles*
Kain Twothumb: Good for you.. Luke is it
Tabbitha: *shoos him back to his seat*
Jordan Jurrel: That is all.
Ultimor Slowtree: *smiles*
Grim Dysart: *nods*
Tabbitha: *smiling*
Darkion: *nods*
Cerys Slowtree: Everybody speaks in turn except him
Olk Samsca: Indeed this sounds like the same rhetoric we have heard before
Luke Rechardson: Darkion!
Luke Rechardson: Yuur turn!
Hrothgar: Who's next?
Grim Dysart: 'Scuse
The Dark Lord: *eyes crowd*
Darkion: I acknowladge these Snakes as a nuisance
Blue Velvet: Can I smack couple more dodos?
Devante Stirling: who is Darkion ?
Masakonen: ..
Jordan Jurrel: Darkion.
lighthart: yes
Drax Varibolt: Well, should this ever be resolved, someone let me know so I can join the army
The Dark Lord: *smiles toothy grin*
Blue Velvet: *grins*
Pierre Vikor: Nuisance?
Tilley: may I speak please
Darkion: However from what i have been told and the conveinant cercumstances
lighthart: speak man speak
Muldran Skully: *nods*
Tabbitha: please go take a seat Pierre
Darkion: The loyalists Looks slightly...
Justice Forum: I think perhaps the nobles have forgotten what it is like to fight at the front, flame does
Grim Dysart: The Ophidian Empire will someday record how the humans squabbled over their future territories...
Darkion: How to say..
Hrothgar: Nobles?
The Dark Lord: *looks into the crowd*
Hrothgar: I aint no bleedin noble..
Darkion: Look bad..
Faeryl: *laughs* Humans are stupid
Olk Samsca: Can someone shut that fool going on about the Ophidian empire up?
lighthart: no
Darkion: Perhaps if proof were to be bought
lighthart: these guys are
Blue Velvet: *is gonna slap Paladis*
Darkion: That ye had nothing to do with the Snakes
lighthart: all sitting nice and comfy
Darkion: TThat is all.
The Dark Lord: snakes have it hard..
Luke Rechardson: Olk!
Moiraine: *sighs*
lighthart: while towns ppl fight their war
Luke Rechardson: Your tuuurn!
The Dark Lord: all you do is kill them..
Masakonen: What did I miss? more arguing?
Irvyn: *whispers to Flame*
Tilley: may I speak please
Olk Samsca: My turn?
lighthart: towns people
The Dark Lord: you never listen to them..
Tabbitha: sir please take a seat
Luke Rechardson: Aye!
Olk Samsca: What is the purpose.. we have heard this before
Faeryl: this wouldnt happen in the underdark Jhul's
Olk Samsca: The Loyalists ask for our help when things look bad
The Dark Lord: *i don't think it would be wise..*
Flame: *wispers e still need to try*
Olk Samsca: They inevitably betrayed us before.. they shall do so again
Irvyn: *nods*
The Dark Lord: the seat might break
lighthart: this aint bad its worst thatn worst
Tabbitha: ye can try
Tabbitha: *smiles*
Olk Samsca: Even the most foolish animal stops fooling for the same tricks
The Dark Lord: *7foot demon tries to sit on stool*
Darkion: *Looks at luke*
Luke Rechardson: Brief Olk... Brief..
Olk Samsca: I am finished..
The Dark Lord: *flicks forked tail out*
Darkion: *Nods*
Sedirae: here here
Luke Rechardson: Twothumb!
Jordan Jurrel: *looks to Twothumb*
Luke Rechardson: Yuuur'up!
Darkion: Kain if ye will
Kain Twothumb: I dont know who died and make ya chairman Luke
Cal Soulshadow: Does anyone actually care that there is an obvious daemon in the room?
lighthart: stop squabling and stick together as a team TEAM
Hrothgar: *Nods*
Luke Rechardson: *Shrugs*
Hrothgar: *Eyes Luke*
Justice Forum: I was under the impression this would be a meeting to coordinate the approach to defeat invasion?
Grim Dysart: Nobody takes it seriously.
Darkion: Aye, Luke Quiten down,
Kain Twothumb: The trackrecord of the kingdom is terrible
The Dark Lord: death to the men folk...
Luke Rechardson: Someone died, Wha'eva... Jus' get on with it~!
Kain Twothumb: Why dont we trust Jurrel and the other loyalists
Ultimor Slowtree: *whispers* well, he is natural born politicion, that Luke boy
Kain Twothumb: Shut up Luke
The Dark Lord: vote snakes to rule..
Luke Rechardson: *Sulks*
Kain Twothumb: Minoc was invaded
The Dark Lord: less devoius than twothumb..
Kain Twothumb: by orcs
Jordan Jurrel: Tell me why, Twothumb.
Darkion: *Glares angrily at Luke*
Kain Twothumb: they pulled back the guards
Kain Twothumb: Cove was invaded
Kain Twothumb: They pulled back the guards
lighthart: i KNOW that by working as a TEAM and PUTTING OUR DIFFERENCES ASIDE WE CAN
Luke Rechardson: *Sticks tongue out at Darkion!*
The Dark Lord: <grins>
Hrothgar: *Nods*
Cerys Slowtree: *whispers sadly* aye
Kain Twothumb: Britain was invbaded... they put up reinforcements
Justice Forum: many maoris died fighting the orcs
Grim Dysart: All right screamer, simmer down now.
Kain Twothumb: When we had cleared up the mess in Minoc and Cove
Kain Twothumb: they come running back
Grim Dysart: We know you're right, just relax.
Kain Twothumb: claiming victory
Justice Forum: and again now with ophids so form a plan for the players of europa
Kain Twothumb: This will be the exact same thing
lighthart: when will they learn tho
Tabbitha: *nods to Lighthart*
Kain Twothumb: They stand in the background and let us fight
Erika Twothumb: Are we supposed to ignore that thing?
lighthart: oh if only they could hear our cries
Kain Twothumb: then they will sneak in when we are tired
Tilley: here they go again beating their chests instead of getting to the work at hand
The Dark Lord: *hisses*
lighthart: instead of putting them aside
Kain Twothumb: and grab what is rightous ours
Jordan Jurrel: *shakes head sadly*
The Dark Lord: *casts red eyes over to the crowd*
Faeryl: *shakes head* this is so petty....
Kain Twothumb: Jurrel have a grudge against Vesper since a long time
Kain Twothumb: Thats why he is doing these things against the north
Tabbitha: *sighs at Kain*
lighthart: make a plan of attack againts ophida
Jordan Jurrel: *leans forward on the table*
Kain Twothumb: Since Hanse bested his champion.. he have been a changed man
Faeryl: has no one taught them how to fight a war?
lighthart: not ownership of land
Tilley: I'm gonna start working for the snakes here in a minute if you guys don't quit your squabbling
lighthart: no
Grim Dysart: Nobody gives a damn about your million year old grudges, they want the damned snakes gone!
Kain Twothumb: All he wants is revenge.. at all cost
Tilley: get rid of you all!
Justice Forum: flame speak for you speak for the rank and file of europa
Kain Twothumb: He uses Yew against Vesper
Kain Twothumb: that failed
Blue Velvet: o for god s sake lets just team up
Blue Velvet: you goofs
Kain Twothumb: Now he convinces Klion to herd snakes to Vesper
lighthart: worst than anything you are
Kain Twothumb: and sofar that works
The Dark Lord: who wanted to work tfor snakes?
Jordan Jurrel: That is a
Jordan Jurrel: *sighs*
lighthart: we will be
Tilley: I want to work for all of sosaria!
Kain Twothumb: I dont see why I should listen to Jurrel at all
lighthart: as slaves
Tilley: not one faction or another
Blue Velvet: gf im fixing to smack yas bout the workin for snake crud
Jordan Jurrel: Then don't listen to me.
Kain Twothumb: Not whne he tries to rule IN MY PLACE
Tilley: I want what is right for all of us
Kain Twothumb: in Vesper
lighthart: if you dont make action
Kain Twothumb: I have too
The Dark Lord: at least the snakes are organised..
Jordan Jurrel: *Listen to the others at the table.*
Tilley: their bickering, your bickering is solving nothing
The Dark Lord: *hisses*
Paladis: ye had ye chance te speak earlier jurrel
lighthart: unlike this lot
Cerys Slowtree: *whispers* How can people talk about the king's commander like that?
