Ophidian Invasion Meeting (edited)

Meeting at the Court of Truth, Yew, Trammel - Europa - 15th August 2006, 8pm

This version is edited to contain the comments from Flame (organiser of the meeting) and the main speeches made by the leaders or representatives of various areas. Note that the editing is not intended to show any bias - but to get the central argument to work together across, as the organiser intended.
The unedited version can be found here - and is much more fun; it has plenty of interplay, arguments and counter arguments, and shows the depth (height???) of roleplay some people were willing to go to - it's definitely worth a read!
One final point - although I am hosting these dialogues, I did not organise this as an official EA event - Jordan attended to watch and interact a meeting organised by players and advertised on the forums. This meeting contributed to the overall community event currently in progress. Any other bizzare happenings were not under my direct control!

Flame: perhaps we shoud start
Flame: firstly thankyou everyone for coming
Flame: I would first like to ask
Flame: that any with weapons to put them away
Flame: this is to be a descussion only
Flame: you will not need them
Flame: that goes for everyone

Flame: we are here to descuse one thing and one thing only
Flame: the Ophidian situation
Flame: we have 4 towns now over run
Flame: and they can now use moongates
Flame: so nowhere is safe
Flame: the town of Papua
Flame: the City of Vesper
Flame: Serpents Hold
Flame: and Skara Brae

Flame: like I said earlier the internal conflicts are not for discussion here tonight

Flame: is any one here in denial that the Ophidians are a problem

Flame: we have had these taken off the bodies of the Ophidians
*Flame places a set of Ophidian Orders on the table* Flame: that from what little can be understood
Flame: that they are over streached at the moment
Flame: but it seems we must strike at there weakest point

Flame: we can only make a few markings out
Flame: it seems that from the Orders the Britain moongate was there next place to take

Flame: they have not finished there invasion

Flame: Im sure anyone who has fought them
Flame: would have seen these
Flame: they are not discriminating between cities

Chaos within the halls, as Baron Kain Twothumb of the Republic Vesper claims that Commander Jordan Jurrel is in league with the Ophidians, forcing them towards areas that shun the crown (Vesper, Serpent's Hold, Papua). Arguments erupt from both loyalists and rebels...


Flame: this is the very reason towns and citys fall
Flame: and all will fall if we continue

Flame: how will any city stand
Flame: when they are watching over there shoulder
Flame: for more conflicts

Flame: do you all wish to fight your battles
Flame: whilst the Ophidians stael you homes
Flame: regardless of what you think
Flame: untill this is over
Flame: no one will be left to think

Flame: we have tryed when they were weaker
Flame: for Royalist to clear Papua

Flame: and Free people to free Vesper
Flame: has either succedded

Flame: do you truly believe that
Flame: we cannot win this war devided
Flame: we hand them Sosaria on a plate
Flame: it wont be long before we will have no towns left
Flame: for our people to go
Flame: we will be the ones liveing in caves
Flame: whilst they walk our ruined cities

Flame: but we could say well we still did not give in to each other
Flame: we are strong

Flame: we are not here to descuss lands
Flame: we are here to save Sosaria for our childern
Flame: Britain ws to be there next target
Flame: from what we can gather
Flame: that they have intended to take britain moongate

Flame: look everyone I know you don't trust one another and with reason
Flame: but you have a greater threat than whos sitting here
Flame: you have a simple but hard choice
Flame: kill the Ophidians with a plan that will work
Flame: Or wait for them to crush you one by one

Flame: it is a choice
Flame: we know how to defet them
Flame: but alone we fail

It is suggested that a dialogue is opened with the Ophidian.


Flame: dont be a fool I or no one else can talk to them
Flame: but many have been studying them
Flame: and there plans

Flame: they stuck at Skara Brae last
Flame: thats there weakest point

More arguments - although the townsfolk listening from the stands are shouting about working together - while leaders still point out the problems


Flame: now we need to stop pointing fingers
Flame: we need to resolve the situation

There's a strange wavering, and a figure appears.

Azaire: Your bickering will be the death of your peoples. The Ophidians *will not* stop.

It vanishes again. Chaos rules the tables once more, until a voice screams...

Luke Rechardson: Jurrel! YOu speak first! Then Darkion!!

It is decided that the leaders will make short statements about what they intend to do.


Jordan Jurrel: Briefly.
Jordan Jurrel: The Ophidians are a threat.  We should all join forces to stop them.
Jordan Jurrel: I care not for what people think.  I will put an end to the invasion of Ophidians.
Jordan Jurrel: And if it fails...
Jordan Jurrel: Then those who kept to themselves will be to blame.

Darkion: I acknowladge these Snakes as a nuisance
Darkion: However from what i have been told and the conveinant cercumstances
Darkion: The loyalists Looks slightly...
Darkion: How to say..
Darkion: Look bad..
Darkion: Perhaps if proof were to be bought
Darkion: That ye had nothing to do with the Snakes
Darkion: TThat is all.

