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^May 2017^

Absolutely The Most 
"Wow" Relaxation

Texas Licensed Massage Therapist #MT003927
Authentic, Ethical, Professional, Experienced, Quality
*Confident & Gifted Hands*
**I adhere to the rules & code of ethics set by the Texas massage licensing board**

Have Table 
Will Travel
^Labor Day Week 2019^


  When  asked to describe my massage I usually begin by letting  people know  I've been practicing massage for 30 years. Also, I'm very clear in communicating (via text messages) that I am a licensed professional therapist.

  Often I am told  the pressure feels somewhat deep although at the same time relaxing ( disclosure: I'm not the deepest massage therapist ever, but I can tell you from experience I  massage deeper than most therapist).  The other thing I hear a lot is that it feels like a cozy, warming massage. 


Generally I  start off  by applying a certified  high quality  Arnica oil brand. My standards in the oils &  lotions is high  because of the exposure I get from constant usage -  believe me it's worth the extra cost.  Arnica oil is a natural remedy for sprains, bruises, wounds & inflammation. This treatment is  beneficial  to golfers and other athletes as well as those who experience chronic muscle pain. 

        About 5 minutes into the massage, when the body can comfortably take more pressure,  I begin to gradually go deeper into the muscles. Rather than just one pure style, I have crafted my massage to apply the best techniques to different parts of the body.  Most clients tend to appreciate the various leg stretching I perform (no up-charge). One other thing,  I truly feel that massage has a higher effectiveness  toward healing physical &  mental stress when  followed by deep sleep, hence, my preference for working at the end of the day/evenings. 

        Towards the end of the session it becomes more of a softer, nurturing touch.  At this point your mind will probably go into the "alpha state of mind" which is the most relaxing state of  mind.  And you won't  feel rushed because I'm  ALL  about relaxation &  quality!

***You'll go into the Zone***

^August 2019^ 

Repair Your BODY & MIND  Through Deep


...And The Healing Has Begun 

^Christmas 2019^

"Over 10,000 hours of practice makes the difference between being good enough and world class"

A non-pharmacological approach to well-being
    * Re-establishes Homeostasis
Decompress & Quietude
* Deep Physiological Relief
^An Open Heart -  May 2019^

"Okay, you're very detailed and professional about these exercises. Can I save your number for future appointments, and or questions after this epidemic passes?" Text 4/4/2020 
"Thank you for a great massage. I also enjoyed talking to you. Very smart lady." Text 3/2020 
"THANK U SOOO MUCH AGAIN!!!!!!" Text 1/4/2020
"Thank you!! Enjoyed the massage, felt much better this morning.  Will absolutely reach out to you again"  Text 11/26/2019 
"Thanks again....Better than a chiropractor!" Text 6/19/2019
"Arrrr, that was a good massage yesterday, thank you Elena !!!-S" Email 5/26/2019 
"Thanks for the massage. 4 out of 4 stars. My back is feeling much better. I would recommend you to anyone for a relaxing massage. The additional leg and back stretches are the added benefit that I needed. Thanks again."  Text 5/18/2019
"Thank you so much. And the massage was awesome" Text 4/22/2019
"Thank you for the awesome massage. Great way to end a long day! I appreciate you coming to me! The massage was super! :)" Text 1/23/2019
"Thank you for the massage it was great :)" Text 11/14/2018
Gif Text 11/11/2018
"Thank you!  It was a great massage and your really cool" Text 10/29/2018
"Thanks for the fabulous massage :)" Text 9/17/18
"Thank you.  Very relaxed right now" Text 8/21/18
"You were amazing!!! Thanks again!" Text 8/11/2018
"Thanks!  Good night. See you again sooner this time" Text 8/1/2018 
"Thank you again.  My neck, shoulder, and low back says thanks as well. I am so relaxed that I will probably be asleep in less than 10 minutes.  Have a good rest of the night!" Text  5/4/2018
"Thank you Callen Elena for the perfect massage to end my birthday! If you’re looking for a relaxing massage, Elana’s Excellent Massage truly is EXCELLENT! She is a sponsor for the Miss Texas Organization and is so kind!!"  Facebook post from Margana Wood, Miss Texas 2017 - 2018, May 1, 2018
"Wonderful music!!"
  "Loved it..."  
(3) Text 4/19/2018
"One word describes Elena's massage: AMAZING!!! She is professional, has an wonderful personality and even looks likes her pictures!   Thank you once again!  From a chronic back pain sufferer." Text 3/1/2018 
"The massage was great an I cannot believe your balance to walk on my back like that!" Text 2/26/2018
"I booked Elena for a Valentine's Day massage for my wife, and not only did she come to me but she was on time, polite and professional. My wife enjoyed it and I really appreciate her taking care of her." Text 2/14/2018

