Women & Philosophy

A collection of things relating to women in philosophy. 

APA Diversity Conference

From a talk I gave at the APA Diversity in Philosophy Conference (2013) . 

Some Graphs I've Made

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US Philosophy Degrees by Level (1993-2011)

Full spreadsheet available here

Bachelor's Degrees

Master's Degrees

Doctoral Degrees

Level Comparison

Philosophy Degrees at University of Wisconsin (1985 - 2012)

Full spreadsheet available here.

Total Degrees

Bachelor's Degrees

Doctoral Degrees

US Discipline Comparison (Bottom 7 in 2006)

Full spreadsheet available here.


Sorted by BA's

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Some Resources I Like


National Center for Education Statistics - Data Digest

University of Wisconsin Office of the Registrar - Enrollment Reports & Student Statistics

University of Wisconsin Office of the Registrar - Enrollment Reports & Student Statistics - Degrees by Diversity & Gender

Gender Ratio of Philosophy Graduate Students at Top 50 Leiter Programs

Websites & Blogposts

VanCamp, Julie (2011). Tenured/tenure-track faculty women at 98 U.S. doctoral programs in philosophy

Healy, Kieran (2003). Economics, Philosophy, and Gender
"This is a complex issue with many nuances but, to be blunt about it, there’s a lot of good sociological research showing that essentialist explanations for occupational segregation are very weak. I don’t even have to read the comments section on Matt’s weblog to predict that, soon, people will be making confident assertions that women don’t go into analytic philosophy because it’s so tough and logic-oriented and they don’t like that, and by nature they don’t like all the arguing and nit-picking and so on."

Healy, Kieran (2007). Women in US Philosophy Departments

Healy, Kieran (2011). Gender Divides in Philosophy and Other Disciplines

De Lange, C. (2013). Spot the sexist in you : Nature Jobs Blog. Nature Jobs

A great series on women in philosophy in the New York Times! (2013) 

Articles & Books


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