Olk Samsca: My turn?
Olk Samsca: What is the purpose.. we have heard this before
Olk Samsca: The Loyalists ask for our help when things look bad
Olk Samsca: They inevitably betrayed us before.. they shall do so again
Olk Samsca: Even the most foolish animal stops fooling for the same tricks
Olk Samsca: I am finished..

Kain Twothumb: The trackrecord of the kingdom is terrible
Kain Twothumb: Why dont we trust Jurrel and the other loyalists
r> Kain Twothumb: Minoc was invaded
Kain Twothumb: by orcs
Kain Twothumb: they pulled back the guards
Kain Twothumb: Cove was invaded
Kain Twothumb: They pulled back the guards
Kain Twothumb: Britain was invbaded... they put up reinforcements
Kain Twothumb: When we had cleared up the mess in Minoc and Cove
Kain Twothumb: they come running back
Kain Twothumb: claiming victory
Kain Twothumb: This will be the exact same thing
Kain Twothumb: They stand in the background and let us fight
Erika Twothumb: Are we supposed to ignore that thing?
Kain Twothumb: then they will sneak in when we are tired
Kain Twothumb: and grab what is rightous ours
Kain Twothumb: Jurrel have a grudge against Vesper since a long time
Kain Twothumb: Thats why he is doing these things against the north
Kain Twothumb: Since Hanse bested his champion.. he have been a changed man
Kain Twothumb: All he wants is revenge.. at all cost
Kain Twothumb: He uses Yew against Vesper
Kain Twothumb: that failed
Kain Twothumb: Now he convinces Klion to herd snakes to Vesper
Kain Twothumb: and sofar that works
Kain Twothumb: I dont see why I should listen to Jurrel at all
Kain Twothumb: Not when he tries to rule IN MY PLACE
Kain Twothumb: in Vesper
Kain Twothumb: since ya keep involving yaself in Vespers politics
Kain Twothumb: Keep to ya damn towns.. and leave us be
Kain Twothumb: But ya won't
Kain Twothumb: and thus ya prove my point
Kain Twothumb: As long as ya try to get involved with us
Kain Twothumb: and ignoring what WE want
Kain Twothumb: that is all the proof we can ask for
Kain Twothumb: Thats all I have to say right now

Muldran Skully: Me?
Muldran Skully: I don't know if I beleive someone has actively been... moving Ophidians around.
Muldran Skully: But the Shadow Court see them as a threat.
Muldran Skully: We'll go wherever we can to the most affected place.
Muldran Skully: And do what we can regardless of allegience.
Muldran Skully: I'm not good at politics./
Muldran Skully: As Kain knows.
Muldran Skully: Thank you.

Paladis: me?
Paladis: tis true theres an ophisian threat that needs te be sorted..
Paladis: what i wish te know is if all agree te fight together...
Paladis: will all be under the command o' jordan jurrel?

Some discussion, with Jordan saying he will command the Royal Guard to attack, no one else. Twothumb calls him on this, and Paladis comments on it.


Paladis: We will aid te defeat the ophidians but nay one man will control me men is all
Paladis: i am done

Hrothgar: *Rubs beard thoughtfully*
Hrothgar: While i agree heartily what Baron Kain had to say...
Hrothgar: I also agree that we do have a problem on our hands...
Hrothgar: I'll be damned if i see Cove taken by these snake bastards...
Hrothgar: Therefor...
Hrothgar: Cove shall be there to fight the ophidian threat...
Hrothgar: I'm done..

Devante Stirling: Greetings
Devante Stirling: It's obvious there are more than enough rebels to defend Vesper
Devante Stirling: our offer of help is there....
Devante Stirling: let them decide to accept it or not
Devante Stirling: i don't think they can make a good decision between them
Devante Stirling: they will argue until the Orphidians bore to death
Devante Stirling: tis all lord

Taggart: All I can say is less Talk and more action
Taggart: just start defending the towns
Bertrand: we are doomed doomed
Taggart: and beat them back
Taggart: we have to be divied to cover all the towns invaded

Edmund: I am Edmund Fairholm, for those of you who do not know me, and I fight for the King.
Edmund: This will be the first word I speak this meeting, and by counts also the last.
Edmund: During the past couple of weeks, the Royal Alliance;
Edmund: the Britnania Guards, the Guardsmen Militia, the Knights Hospitallers,
Edmund: the Regiment of Archers from Britain and the Collegium,
Edmund: have been fighting the ophidians, as well as fighting a second war in Minoc.
Edmund: As you may know, Minoc is curretnly being invaded by the Vesperians, the Covians and the Kaldorian
Edmund: This leaves us fighting a two-front war.
Edmund: I have only one plead for this Council..
Edmund: and that is for Vesper, Kaldor and Cove to lay down their arms and try not to besiege a crown t
Edmund: town.