"For my first massage in my life I was very nervous but you made me feel  comfortable and relaxed" Text 1/13/2018
"Massage was great." Text 12/19/2017
"Good Massage!  THANK U E!" Text 11/25/2017
"Loved the massage.   Thank you"  Text 11/15/2017
"Ok - thanks for the great massage
 Almost tempted to get one more" Text 11/8/2017

"Thank You for the great massage. I am feeling great today :)  Text 10/18/2017
"Zzzzzz.... Thanks." Text 10/15/2017
"Incredible massage. Especially with my feet, my favorite part. Loosened up my shoulders, stretched me out and relaxed my whole body. Truly amazing
BTW, my feet still feel GREAT!" Text 10/10/2017
"The best massage that I have ever had. She brought her own table, oils and made sure everything was perfect before starting. There wasn't any rush and didn't start until the time she actually started. She made sure to know where I was hurting before starting and paid attention to those spots. I highly recommend her and will be calling her in the future." Text 9/26/2017 
"Thanks for coming, pleasure seeing u" Text 9/17/2017

"...Thank you! Feeling better today and looking forward to next time." Text 8/2/17
"...You rock!" Text 7/30/17

"...Thanks so much for the fantastic massage!" Text 6/30/2017

"Your reviews are great. Let me know if you have anything open up tonight. Have a great night, Elena!" Text 6/24/17

  "Thank you. Great website by the way. Have a good evening!" 
Text 5/23/17
"...You did a wonderful job and I enjoyed the visit as well. And I slept better than I 
have in some time...." Text 2/21/17
"Ahh good massage!" Text 2/20/17
"Great job this afternoon. Feeling loose 
and :)" Text 1/14/17

"Thank you again.  I am always impressed with the improvement in my range of  motion when you're finished" Text  11/26/16 

"That was the best massage I've had in a very long time; simply beautiful!"  Text 11/5/16

"Very relaxed, the massage was great!" Text 10/25/2016

"Thanks again, will sleep well tonight" 
Text 8/15/16

"I've worked with Elena several times and as a fellow massage therapist, I've observed her advanced techniques on her clients and her attention to detail...I love the leg stretches she includes in her massages."  8/14/16   Krystle M , LMT

"Wow, that was the best call all weekend. Thank you Elena for that  incredible massage tonight. Being in the profession for 28 years I have had hundreds of massages and yours is right up there with the best. You have great use of your body in the way your able to leverage and stretch my body. Your deep tissue work really helped work those trigger points I developed playing golf today. I hope to see you again some day. Thanks again, Dr. Doug from NY..." (Chiropractor & owner of a wellness clinic),  Text, 7/30/16

"Thanks again for the quick response-fantastic massage! Will for sure get in touch when I am back in town-take care-" Text, 7/26/16

"You was awesome thank you" Text, 7/15/16

"...I was very impressed by your ad and the fact that you have your own table..."  Text, 7/5/16

"Thanks it was a good one" Text,  5/23/16

"Awesome massage very relaxing" Text, 5/19/16

"Thanks again Elena!" Text,  5/9/16

"I enjoyed seeing you, sorry you had to go....III reach out again soon:)" Text, 4/18/16

 "Thanks again! :)"  Text, 4/13/16

"Thank you again for the massage. That was amazing! Much better than my usual therapist, but don't tell her that.  :)"  Text, 3/2/16

"Feel great today! You are awesome. Will call again when back in town." Text, 1/14/16

"My back feels so much better already!! Thank you so much!!"  Text,  12/16/15
 "Thank you for the amazing massage!" Text, 7/23/15
"Thank you Elena for the best massage I have ever had. It was incredibly  relaxing and I feel ready to take on the world.  You have renewed my sore muscles re-energized  my mind. Thank you thank you thank you."   Text, 6/12/15 
Miss Texas 2014   
Monique Evans 
"Hello Elena I wanted to thank you for the massage last night. I slept so good afterwards!!"  Text, 6/10/15

