Elena Nikolova

I am an experienced economic, social and gender consultant based in Mauritius/Bulgaria, with experience in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. I'm currently a team leader/consultant at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (leading the Bank's work on gender gaps in infrastructure and digital infrastructure). I have conducted policy work for the EBRD, World Bank, IMF, Council of Europe Development Bank, UNDP and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and I'm on the expert roster for FAO (gender economics) and IMF (capacity development). My work has covered Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa, and I'm fluent in English, Bulgarian, Russian and Italian, and have a working knowledge of French.

I'm also an honorary research fellow at UCL. Previously, I was an Assistant Professor in Economics at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies at University College London, and an economist at the EBRD in London, where I was also head investigator for the EBRD-World Bank Life in Transition Survey.

I am affiliated with the Central European Labour Studies Institute in Slovakia (as a research fellow) and with the Leibniz-Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS) Regensburg in Germany (as an associated researcher). I am a Fellow of the Global Labor Organization. I received my PhD from Princeton University in 2011, and my undergraduate degree from Gettysburg College in the US. Before grad school, I was an associate at Charles River Associates in Washington, DC, working on competition economics. I have published widely on gender economics, labor, social and economic development, entrepreneurship, political economy, economic history, comparative politics and democratization, and the politics and economics of development and transition.