Kain Twothumb: since ya keep involving yaself in Vespers politics
Grim Dysart: You don't rule Vesper you windbag!  Some snake does now!
Cal Soulshadow: Right, I'm going te prepare fer Vognar's funeral
Kain Twothumb: Keep to ya damn towns.. and leave us be
The Dark Lord: and we will destroy your towns...
Cal Soulshadow: I'll summon ye when it's time.
Tabbitha: this is NOT about poilotics
Faeryl: *laughs*
Kain Twothumb: But ya wont
Vegeta: *nods slowly*
Kain Twothumb: and thus ya prove my point
Ultimor Slowtree: *shrugs*
Blue Velvet: oh bite me
Tabbitha: tis about protecting the PEOPLE
Nomark: Right, Kain wont cooperate, let him have his vesper and let the rest free britania!?
Blue Velvet: girly
Tilley: in your dreams
Justice Forum: put away your differences
Kain Twothumb: As long as ya try to get involved with us
Sedirae: Corp Por - Energy Bolt
lighthart: we must work together to get our cities back
Tilley: I have felled many a snake
Justice Forum: they are petty
Blue Velvet: *giggles*
Kain Twothumb: and ignoring what WE want
lighthart: OUR CITIES
Tilley: and I have their skins to prove it
Light: Twothumbs...
Tilley: they have not my skin!
Kain Twothumb: that is all the proof we can ask for
The Dark Lord: now they will be mine....
Flame: and that is?
Hrothgar: *Eyes Silk*
Kain Twothumb: Thats all I have to say right now
The Dark Lord: *hisses*
Masakonen: If we take these leaders to the zoo will we be rewarded?
Irvyn: *mutters: "And quite enough too."*
Kain Twothumb: If ya cant draw the lines for yaself
The Dark Lord: ooo a prophet
Grim Dysart: Vesper politics today probably consist of debates over how many humans to eat.
Luke Rechardson: I must be off!
Kain Twothumb: ...
lighthart: alot of points form zoo indeed
Justice Forum: if you dont come up with a joint strategy then you must all answer to these people .....
Devante Stirling: yay
Grim Dysart: Because Vesper does not belong to anyone here.
Justice Forum: >>>>>>
Jordan Jurrel: *stays quiet*
Nomark: the daemon ate him
Light: Sir Twothumbs...
lighthart: it will belong to us
Grim Dysart: Nor does Skara, or the Hold, or Papua.
lighthart: town people
Muldran Skully: Me?
lighthart: not guild
Blue Velvet: these ppl actually think they own towns??
Sedirae: Corp Por - Energy Bolt
Tilley: Sosaria belongs to all!  I will defend it will all my heart!
Blue Velvet: rofl!
Sedirae: Corp Por - Energy Bolt
The Dark Lord: *hisses*
Muldran Skully: *looks to Twothumb*
lighthart: you lot are sad
Muldran Skully: My turn?
Flame: *nods*
lighthart: listen to your people
The Dark Lord: the magicans turens...
Muldran Skully: I don't know if I beleive someone has actively been... moving Ophidians around.
Muldran Skully: But the Shadow COurt seem them as a threat.
The Dark Lord: *looks up at the ceiling*
Cerys Slowtree: *smiles*
Muldran Skully: We'll go whereverwe can to the most affected place.
The Dark Lord: *whistles*
Muldran Skully: And do what we can regardless of allegience.
lighthart: AYE
Irvyn: *rubs chin*
Cerys Slowtree: *whispers* it is that clever man
Ultimor Slowtree: *nods*
Tabbitha: *looks at the horse*
Muldran Skully: I'm not good at politics./
The Dark Lord: i will try to stop you at every turn..
Muldran Skully: As Kain knows.
lighthart: that is what we need
Grim Dysart: They seem to think Ophidians are cows or something, and can be led wherever one pleases.
Muldran Skully: Thank you.
Blue Velvet: *slaps the snake chick*
Muldran Skully: *looks to Paladis*
Paladis: me?
The Dark Lord: its his magic that caused this..
lighthart: a TEAM is what he is saying
Sedirae: i think we should move on those evil cows
Hrothgar: Aye..
Grim Dysart: As opposed to an army of sapient being that have conquered half the country.
The Dark Lord: *eyes Muldran*
lighthart: not the junk earlier
Tilley: Team work!! *chants* Team Work!!
Paladis: tis true theres an ophisian threat that needs te be sorted..
lighthart: we have no towns
Tabbitha: can we not unite for the sake of the people
Irvyn: *looks wearily at Paladis*
Tabbitha: the innocent
lighthart: unless we have a team
Lyim Rashidat: Chiper as ever, I see.
lighthart: to attack ophids
Paladis: what i wish te know is if all agree te fight together...
Tilley: unite agains the snakes! *chants* Team Work!
lighthart: team work
Tabbitha: thats what I just asked
Paladis: will all be under the command o' jordan jurrel?
Cerys Slowtree: *nods*
Tabbitha: Can one side not fight from the rear
Tabbitha: and one from the front
Grim Dysart: I think at this point these windbags are just going to squabble until there's a riot.
Tabbitha: or will ye argue on that also ?
Faeryl: *laughs*
Vegeta: Thrpow everyone at them..
Lyim Rashidat: Always prepared.
Vegeta: from the front...
Jordan Jurrel: I'll command nothing apart from saying to remove the Ophidians.
Vegeta: why have any other tactic..
Tilley: Please I beg you for the sake of all Sosaria lets work together again
Kain Twothumb: In our towns
Pierre Vikor: Each leader could lead their own men against them
Kain Twothumb: Were ya have no say
Paladis: so ye will nay control all those fightin'?
lighthart: NO
Lyim Rashidat: Who let the beggars in?
Tabbitha: its easy to say 'Remove them ,Commander
lighthart: AS A TEAM
Tabbitha: we need all to start doing that
Tilley: As a team we can regain our towns
Muldran Skully: One man can't control everything.
lighthart: soppy lot of politicians you are
Faeryl: A team?this lot have no idea
Paladis: they can try
Tabbitha: and start working out tactics
The Dark Lord: i can try..
Tilley: when we regain our towns you will have towns to rule again
Justice Forum: flame is not a man!
Lyim Rashidat: Theres an empty seat at the grown up table just going utterly to waste.
lighthart: lets show them
Erika Twothumb: *glares over at blue velvet*
lighthart: show them the war
Hrothgar: Are we back at squabbling or are we still taking turns?
lighthart: the invasion
Justice Forum: she should lead it
Erika Twothumb: Shut up woman!
Cerys Slowtree: *nods to Justice*
Darkion: Turns.
Jordan Jurrel: Sorry.
Jordan Jurrel: Please, continue.
Paladis: We will aid te defeat the ophidians but nay one man will control me men is all
Hrothgar: *Eyes Paladis*
Justice Forum: :)
lighthart: how people attack as a team from different town
Lyim Rashidat: Ooo..
lighthart: have they seen skara recently
Lyim Rashidat: *shuffle shuffle*
Tabbitha: we need a starting point
lighthart: or hearsay
lighthart: huh
Paladis: i am done
Tabbitha: concetrate on one area
Blue Velvet: Lets elect a general!
Hrothgar: *Nods*
Blue Velvet: to lead the army!
The Dark Lord: *burns demonic symbol on table with finger*
Erika Twothumb: We need a few gags...
lighthart: i elec the horse
Irvyn: *looks to Hrothgar*
Darkion: But what of hte other areas?
Moiraine: I believe Hrithgar is next?
Hrothgar: *Rubs beard thoughtfully*
lighthart: not those lot
Lyim Rashidat: Multiple fronts make such a strategy tricky at best.
Bertrand: Gorthyn of the court to lead
Tilley: do the townfolk get a say in the General?  We want one that is going to be impartal and
lighthart: the horse has more sense
Hrothgar: While i agree heartily what Baron Kain had to say...
Tilley: and for Sosaria
Kain Twothumb: *nods*
Jordan Jurrel: *mumbles*
Bertrand: Gorthyn of the court to lead
Blue Velvet: yes
Irvyn: *rolls eyes*
Hrothgar: I also agree that we do have a problem on our hands...
