Poetry ( Eng.)

(editing of english translation by Maria Kontaxis)                                         

*   *   *

In eternal space

Don't hide treasures of the soul,

Because love as crystal drops

And swans carry it for console;

Please find me now

White birdie, angel's gleam,

You'll make alive the mystery

Part of my dream.

You fly to the light,my bird

On sunrise, the brook is playing well,

The drops of happiness lay to pass

To the consolation, this is loyalties bell.

This strange world

Can lose genuine love

Don't cut off a primrose

Which is pure cover for the earth ;

My tender soul

Seeking out the beauty's ray,

All eternal, that you have leave alone

Swans carrying away .



* * *

We flew over the fiery paradise,

And discovered a holiness of life;

We are flying without touching the ground,

Leaving behind the mystery of mind;

I don't know where my hope is coming from,

And how long it might stay it's my deep wish to survive;

I don't know when it will disappear,

And without sad marks in my heart with trust revive.

I'm already awake for the rest,

And to live in this happiness till the end;

Only the world could award us with love,

Will not fade away will not change.

Let the moon warm our dreams,

And the teardrops will go away with the sunlight ;

Let the rain clean all the haziness,

And to fight over drought and sorrow;

I can see the warm waves of the ocean,

Softly covering us with feelings of joy and delight.

Since our eyes have been opened once

And it would be unlikely to close them tomorrow.


*   *   *
Rainbow's stream of thoughts,

Drawing joy to the world,

I am starting a new day with the sun;

Breath of warm wind to my face,

Touching my soul again

An Era inspiring my mind today.

Like a flamingo at sunrise – colourful dream,

It will send the vision on the wings,

Reflecting kindness for,

All hearts around.

Days hiding in roaming night,

I light the fire inside,

Twilights of flickering sparks appear

I feel the natural grace

Music surrounds my place,

All 'round turns in to sound – and we're flying up.



I came as moonlight in my hands to treat you with

And only bad dreams to blind fate will be released.

The ray of sunrise will arouse all colours there

And will paint all that you are unable to say. 

Reverie will come true in life where we'll be together

And the ocean sings a blissful song that utters "you and me".

(12. 2008)