Irvyn: no-one is asking for 'help' from Vesper ...
Irvyn: *eyes Olk and Kain*
Irvyn: neither is anyone seeking to rule over Vesper, or anywhere else either ...
Irvyn: if we do nothing, soon the ophidians will rule everywhere ...
Irvyn: It would be perfectly possible for all of us here to leave you
Irvyn: to rot in your ophidian-ravaged town
Irvyn: and concentrate on freeing the rest of the lands.
Irvyn: Instead, we seek a way in which all of us together can force this invasion back.
Irvyn: All of us need to fight .. against the ophidians, not each other.
Irvyn: That is all.

As Irvyn stopped speaking, Flame turned to address the crowd once more, but as she did, sheets of flame sprung up from the centre of the room and sprung outwards


Screaming, shouting, swearing filled the room - but people were unharmed. And there, standing in the Court of Truth was a robed figure - seemingly we'd got its attention again...


Hrothgar: Oi!
Flame: oh
Olk Samsca: Assassins!
Darkion: What the
Blue Velvet: o boy
Justice Forum: :)
Nomark: eeeeeh!
Lyim Rashidat: *leaps for cover!!!*
Cerys Slowtree: What!
Olk Samsca: Baron!
Irvyn: What is this ....?
Hrothgar: Crikey!!
Tussi de Luxe: yeikes!
Justice Forum: wow
Light: Ack
The Dark Lord: haahaahaa
Salomon Majere: ohhhhhhh
Salomon Majere: What

a watcher: I see I have your attention?
a watcher: Whatever battles you fight amongst yourselves , the Ophidians are but a facet of things to come
a watcher: What you decide here and now decides your fate. And your peoples'
a watcher: You all serve your lands by your own beliefs. But serve our world now.
a watcher: The Ophidians must be stopped.

And once more, the figure vanishes, with a lot more silence this time - but still the occasional disbelieving call.


Medric d'Morte: My lords and ladies
Medric d'Morte: You know the Knighst I serve with serve the land
Medric d'Morte: And the land cries need now
Medric d'Morte: Tis not of lands held, or lands bought in blood
Medric d'Morte: But THE land
Medric d'Morte: I have serve you all, mostly, at one time or another
Medric d'Morte: You have accepted my service without oath
Medric d'Morte: or alliagence
Medric d'Morte: or debt
Medric d'Morte: Now I would have you take my view, for a moment
Medric d'Morte: Some in the land suffer regardless of your conflicts
Medric d'Morte: Now is the time to serve them
Medric d'Morte: We need, in some way to push these serpentile invaders back
Medric d'Morte: That is all I have ... except hope

Flame then makes some final comments.


Flame: thankyou evryone
Flame: it seems we have a few issues
Flame: one is Kains fear that the Royalists will use the aid given to take Vesper from him
Flame: also Hrothgars fear that Commander Jurrel will take full charge
Flame: also Duke Edmunds that he is fighting on 2 frounts
Flame: well lets try to move forward

Flame: thee is only one way to defete the Ophidians
Flame: that is to strike at Skara moongate
Flame: and work ther way down through town
Flame: battle plans are being drawn up
Flame: if we strike else where
Flame: they will reinforce
Flame: it is them that dictate where the battles are

Flame: we need to agree to not use mutual help to take towns from each other
Flame: but from the Ophidians and proceed to the next
Flame: also the battle plans will be laid out
Flame: each leader will be given areas to fight
Flame: still in control of their forces

Flame: but lastly we have to stop
Flame: fighting one another
Flame: till the Ophidians are removed
Flame: for those that wish to end this Ophidian invasion
Flame: battle plans will be availible soon

Flame: we have already called the Bloodguard to arms this thursday
Flame: and all who wish to aid Sosaria in the terrible time
Flame: the Ophidians have choosen the battle fields not I

Flame: please those that will aid in this battle stand
Lyim Rashidat: Its got some merit. Though doesnt stem the tide. *raises his hand nonetheless*
Medric d'Morte: *nods*
Irvyn: It sounds a prudent suggestion.
Jordan Jurrel: To clear Skara.
Jordan Jurrel: No more than that at this time.
Jordan Jurrel: *stands*
Irvyn: *raises hand and also stands*
Darkion: *Stands*
Muldran Skully: Oh yes.
Pierre Vikor: I will lead Trinsic and other free people as before
Moiraine: *looks at Kain*
Tifa Lockheart: One town..
Hrothgar: *Tugs on his gloves*
Tabbitha: Kain will ye not help clear Skara?
Irvyn: It seems Vesper's intransigence knows no bounds.
Salomon Majere: Milord...
Tifa Lockheart: A lot of good that will do.
Darkion: *Leans on his Staff*
Tifa Lockheart: *mutters*
Jordan Jurrel: I think he might be asleep.
Jordan Jurrel: No one can be *that* stubborn.
Kain Twothumb: No , since there is no word that they will not invade Vesper.. so therefor I wont leave Vesper
Jordan Jurrel: *sighs*
Jordan Jurrel: Very well, Twotumb.
Jordan Jurrel: At least you are clear on that.

And so, the meeting drew to a close - some things resolved, others very much open. Some will send their forces to attempt to clear Skara Brae - and from there, the rest of the lands. But the Loyalists have a warning to stay away from Vesper.  Or else.