Grim Dysart: I think we should riot and eat all the leaders, then go kill all the snakes.
Justice Forum: nero fiddled while rome burned
The Dark Lord: The ophideans to lead..
Hrothgar: I'll be damned if i see Cove taken by these snake bastards...
Faeryl: *chuckles*
Lyim Rashidat: Careful Grim, thats sedition, not to mention canibalism....
Blue Velvet: We need a general!
Hrothgar: Therefor...
Lyim Rashidat: Long live lord British, after all.
Lyim Rashidat: *small smile*
The Dark Lord: makes a change from orcs..
Hrothgar: Cove shall be there to fight the ophidian threat...
Justice Forum: *claps*
Grim Dysart: Lord British would roll in his grave, or whatever, to see this debacle.
Bertrand: Gorthyn of the court to lead
Hrothgar: I'm done..
Moiraine: *speaks softly*
lighthart: is this a team forming up
Justice Forum: *claps*
Blue Velvet: I met lord british
lighthart: if it is
Moiraine: At last..
Muldran Skully: *nods to Hrothgar*
Blue Velvet: ;p
lighthart: thank god
The Dark Lord: oh good
Lyim Rashidat: Hes just find a large lantern and put up the avatar-signal in the sky.
Muldran Skully: Well put.
lighthart: if not
Jordan Jurrel: *sighs*
Tabbitha: *applauds*
Lyim Rashidat: " save me! er... us!"
lighthart: lets gang up and kill the ophids ourself
Cerys Slowtree: *nods approvingly*
Ultimor Slowtree: *whispers* so there will be alliance after all?
Irvyn: *nods grudgingly*
The Dark Lord: *smiles toothlity at jurrell*
lighthart: without these lunies
Justice Forum: good show
Grim Dysart: The Avatar is rolling in his grave too.
Darkion: Next?
Irvyn: *looks to Devante*
Lyim Rashidat: *chuckles lightly*
lighthart: just talk no action
Cerys Slowtree: *whispers* maybe a small one
Devante Stirling: Greetings
lighthart: all the time
Justice Forum: yes
The Dark Lord: *stretches wings*
Cerys Slowtree: *whispers* but who can tell?
Devante Stirling: It's obvious there are more than enough rebels to defend Vesper
lighthart: we need action
Bertrand: the masses are leaving
Devante Stirling: our offer of help is there....
lighthart: not debate
Justice Forum: *claps*
lighthart: debate plans
Devante Stirling: let them decide to accept it or not
lighthart: not territory rights
Blue Velvet: To heck w/ who are rebels and loyalists and pimps and vagabonds
Jordan Jurrel: *chuckles softly*
Salomon Majere: *yawns*
Salomon Majere: sorry
Muldran Skully: Hmm.
Blue Velvet: Get a general and lead all of us
Darkion: *Thinks deeply*
Blue Velvet: :Pppppppppppppppppppppppp
Cerys Slowtree: *whispers* what does that mean?
lighthart: you lot are no good
Devante Stirling: i don't think they can make a good decision between them
Lyim Rashidat: Why dont you stop braying like a good sheep, be a goat, and make your own
Lyim Rashidat: Army.
Justice Forum: hopefully haven will follow
lighthart: make the towns ppl chose
Moiraine: *sighs slightly at Devante*
lighthart: and you follow
Ultimor Slowtree: hmm
lighthart: for a change
Devante Stirling: they will argue until the Orphidians bore to death
Ultimor Slowtree: *thinks hard*
Felix Kendall: *grins*
Ultimor Slowtree: *shrugs*
Justice Forum: nero again
Tilley: unfortunately
Olk Samsca: Davion..
Hanse Davion: *Tilts head..*
Hanse Davion: Aye.
Illusion: Vas An Nox - Arch Cure
Cerys Slowtree: haven is full of very young ones
Devante Stirling: tis all lord
Blue Velvet: ok folks who you think is good for a general?
lighthart: we prolly better generals than all of you put together
Olk Samsca: Twothumb believes we shall be safe here a while..
Flame: May I suggest in the interest of time that we limit ourselves to just 2 sentences
Hanse Davion: *Frowns...*
Hanse Davion: I do not.
Bertrand: make a decision
Irvyn: *frowns slightly*
lighthart: they cant
Olk Samsca: You should take the folk elsewhere..
Justice Forum: its the joining of ranks
Darkion: *Nods*
Devante Stirling: bit late now
Olk Samsca: See that those who are not present here.. deal no damage
lighthart: they are silly
Bertrand: oh yes they can
Flame: *smiles*
lighthart: lets check
Hanse Davion: Mmh..
The Dark Lord: i have one..you're all doomed
Hanse Davion: Militia
lighthart: nocks one one of there heads
Hanse Davion: on your feet...
Olk Samsca: We shall attempt to prevent they who are here doing likewise..
Tabbitha: *hopes Taggart has some words of wisdom*
Devante Stirling: *nudges Taggart*
lighthart: HOLLOW
Lyim Rashidat: Who let the Deamon...thingie... in?
lighthart: no brain
Hanse Davion: Lets get away from this Royal filfth
Lyim Rashidat: And why is it at the grown up table?
lighthart: cant decide
Bertrand: hmm maybe you right
Taggart: All I can say is less Talk and more action
Blue Velvet: o dear god
lighthart: you should have stayed with mummy
Tabbitha: and what action do ye suggest ?
Justice Forum: hear hear
lighthart: she nows what to do
Hrothgar: *Folds arms*
Taggart: just start defending the towns
Bertrand: we are doomed doomed
Taggart: and beat them back
Tabbitha: but it isnt working in small groupos
Justice Forum: united we can push them into the sea
lighthart: NOW IS PERFECT
Lyim Rashidat: Just go then?
Justice Forum: divided we die
Hrothgar: Ugh..
Lyim Rashidat: YOuve -obviously- got the charisma of a leader of men.
lighthart: come on
Lyim Rashidat: Rally, then Sally.
Grim Dysart: Works for me.  Leave these windbags to talk to themselves.
The Dark Lord: divided you will die...
Blue Velvet: we got a general yet?
Bertrand: can we think about that
Justice Forum: divided we die
The Dark Lord: hacked to bits...
Taggart: we have to be divied to cover all the towns invaded
Justice Forum: yes
The Dark Lord: <grins>
Moiraine: *shakes her head*
Hrothgar: Divided?
Irvyn: *sighs*
Hrothgar: We take one town at a time..
Hrothgar: Full force..
Muldran Skully: *chews lip*
lighthart: they can not think
Darkion: May i propose something?
Justice Forum: yes
Moiraine: *nods to Hrothgar*
Lyim Rashidat: Sir Taggart makes a good point, the fronts are multiple.
Kain Twothumb: No
Tabbitha: should we not be better concentrating on one area at a time
Grim Dysart: By the way, Dark Lord, do you enjoy looking like a complete asshole?
Blue Velvet: That purple dood not totally bad
Lyim Rashidat: Stockpiling troops in one would only leave three others undermaned.
Justice Forum: *claps*
Flame: please has everyone had a turn
The Dark Lord: someone would be last
Irvyn: No ..
Jordan Jurrel: *looks*
Flame: to speak
Blue Velvet: the one over in that corner
Jordan Jurrel: Has everyone said their piece?
Taggart: and if we do that then the others maybe over run
The Dark Lord: would you want to make one town have to sacrfice itself
Hrothgar: Their already overrun..
Lyim Rashidat: *nods*
Hrothgar: Were no longer defending..
Irvyn: I would like to say a few, if I may ...
lighthart: SHUT UP
Hrothgar: Were invading..
Kain Twothumb: Sure..Britain
lighthart: AND LISTEN
Lyim Rashidat: *Tip o' the Cap!*
lighthart: LISTEN
Irvyn: No-one is asking for 'help' from Vesper ...
Taggart: Edmund is next
Justice Forum: temporarily some may be over run but are they not already?
lighthart: WE ARE
Lyim Rashidat: Stop saying listen and shut up maybe then.
Irvyn: *looks to Edmund*
Edmund: *frowns*
Blue Velvet: Hey purple dood???
Irvyn: Ah yes .. my apologies.
The Dark Lord: i asked for help...
lighthart: GAY STRAIGHT
lighthart: DUMB SMART
lighthart: EVERYONE
Edmund: I am Edmund Fairholm, for those of you who do not know me, and I fight for the King.
