Elan Yudovina
With street art in Sirmione, Italy

Welcome to Elena Yudovina's home page. It is, now and (probably) forever, under construction.

I am currently a data scientist at C. H. Robinson. I was previously a systems analyst and developer at Certusoft. Before that I was at various universities.

In the fall of 2015, I was the instructor for FM 5011: Math Background for Finance I, one of the courses in the Master of Financial Mathematics program at MCFAM postdoc at the University of Minnesota Department of Mathematics.

My academic research interests are (or perhaps were) in applied probability; some queueing theory, a very little bit of compressed sensing, and also some changepoint problems in statistics. I am particularly interested in the limiting behavior of large systems. See the list of papers below.

I spent my PhD ('12) at Emmanuel College of the University of Cambridge, supervised by Frank Kelly in the Statistical Laboratory, which is part of the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics. At various other points in time, I've been affiliated with Harvard University and University of Michigan.



Frank Kelly and I have been turning lecture notes for the Cambridge Part III Stochastic Networks course into a book. On CUP website; a late-stage draft. Many thanks to the students who have contributed corrections!


And purely for the fun of it:
  • E. Yudovina and M. Collins, Principia Gishwhesia and topics in absonomal combinatorics, August 2014. A (fake) paper for GISHWHES, a scavenger hunt with a vengeance. (The goal of the item, I believe, was to lower Misha Collins's Erdős number. Mine is at most 4, so -- assuming this unpublished paper counts -- Misha's ought to be at most 5.)

Introduction to Representation Theory, by P. Etingof, O. Golberg, S. Hensel, T. Liu, A. Schwendner, D. Vaintrob, and E. Yudovina! Also on Pavel Etingof's website.
(Really written by Pavel Etingof, who generously included his six "guinea pigs" from the Clay Math program (2004) as co-authors. Unfortunately, I don't remember what most of it is about any longer.)

Lecture notes

My other interests include hiking (and backpacking), rock climbing, birds, and beginner Italian. They also used to include ice cream (that, and of course the ducks, is the reason Emmanuel is the best College), Winnie-the-Pooh (which I am now reduced to liking in less organised ways), and science fiction (see also the Cambridge counterpart). Also, Moomin. Mathematically, they include small doses of the sorts of algebraic combinatorics that my husband (Mike Chmutov) plays with. They notably do not include writing web pages.

You can contact me by emailing (my last name) at gmail.