Paladis: ah the false baron speaks
lighthart: who cares
Jordan Jurrel: *looks over*
Edmund: This will be the first word I speak this meeting, and by counts also the last.
Lyim Rashidat: *stifles a snicker*
Tussi de Luxe: ouch..
lighthart: good
Blue Velvet: purple dood
Edmund: During the past couple of weeks, the Royal Alliance;
Lyim Rashidat: And there was much rejoycing.
Blue Velvet: you dont seem to bad
Kain Twothumb: Hush ya in black
Edmund: the Britnania Guards, the Guardsmen Militia, the Knights Hospitallers,
lighthart: oh here we go
Blue Velvet: wanna lead?
Edmund: the Regiment of Archers from Britain and the Collegium,
Moiraine: *sighs*
Blue Velvet: *slap*
The Dark Lord: *hisses*
Olk Samsca: I think you mean the Templar
lighthart: WE NEED UNITY
Lyim Rashidat: Of slave Traders *coughs*
Edmund: have been fighting the ophidians, as well as fighting a second war in Minoc.
Blue Velvet: well anway just a though :)
The Dark Lord: *swishes tail*
You tell Blue Velvet: thank you!
Kain Twothumb: *yawns*
Edmund: As you may know, Minoc is curretnly being invaded by the Vesperians, the Covians and the Kaldorian
Blue Velvet: *slaps a dodo red dood*
Lyim Rashidat: Maybe if you hadnt turned tail and ran to minoc, you wouldnt be doing so....?
Edmund: This leaves us fighting a two-front war.
The Dark Lord: *hisses*
The Dark Lord: i lead
lighthart: the 2 fronts are
Bertrand: bad move
Muldran Skully: *looks ahead*
lighthart: us
Paladis: someone fetch the violins
Olk Samsca: Always good to call for a cease fire when your losing isn't it..
Edmund: I have only one plead for this Council..
lighthart: and ophids
Kain Twothumb: *grins*
Blue Velvet: not on your life dope
lighthart: TEAM
Lyim Rashidat: *chuckles*
Roland: Sanctum Viatas - Sacred Journey
Blue Velvet: purple dood ok
lighthart: UNITY
Blue Velvet: not u
The Dark Lord: *hisses*
Edmund: and that is for Vesper, Kaldor and Cove to lay down their arms and try not to besiege a crown t
Edmund: town.
Tabbitha: Please go back to your dseat
Blue Velvet: ok
Jordan Jurrel: *sighs*
Olk Samsca: Minoc is not a crown town..
Moiraine: *rolls her eyes*
Hrothgar: Minoc is a part of Vesper...
The Dark Lord: *clips elf around head with tail*
Paladis: leave minoc an' it will be done
Blue Velvet: :Pppppppppppp
Irvyn: *looks at Edmund in slight disbelief for a moment*
Kain Twothumb: *smiles*
Tabbitha: thank ye Miss
Irvyn: May I now speak?
Blue Velvet: all for purple dood???
Tilley: oh my gosh are you guys back to posturing about towns?  TEAM WORK Please
Tilley: put your petty differences asside!
Irvyn: I will take the silence as assent ...
Blue Velvet: hey guys
The Dark Lord: *eyes the duke*
Irvyn: as I said just now.
Cerys Slowtree: *whispers* nobles are odd
Tabbitha: *smiles*
Jordan Jurrel: Please, Irvyn.
Justice Forum: yes
Blue Velvet: whatcha think?
Irvyn: no-one is asking for 'help' from Vesper ...
Lyim Rashidat: Nobody is listening to you, save your breath for breathing
Justice Forum: very
Lyim Rashidat: Unless youd like help otherwise.
Irvyn: *eyes Olk and Kain*
Edmund: *looks to Flame*
Tabbitha: *smiles to Medric*
Kain Twothumb: Eye al you want
Irvyn: neither is anyone seeking to rule over Vesper, or anywhere else either ...
Medric d'Morte: *nods*
The Dark Lord: they too proud to ask..
Justice Forum: but they dont remember the smell of the blood of combat
Medric d'Morte: M'lady
Tabbitha: would ye have a wise word to say Sir?
Olk Samsca: Tell that to Klion
Irvyn: if we do nothing, soon the ophidians will rule everywhere ...
Blue Velvet: anyway think of purple dood he seems half decent
Medric d'Morte: If there is a turn
Kain Twothumb: and Edmund
Tabbitha: please come throuigh
Irvyn: It would be perfectly possible for all of us here to leave you
Blue Velvet: and thats a possibility
The Dark Lord: and thats a bad thing..
Justice Forum: go flame
Kain Twothumb: Good
Irvyn: to rot in your ophidian-ravaged town
Tabbitha: ye may have my seat
Kain Twothumb: then we are in an agreement
Irvyn: and concentrate on freeing the rest of the lands.
Moiraine: *frowns slightly*
Medric d'Morte: No, I shall stand
Edmund: *nods respectfully to Medric*
Irvyn: Instead, we seek a way in which all of us together can force this invasion back.
Tabbitha: *pulls stoll out*
Edmund: Sir Medric, have a seat.
Tabbitha: please come sit Sir Medric
Irvyn: All of us need to fight .. against the ophidians, not each other.
Lyim Rashidat: Weather magic. Make it snow. Chill their blood!
Tabbitha: please come sit Sir Medric
Justice Forum: *claps*
Irvyn: That is all.
Paladis: *hic*
Tabbitha: please excuse us Pierre
Kain Twothumb: *smirks*
Medric d'Morte: M'lady
Justice Forum: *claps*
Hrothgar: Then pull yer troops out of Minoc and quit pestering the north...
Paladis: *hic*
Kain Twothumb: *nods*
Jordan Jurrel: *nods*
Medric d'Morte: I am not worth this assembly
Flame: Lady Tabbitha do you wish to say anything
Flame: before I spaek
Kain Twothumb: Wise words Hrotgar
Medric d'Morte: I shall stay standed
The Dark Lord: *hisses*
Paladis: *hic*
Tabbitha: ye are as worthy as any
Hrothgar: *Rubs beard*
Moiraine: Might I Flame?
Jordan Jurrel: Flame..
Irvyn: *looks over to Medric and nods to him*
Pierre Vikor: You fight for the people brother Medric that is worth enough
Tabbitha: I insist ye have a voice
Medric d'Morte: *smiles*
Jordan Jurrel: There's something...
Tabbitha: please come
Paladis: *hic*
Jordan Jurrel: Something here.
Paladis: *hic*
Kain Twothumb: Yes a big pain
Hrothgar: Oi!
Flame: oh
Olk Samsca: Assassins!
Darkion: What the
Blue Velvet: o boy
Justice Forum: :)
Nomark: eeeeeh!
Lyim Rashidat: *leaps for cover!!!*
Cerys Slowtree: What!
Olk Samsca: Baron!
Irvyn: What is this ....?
Hrothgar: Crikey!!
Tussi de Luxe: yeikes!
Justice Forum: wow
Tabbitha: I shall let Sior Medric take my turn
Light: Ack
The Dark Lord: haahaahaa
Salomon Majere: ohhhhhhh
Salomon Majere: What
a watcher: I see I have your attention?
Kain Twothumb: Ive seen fireworks before
Tabbitha: :> screams
Jordan Jurrel: I'm not injured...
Flame: *looks around*
Jordan Jurrel: What was it?
Hrothgar: What the hell is this?!
Blue Velvet: wth!
Salomon Majere: What????
Tilley: a spy!!!
Irvyn: *looks over slightly open mouthed*
Hrothgar: Arrest that hooded bloke!
Flame: what was that
Kain Twothumb: So what
Edmund: Have that man arrested!
Blue Velvet: HEY we need a general!
Hrothgar: Arsonist!
Paladis: *hic*
Ultimor Slowtree: *rises brow*
Cerys Slowtree: What was that?
Pierre Vikor: *Stands close to Irvyn*
Kain Twothumb: Its the same pixie as before
Paladis: damnit now me ales warm..
Justice Forum: perhaps a warning to the nobles
Medric d'Morte: You'll have more!
Paladis: *hic*
Irvyn: Stop!
Blue Velvet: we want the purple dood!!!!!!!!!!!!
Olk Samsca: Indeed..
Salomon Majere: That was a safe place????
Amorph Mus: An Lor Xen - Invisibility
Jordan Jurrel: It didn't harm us.
Edmund: Lay down your arms!"
Jordan Jurrel: Listen to it.
Lyim Rashidat: Rel Por - Teleport
Olk Samsca: But it might possess hazardous magics as well
Tilley: arrest the spy!
Irvyn: I have seen them before .. he is not a danger.
Kain Twothumb: Perhaps
The Dark Lord: *eyes watcher*
Kain Twothumb: but mostly I think its for show
Irvyn: You will not be able to arrest him in any case.
Paladis: *hic*
Kain Twothumb: and to impress the simple ones
Cerys Slowtree: *looks at black robed man*
Lyim Rashidat: *sits, most at ease and grinning*
Edmund: *nods to Leon*
Ultimor Slowtree: look, high priest
Flame: perhas you wish to spaek watcher
Olk Samsca: Probably
Justice Forum: this is a warning
Cerys Slowtree: *nods*
a watcher: Whatever battles you fight amongst yourselves , the Ophidians are but a facet of things to come
Salomon Majere: That was not funny...
Tabbitha: DISARMplease move from door
The Dark Lord: *grins*
Tabbitha: please move back
Justice Forum: at last the watcher speaks sense
a watcher: What you decide here and now decides your fate. And your peoples'
Tabbitha: *locks doors*
Medric d'Morte: *sheaths sword*
The Dark Lord: death..
Blue Velvet: sheesh
Kain Twothumb: We have decided our lifes for years
Paladis: *hic*
a watcher: You all server your lands by your own beliefs. But serve our world now.
a watcher: The Ophidians must be stopped.
Kain Twothumb: without ya kind interfearing
Irvyn: *nods*
Paladis: *hic*
Cerys Slowtree: Ohh!
Hrothgar: Mrmm..
Tilley: wise words!
The Dark Lord: poof
Felix Kendall: Err..
Kain Twothumb: More nonsense
Blue Velvet: what the heck was that all about
Ultimor Slowtree: *blinks*
Salomon Majere: oh...
Darkion: *Looks around*
Lyim Rashidat: Bigger Fish, and all that.
Cerys Slowtree: Where are the unicorns?
Calador: Where he?
Olk Samsca: Its like those folk who kidnapped our leaders a year ago..
Kain Twothumb: Might as well listen to some pixies
Jordan Jurrel: *folds arms*
Flame: *blinks*
Jordan Jurrel: Enigmatic.
Pierre Vikor: It is not nonscense
Justice Forum: become nero fiddling whilst rome burns or join forces and force the ophids into submission
Olk Samsca: They need to be hunted down and exterminated
Felix Kendall: *tips cap and leaves*
Irvyn: Just for once, Kain, try and remember that you are supposed to be a leader?
Paladis: *hic*
Blue Velvet: we still got purple dood
Light: *puts dagger away*
Salomon Majere: We are sovereigh towns... but mus act united...
Kain Twothumb: I am a leader
Flame: *sits down*
Tilley: it's what the townsfolk have been saying!   Work together to stop the snakes!
The Dark Lord: yes humans need to nunted down..
Kain Twothumb: Not a follower like you Irvin
Flame: well
Moiraine: Actually i think you should all forget you are leaders
The Dark Lord: and sacrficed
Lyim Rashidat: *chuckles, knowing full well it was Nero who lit the fires.*
Pierre Vikor: Leader of his own mind
Justice Forum: if you are a leader then lead
Moiraine: and remember you are people
Tabbitha: *nods*
Light: *picks up pen and ink*
Blue Velvet: shush REd
Tilley: the snakes want us to bicker amonst ourselves
Jordan Jurrel: *looks to Moiraine*
Jordan Jurrel: *chuckles softly*
Cerys Slowtree: *looks*
Tilley: that way they can get a stronger foothold or tail hold
Jordan Jurrel: Flame...
Moiraine: You all so hooked on your own towns you've forgotten whats at stake
Ultimor Slowtree: *scratches beard*
Lyim Rashidat: *leans back in the chair, putting his feet up on the table*
Tilley: AMEN!
The Dark Lord: *eyes the knowledgeable one in crowd*
Kain Twothumb: Easy for ya to say.. ya want to rule all towns
Moiraine: I want to rule none
Flame: please if Lady Tabbitha would speak
santos: have a seat Lady Tussi
Olk Samsca: Then step down Baroness
Moiraine: But i want one to live in.. and others to visit
Ravida: *raises a hand*
Tussi de Luxe: Thank you
santos: *smiles*
santos: welcome
Flame: *nods*
Tabbitha: I ask Sir Medric to speak in my place if council allows
Tussi de Luxe: *smiles to Santos*
Moiraine: and ones not filled with snakes
Hrothgar: I approve..
Irvyn: Certainly.
Hrothgar: *Eyes Medric*
Irvyn: *nods*
Cerys Slowtree: *whispers* she is wise
Blue Velvet: *whispers * ya got to slap them to listen not raise hand
Jordan Jurrel: Flame...
Medric d'Morte: *nods to both*
Ultimor Slowtree: *nods*
Irvyn: *looks to Medric*
The Dark Lord: nothing wrong with snakes
Tabbitha: please Sir Medric the floor is yours
Jordan Jurrel: Would you care to make any final comments?
Flame: *looks to Jordan*
Medric d'Morte: My thanks
Jordan Jurrel: Since I think we've probably exhausted our listeners?
Jordan Jurrel: This was, after all, your idea.
Edmund: Let Sir Medric speak first.
Lyim Rashidat: Quite comfy now, I.
Jordan Jurrel: *looks to Flame and Medric*
Medric d'Morte: My lords and ladies
Lyim Rashidat: *tips his hat down below his eyes, settling in for more pandering*
Kain Twothumb: oh yes... how.. impressive
Flame: after you sir Medric
The Dark Lord: and demons..
Medric d'Morte: You know the Knighst I serve with serve the land
Tabbitha: *nods*
Moiraine: *listens to Medric*
Medric d'Morte: And the land cries need now
Irvyn: *nods at Medric's words*
Blue Velvet: why dont couple or 3 work together as leaders like a triad?
Medric d'Morte: Tis not of lands held, or lands bought in blood
Medric d'Morte: But THE land
Tilley: *cheers Medric*
Cerys Slowtree: *whispers* he is a poet
Medric d'Morte: I have serve you all, mostly, at one time or another
Medric d'Morte: You have accepted my service without oath
Medric d'Morte: or alliagence
Justice Forum: the maoris will follow flame and others to fight the ophidian hordes the rest may rot
Jordan Jurrel: *listens*
Medric d'Morte: or  debt
Tifa Lockheart: *leans back slightly*
The Dark Lord: *stretches wings*
Medric d'Morte: Now I would have you take my view, for a moment
Tussi de Luxe: *puts hat on her knees*
Blue Velvet: *shoots an arrow through the wing * :p
Lyim Rashidat: *invites himself, an easy smile, blithe, even*
Medric d'Morte: Some in the land suffer regardless of your conflicts
Kain Twothumb: *yawns*
Tilley: *nods*
Medric d'Morte: Now is the time to serve them
Tabbitha: *nods*
Tilley: *cheers*
Irvyn: *glares at Kain*
Flame: *nods*
Irvyn: *looks back to Medric*
Muldran Skully: *nods*
Irvyn: Good words, Medric.
Medric d'Morte: We need, in some way to push these serpentile invaders back
Ravida: *still keeps hand up*
Muldran Skully: From all sides?
Medric d'Morte: That is all I have ... except hope
Kain Twothumb: aint he repeating what we all know?
Medric d'Morte: *bows head*
Tilley: *cheers*
Ultimor Slowtree: *smiles*
Tabbitha: *bows*
Jordan Jurrel: Then why aren't we doing it, Twothumb?
Tabbitha: thank ye Sir Medric
Lyim Rashidat: *small grin*
Kain Twothumb: Yes we aint we Jurrel
Irvyn: *faint smirk*
Moiraine: *he's hoping you might listen.. this time i think*
Cerys Slowtree: *whispers* he is also wise!
Medric d'Morte: *steps back*
Lyim Rashidat: Because nobody is talking implementation, were all talking problems.
Kain Twothumb: could it be becuse you interfear in all of our towns
Flame: thankyou evryone
Irvyn: *looks to Flame*
Flame: it seems we have a few issues
Blue Velvet: u dun own no towns punkin
Blue Velvet: none of u do
Muldran Skully: A few?
Blue Velvet: so bleh
Muldran Skully: *goes quiet*
Lyim Rashidat: If I may?
The Dark Lord: death to the mortals...
Olk Samsca: *Eyes Lyim*
Bertrand: Thebest form defence is attack
The Dark Lord: long live the snakes
Flame: one is Kains fear that the Royalists will use the aid given to take Vesper from him
Irvyn: *rolls eyes*
Tilley: shush you forked tongue troublemaker
Blue Velvet: sheesh
Kain Twothumb: If ya say so
Tilley: *points at the dark lord*
Flame: also Hrothgars fear that Commander Jurrel will take full charge
Moiraine: *whispers*
Blue Velvet: share the command ya goofs
Jordan Jurrel: *smiles slightly*
Kain Twothumb: I dont call it fear.. I call it justfied belifs , going by what the past have proven
Cerys Slowtree: *whispers* it's Barr!
Flame: also Duke Edmunds that he is fighting on 2 frounts
Barrahir Galen: *yawns*
Ultimor Slowtree: ohh
Cerys Slowtree: *waves*
Ultimor Slowtree: *waves to Barr*
Lyim Rashidat: *dry chuckle*
Flame: well lets try to move foprward
Flame: forward
The Dark Lord: yeah...
The Dark Lord: do nothing..
Paladis: the false barons problems are easily solved
Ravida: *still hand up*
Flame: thee is only one way to defete the Ophidians
The Dark Lord: let the snakes destro them..
Hrothgar: I propose we speak no more words of anything except our plan to attack the ophidians...
Hrothgar: I'm growing tired of this..
Flame: that is to strike at Skara moongate
The Dark Lord: that will be a lesson to be learnt
Darkion: *Nosd*
Pierre Vikor: *Nods*
Lyim Rashidat: Dont you need your horns polished somewhere? Youre the embodyment of foolish.
Jordan Jurrel: *looks to hrothgar*
Flame: and work ther way down through town
Paladis: ye want all forces te move te skara?
Flame: battle plans are being drawn up
Tifa Lockheart: *mutters* Some people never learn....
Jordan Jurrel: You say we start in Skara Brae, both of you?
Cerys Slowtree: *nods to Tifa*
Flame: if we strike else where
Tabbitha: I say it too
Lyim Rashidat: Skara makes the most sense if you ask me, not like anyone has....
Tabbitha: one town at a time
The Dark Lord: *makes note*
Flame: they will reinforce
Lyim Rashidat: Its an isle, easily cleansed.
Pierre Vikor: Skara has no elected leader so no one to squabble over its rights
Salomon Majere: an agreement... at last?
Jordan Jurrel: Very well.
Darkion: *Nods*
The Dark Lord: Skara Brae...
Flame: it is them that dictate where the battles are
Olk Samsca: Trinsic has no elected leader..
Edmund: It is a crown town, I may remind you.
The Dark Lord: i'll move my forces there then..
Jordan Jurrel: Any and all of the Royal Guard should remove the Ophidians from Skara Braw.
Kain Twothumb: Nor the entire Kingdom
Moiraine: Oh shut up Edmund
Tabbitha: *glares at Edmund*
Darkion: It does not mater
Hrothgar: Who cares if its your precious crown town?
Darkion: If it is a crown town
Blue Velvet: shut up!
Darkion: It is a town in need
Paladis: that would leave vesper undefended
Hrothgar: You want it liberated or not?
Jordan Jurrel: *nods to Darkion*
Blue Velvet: get a darn leader will u
The Dark Lord: oh good..
Tilley: shhhh we had made such progress lets hear him out!
Jordan Jurrel: I do not care for its status right now.
Tabbitha: I say we elect a neutral leader with no land rights orr interest
Edmund: I have fought the ophidians in Skara Brae many a time, I will do it again.
Tabbitha: *looks at Medric*
Jordan Jurrel: Remove the Ophidians from the Island is a plan.
Lyim Rashidat: *says quietly "I -do- have ideas, you kow...."*
Blue Velvet: if red and purple wanna share whatever
Cerys Slowtree: *smiles*
Flame: we need to agree to not use mutual help to take towns from thother
Muldran Skully: I can mobilise the Shadow Court imemdiately.
Muldran Skully: *glances to Gorthyn*
Tabbitha: *raises hand*
Hrothgar: My only leader is Baron Octiovus.. i follow none other.. with all due respect lady Tabbitha..
Flame: but from the Ophidians and proceed to the next
Irvyn: *nods to Flame*
Muldran Skully: We fight until the town is totally free?
Tabbitha: I say we elect a neutral leader with no land rights orr interest
Flame: also the battle plans will be laid out
The Dark Lord: hisses
Tabbitha: such as Sir Medric
Blue Velvet: sok red you can help to
The Dark Lord: it will be a bloodbath...
Moiraine: Not leader.... co-ordinator.. to talk will all the leaders
Hrothgar: Or Lyim..
Tilley: *agrees with Tabbitha*
Darkion: What town shal be ater Skara Brae?
Flame: each leader will be given areas to fight
Lyim Rashidat: I dont exactly see why we need a leader. We have a destination, and a goal.
Flame: still in control of there forces
The Dark Lord: oh good..
Tabbitha: well what ever the title
Medric d'Morte: *looks shocked*
Jordan Jurrel: I would say if we try to organise any further...
Kain Twothumb: yes.. what good have a leader ever done..
Jordan Jurrel: Then people will squabble.
Tabbitha: None of ye here can agree to one thing
Kain Twothumb: *laughs*
Jordan Jurrel: It is like giving control.
Tabbitha: I say Sir Medric should take command
Tabbitha: and liase
Blue Velvet: no declare a truce
Tabbitha: with ye all
Jordan Jurrel: Flame, having those indepndents to... co-ordinate might be a good idea.
Lyim Rashidat: I guess Im just here for window dressing.
Blue Velvet: screw the control issues
Medric d'Morte: Erm?
Olk Samsca: Indeed Lyim
Muldran Skully: Very nice window dressing, Lyim.
Flame: *looks to Jurrel*
Muldran Skully: *winks*
Lyim Rashidat: *Tip o' the Cap!*
Ravida: *still hand up*
Tabbitha: if ye would Sir Medric
Darkion: How about we all device a plan that all leaders agree on.
Medric d'Morte: M'lady, I am just a humble Knight
Lyim Rashidat: I flew in on it.
Edmund: It is time for us to leave, the Royal Alliance will continue the fight regardless.
Flame: I shell speak with Lady Tabbitha and Madrik about it
The Dark Lord: *nods*
Jordan Jurrel: I think the only plan is to remove Ophidians from the Isle.
Moiraine: All the more reason Medric
Tabbitha: these men need a neutral person
Blue Velvet: listen poopsie i was around before tramm :P
Jordan Jurrel: With any forces we can muster.
Tabbitha: ye are a man of honor
Flame: but lastly we have to stop
Flame: fighting one another
Flame: till the Ophidians are removed
Kain Twothumb: Then stay out of the north and there will be no fighting
Tilley: *agrees with Flame*
Darkion: *Nods*
Olk Samsca: Indeed
Muldran Skully: #That... may be a tall order, Tabbtiha.
Lyim Rashidat: I was about to say, the conflicts are easily resolved...
Muldran Skully: I'm sorry, Flame.
Tabbitha: *whispers*
Tabbitha: ;
Flame: Kain take the situation to your people
Muldran Skully: The Yewish did not even deign to show up.
Muldran Skully: So they will not agree, I am sure.
Jordan Jurrel: *sighs*
Blue Velvet: who cares?
Kain Twothumb: I dont understand what ya saying Flame
Paladis: then dr
Jordan Jurrel: you could at least give them a message, diplomat.
Irvyn: *mutters to Pierre*
Lyim Rashidat: *tries to look -more- like he has some ideas?*
Darkion: What if the loyalists stay to their towns, Leave the northen alliance allone
Muldran Skully: *winces*
Flame: for those that wish to end this Ophidian invasion
Moiraine: Royal Alliance... *sighs*  pompous idiot
Paladis: then together we shall drive the ophidians inte yew
Flame: battle plans will be availible soon
Pierre Vikor: *Smiles faintly*
Jordan Jurrel: *nods to Flame*
Flame: I will ensure Lady Tabbitha has them
Paladis: sounds a good plan te me
Jordan Jurrel: Any intelligence you can gather will be a boon.
Kain Twothumb: Good for you
Jordan Jurrel: *glares to Twothumb*
Jordan Jurrel: To us all.
Irvyn: *nods*
Flame: we have already called the Bloodguard to arms this thursday
The Dark Lord: *tapd hoof*
Cerys Slowtree: *sits up*
Hrothgar: May we expect to see your King at this battle Jurrel?
Light: Lady flame kindly ensure the oracle has them as well.
Irvyn: I have endorsed the call.
Tifa Lockheart: *sighs in disbelief*
Hrothgar: Whever he is..
Jordan Jurrel: Are you trying to make a joke, Hrothgar?
Flame: and who wish to aid Sosaria in the terrible time
Hrothgar: I never joke...
Jordan Jurrel: Yes, that much is plain.
Irvyn: He has not the wit for it.
Paladis: tis true...'e's a miserable one
Hrothgar : joined the party.
Kain Twothumb: So its clear then...
Kain Twothumb: Ya will stay out of the North
Cerys Slowtree: 8whispers* we must ask Eleanor to babysit
Darkion: *Nods* I agree with that.
Flame: Kain we have to aid Sosaria
Ultimor Slowtree: *nods*
Darkion: Answer him
Flame: I agree not to take Vesper from you
Pierre Vikor: If you wish for all those in Vesper to die, then we will
Kain Twothumb: No
Ultimor Slowtree: *so we can help liberation of Skara
Kain Twothumb: Thats not good enough
Kain Twothumb: for starters
Jordan Jurrel: *sighs*
The Dark Lord: *burns another symbol into table*
Kain Twothumb: ya aint able too
Irvyn: We should fight ophidians wherever they are to be found.
Cerys Slowtree: Aye!
Kain Twothumb: Second.. ya aint going to be t here
Jordan Jurrel: We *should* fight where they are found.
Moiraine: No-one here wants to take Vesper from you....
Jordan Jurrel: But let us first remove them from Skara Brae.
Flame: *looks at Kain*
Kain Twothumb: None can either
The Dark Lord: i do
Pierre Vikor: He is like a child with a precious toy
Olk Samsca: Indeed.. because they have left
Olk Samsca: Klion is not here..
Tifa Lockheart: *leans over to cerys*
Silk: *You see a very old sage with the look of dispare written across his brow*
Irvyn: Nor are we going to try.
Olk Samsca: Edmund is not here
Jordan Jurrel: And then remove them from whatever town needs us there when we are successful.
Tabbitha: can we first agree to free Skara Brae
Ravida: *still keeping her hand up*
Olk Samsca: Even that trumped up little archer is gone
Tifa Lockheart: Let me know how htis turns out.
Tabbitha: as suggested wisely
Medric d'Morte: My Lords ...we fight for our survival, do we not?
Cerys Slowtree: *nods*
Tifa Lockheart: I have little time for these children anymore
Tilley: *cheers Medric*
Irvyn: They do not ... or will not .. understand, Medric.
Irvyn: *sighs*
Moiraine: Agreed Olk... so can we drop that line ...
Darkion: If The Loyalists stay out of the northen alliance and the promise is kept to help
Muldran Skully: We all fight because we're wanting control, more like.
Cerys Slowtree: *sighs*
Blue Velvet: you mean snot nosed brats?
Flame: the Ophidians have choosen the battle fields not I
Blue Velvet: dont  ya?
Darkion: eliminate the ophidians in vesper skara brae, appua and serpent hold
Cerys Slowtree: *waves*
Darkion: I am willing to aid
Ultimor Slowtree: i tis high politics, miss Tifa
Jordan Jurrel: *nods*
The Dark Lord: *stretches legs*
Jordan Jurrel: Let us keep the politics for one side now.
Cerys Slowtree: Aye
Kain Twothumb: Ya refuse to listen ofcourse.. just as expected
Jordan Jurrel: We know what the aim is.
The Dark Lord: *bangs head on roof*
Cerys Slowtree: These are important people
Medric d'Morte: Then if any here have honour, swear boundries until the conflict is over?
Kain Twothumb: Becuse thats what ya folks always do
Tifa Lockheart: Well then perhaps the leaders should ask thier people what they want
Kain Twothumb: Ya do what ya feel is needed
Kain Twothumb: then to hell with the rest
Blue Velvet: *enjoys the head banging*
Hrothgar: You say the snakes can use Moongates now...?
Pierre Vikor: *Nods*
Cerys Slowtree: Oh, leaders are wise, tifa
Muldran Skully: Yes, they can, Hrothgar.
Olk Samsca: Why couldn't they use them before?
The Dark Lord: they want power
Irvyn: *looks frustrated at Kain's words*
Hrothgar: I propose we setup sentries at the moongates to observe their traffick and hopefully prevent it..
Muldran Skully: Someone's taught them - or they've found something to do...
The Dark Lord: and gold...
Olk Samsca: Is there much challenge to talking into something?
Cerys Slowtree: Even if we do not understand what they are saying
Flame: Kain listen to you people
Ultimor Slowtree: *sighs* aye
Medric d'Morte: You are all at heads in the field ... call your armies there
Muldran Skully: A good idea...
Muldran Skully: I'll take it to the Shadow COurt.
Flame: they want to go home
Kain Twothumb: I lead my people Flame.. they think as I do
The Dark Lord: they are greedy and power hungry
Darkion: I agree with Hrothgar
Kain Twothumb: Ya do not know them.. so dont speak for them
Jordan Jurrel: I...
Jordan Jurrel: *scowls*
Cerys Slowtree: Well, that is because we are little people
The Dark Lord: works in my favour...
Jordan Jurrel: I think hrothgar's idea has merit.
Ultimor Slowtree: well, that is kind of weak power we saw today
Flame: I know a mothers feeling for a child
Jordan Jurrel: *looks like he has a bad taste in his mouth*
Kain Twothumb: So do I
Flame: or a familys to have a home
Irvyn: *eyes Hrothgar and nods reluctantly*
Kain Twothumb: im not without feelings
The Dark Lord: thats his tongue
Lyim Rashidat: I just might have somethign to offer...
Tifa Lockheart: They're argueing about who controls what towns, when really the ophidons have control of more than..
Lyim Rashidat: *shrugs*
Flame: and yours are not where they should be
Tifa Lockheart: each one of them
Kain Twothumb: But thats not the same as letting ya be in vEsper
Cerys Slowtree: Ohh
Tabbitha: Can we have a show of hands maybe for Hrothgars idea at least?
Blue Velvet: well u got my vote,, and ideas , purple dood and red , and if need be for ego third one
The Dark Lord: <grins>
Flame: I dont want to be in Vesper
Darkion: *Raieses hand*
The Dark Lord: and who controls the ophideans...
Kain Twothumb: Good.. then dont be there
Kain Twothumb: problem solved
The Dark Lord: haahaahaa
Blue Velvet: hasta la vista babes
Tilley: *looks at Kane* one step forward, two steps back *sigh*
Ultimor Slowtree: do you, sir?
Tifa Lockheart: That is not the problem
Hrothgar: Did everyone hear it?
Flame: I want to push the Ophidians out and onto Papua
Tabbitha: Can we have a show of hands maybe for Hrothgars idea at least?
Blue Velvet: *waves*
Paladis: Hrothgar spoke?
Kain Twothumb: Do t hat everywhere else but the north then
Ultimor Slowtree: *rises brow*
Darkion: Aye
Paladis: i nay saw 'im stand
Cerys Slowtree: *squeezes hand*
The Dark Lord: and i get to come to the meating as well..
Darkion: Everyone Listen to Hrothgars Idea.
Tabbitha: Can we have a show of hands maybe for Hrothgars idea at least?
Hrothgar: I proposed moongate sentries to observe and mayhaps prevent the traffick of the snakes..
Tabbitha: *for the third time*
The Dark Lord: and theres plnty of meat here
Darkion: *Raises hand*
Flame: please those that will aid in this battle stand
Lyim Rashidat: Its got some merit. Though doesnt stem the tide. *raises his hand nonetheless*
Medric d'Morte: *nods*
Irvyn: It sounds a prudent suggestion.
Jordan Jurrel: To clear Skara.
Jordan Jurrel: No more than that at this time.
Jordan Jurrel: *stands*
Irvyn: *raises hand and also stands*
Cerys Slowtree: 8whispers* why is that man in the hat there?
Lyim Rashidat: Somehow I doubt my hand will even be counted, but hey, I love pretending.
Paladis: *mutters*
Muldran Skully: *looks around*
Darkion: *Stands
Darkion: *Stands*
The Dark Lord: *hisses at jurrel*
Muldran Skully: Oh yes.
Pierre Vikor: I will lead Trinsic and other free people as before
Moiraine: *looks at Kain*
Tifa Lockheart: One town..
Hrothgar: *Tugs on his gloves*
Tabbitha: Kain will ye not help clear Skara?
Irvyn: It seems Vesper's intransigence knows no bounds.
Salomon Majere: Milord...
Tifa Lockheart: A lot of good that will do.
Darkion: *Leans on his Staff*
Tifa Lockheart: *mutters*
Flame: I will leave a book in Commander Jurrels office
Tabbitha: Baron ?
Flame: of some plans
Jordan Jurrel: I think he might be asleep.
Jordan Jurrel: No one can be *that* stubborn.
Kain Twothumb: No , since there is no word that they will not invade Vesper.. so therefor I wont leave Vesper
Flame: and pass information onto Meric
Jordan Jurrel: *sighs*
The Dark Lord: i hope a snake bites him..
Cerys Slowtree: *whispers* should you tell lady flame we will be with the boodguard?
Jordan Jurrel: Very well, Twotumb.
Jordan Jurrel: At least you are clear on that.
Irvyn: The ophidians already HAVE Vesper ...
Ultimor Slowtree: oh, we can just show up
Salomon Majere: Make an official statement saying Vesper will be not occupied...
Irvyn: *rolls eyes again*
Cerys Slowtree: *nods*
Darkion: Perhaps you should all give your word
Ultimor Slowtree: that should be enough
Tabbitha: No one will be able to go to Vesper if we all gather at Skara Brae
Tilley: Kain You are pitiful *sigh*  and here to think I defended vesper
The Dark Lord: mmm
Salomon Majere: give him the words...
Irvyn: that is the invasion you should be worried about.
Paladis: they dojnt 'ave vesper
Ultimor Slowtree: and we'll bring other warriors
The Dark Lord: correction..i have vesper....
Flame: Kain we wish you well in freeing Vesper
Cerys Slowtree: *whispers* I just thought maybe it might make her happier
Ravida: *still keeping her hand up*
The Dark Lord: haahaahaa
Flame: but if you fail
Lyim Rashidat: Kain has never asked for anyones help defending Vesper.
Ultimor Slowtree: *smiles* then go on
Lyim Rashidat: So hop off the high horse, its a long fall.
Flame: we will unitedly hand it back to you
Paladis: *rests awhile*
Pierre Vikor: I thought Vesper was already free
Cerys Slowtree: *whispers* you know her better
Kain Twothumb: And You will not be there at all
Tussi de Luxe: *turns head by the demonic smell*
Kain Twothumb: If i see loyalists there
Ultimor Slowtree: but maybe surprise would work better
Tabbitha: Lady Tussi wioshes to speak if she may ?
Kain Twothumb: I will blame all of you
Cerys Slowtree: *nods*
The Dark Lord: *pushes past muldran*
Muldran Skully: Oof!
Kain Twothumb: If one of ya are tehre. .all are guilty
Tussi de Luxe: ugh
Tilley: I offer my help to anyone, I have no alliances with any of you but spit in my face and you can
Cerys Slowtree: You are very wise, my that
Tilley: fall to the snakes *glares at Kain*
Jordan Jurrel: *sighs*
Ultimor Slowtree: *pinks*
Kain Twothumb: If the bloodguard is t here. I will blame Trinsic also
Lyim Rashidat: I guess I should have been nudging you, Lady Tabbitha, Ive been trying all nigh
Tifa Lockheart: And i thought they had agreed
Cerys Slowtree: *proud smile*
Flame: then liberate the town soon
Flame: and there will be no need
Moiraine: Easy to just pass blame rather than work for a solution... typical man...
Ultimor Slowtree: let us go then
Kain Twothumb: I do not need to listen to ya words to know what to do
Jordan Jurrel: Then best of luck, Twothumb.
Tilley: silly snake
Cerys Slowtree: *nods*
Lyim Rashidat: *loves power emotes to death*
Ultimor Slowtree: we know what we need to know
Kain Twothumb: Im here to prevent ya from making trouble for the north
Cerys Slowtree: Aye
Tilley: your'e easy to laugh at
Cerys Slowtree: *sighs*
Lyim Rashidat: *loves sexism more*
Kain Twothumb: Not becuse I need to learn what ot do
Lyim Rashidat: ...can we sit again?
Irvyn: No need Kain .. you make it all yourself.
Ultimor Slowtree: *sneaks out*
Irvyn: *mutters*
Tilley: *grins* we shall meet again I assure you* under a pile of dead snakes
Jordan Jurrel: I will take my leave then.
Jordan Jurrel: Although.
Flame: I think we have said all that can be said tonight
The Dark Lord: i doubt it..
Lyim Rashidat: Well, glad I came.
Tilley: *grins*
Light: Twothumbs...
Tilley: we shall see then
Jordan Jurrel: I will leave a gate open for a few moments outside, for those who want the badge of the
The Dark Lord: you'll have to get past my balrons first
Jordan Jurrel: Royal guard.
Kain Twothumb: What be it Light?
Flame: *looks to Jordan*
Jordan Jurrel: Although not that all here will want it.
Hrothgar: You post a date on this attack... and Cove will be there...
Tilley: you hide I see
Hrothgar: But for now..
Light: You do realize
Salomon Majere: I want one for the museum
Hrothgar: I'm off...
Light: If we manage to push the ophidians from Two cities
Tabbitha: thank ye Lord Medric
Tilley: you can't lead yoru snakes you have to hade behind them
Light: Where they will be going...
Flame: I thankyou all for coming
The Dark Lord: i canny be slain by a meer weapon..
Darkion: *Nosd*
Tilley: only a true leader will be out front
Darkion: I shall be of
Irvyn: Thank you.
Light: Out of skara...
Irvyn: *smiles*
The Dark Lord: the court summoned me...
Irvyn: You did your best.
Tilley: then what are you afraid of?
Light: Out of Serpents hold...
Darkion: Haven shall be there to free Skara no thursday
Paladis: still think its convenient skara is te be freed first
Flame: thankyou for your support
Kain Twothumb: Nobody knows the future light
Nomark: Skara will be ours then!
Tilley: why hide behind your minions?
Ravida: *still keeping her hand up*
Gorthyn: hmm ?
Lyim Rashidat: Skara makes good sense, being an Isle.
Irvyn: My people will be there on Thursday.
Lyim Rashidat: They have no where to flee to.
Medric d'Morte: Baron ... if you'll take no help from others
Kain Twothumb: Not even magic fluffy watchers
Flame: my thanks
Irvyn: And every other night also.
Jordan Jurrel: I will open a gate in the back of the hall for five minutes.
Medric d'Morte: I shall fight for youre town
Lyim Rashidat: Yet, multiple fronts lead to questions of logistics.
Jordan Jurrel: Thank you.
Flame: *smiles*
Kain Twothumb: *looks behind him*
Tilley: the snakes shall fall
Jordan Jurrel: Of sorts.
Irvyn: *smiles*
Jordan Jurrel: And thank you, Flame.
The Dark Lord: minions are my need until i reach full power
Tilley: and I know right where you will be
Lyim Rashidat: We cannot bring full force to bear, at any one field, due to fighting in 3 others
Light: Thank you commander.
Kain Twothumb: Fight for my town.. what are you on about?
Flame: *looks around*
The Dark Lord: more i sacrfice...
Tilley: you will never reach full power
Flame: thankyou
The Dark Lord: the court have been saying that...
Gorthyn: *puffs out his cheeks*
Amorph Mus: i would take a badge

Jordan leaves, opening a gate.