I love your smile." Text, 6/5/15

"Thanks for the great massage." Text,  5/17/15

"You were wonderful !" Text,  3/8/15

"Loved the massage last night." Text, 3/3/15

"Thanks for a nice relaxing evening. Already looking forward to seeing you next time." Text,  2/11/15

"Thank you.  If you want to do another half hour now. I think that would be nice."  Text,  11/16/14

"Guess i should have got the hour and a half...lol"  Text, 11/13/14

"Hey, just letting you know I slept like a baby last night. Obviously I have a lot of stress going on so that really helped. Thanks, and see you Tuesday  at 10:00."  Text,  11/1/14

"Love it. When I'm back I will call."  Text,  9/23/14

"Thanks for the warm smile on your site :)"   Text,  8/9/14

"Thank again! Your Great!"   Text,  8/4/14

"Thank u so much again very lovely lady"  Text,   6/9/14

"My name is Sunday (yes, it's my real name).  I highly recommend Elena's body massage.  After a bad  fall  & sustaining a serious injury it was difficult for me to do much bending, after getting Elena's massage , I could actually touch my toes again".   Sunday A,  Dallas, TX  Text,  4/23/14

 "Elena, thanks again. Your massages are incredible....What an awesome person you are!!! Thank you. I will touch base tomorrow when I know how my evening is going to be. Have a great night! "  Text,  4/5/14

"You were awesome. I will sleep like a baby. Thank you!  See you next time!" Text, 9/25/13

"Thanks again! I feel awesome!"  Text, 2/13/13

"...THANK YOU for awesome, an amazing massage. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Talk to you soon...Good night..."  Text,  November 2012

"Elena has helped fill in for me with the Dallas Burns (now FC Dallas), chair massage at the Side Kicks indoor soccer games, and well known families around Dallas when I was traveling" - Gary Fineske,  Former  Sports Massage Therapist with the Dallas Mavericks,  14 seasons

"Elena's massages are quieting
to the body and spirit"  - Phil P, massage school classmate

 (Email from SEPT.15, 2008) 
To all those professional business guys & gals, surrounded by sharks;  
Masseuse Elena Callen (excellentmassage.net) is, in my opinion, quite simply the best massage therapist (Texas licensed RMT) working in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  The quality of her work exceeds that of spas in resort destinations such as Hot Springs, Arkansas, that I have experienced. 
While Elena's is not a carriage trade operation, she does cater to a higher standard, more discerning male and female clientele.  Visiting business class travelers, with limited time to devote to personal pursuits, will appreciate Elena's prompt, out call service, and high ethical, professional standards. 
The occasions I have booked out call sessions with Elena, she has arrived on time, set up in short order, transforming my location into a serene, peaceful setting, with a spa like feel.  All this is accomplished with her use of high quality custom and self created lotions, comfortable table, fresh washed and air dried linens, and a special ambiance she creates, incorporating the room's appointments.  
Elena's select in call clients will appreciate her Victorian era salon, conveniently located near the Dallas business district.  It is tastefully, and eclectically appointed with collections from her travels and experiences.  Elena's salon is designed with her preferred in call clent's comfort the foremost consideration.  Every detail is considered in creating an oasis where the client can take a break from daily mundane routine.  Sessions will not be interrupted by phone or text messages, and the client will not feel "rushed." 
Elena's professional ethics - she is a competently trained and Texas licensed RMT - are beyond reproach.  Her clients health and well being are among her primary goals.  All attention during sessions is devoted to the client.  Elena has always made me feel comfortable at my location, and most welcome and at home at her salon.  Elena is courteous, thoughtful and caring.  
The one priceless added benefit of a session is the pleasure of Elena's company.  I was quickly taken with her charm and personality.  Elena is well read, informed and can carry a conversation, yet is not chatty.  Elena knows the value of a professional's time and comfort, and is attuned to the individual expectations of her clientele; when conversation is appropriate, and those precious moments when silence is golden. 
As a visiting business man or woman, who appreciates the lost art of quality professionalism, you will be more than pleased with a professional, ethically oriented, highly skilled massage by Elena. 

Hotel Guest Service

Rate based
 on location & time of night
Valet parking to be covered by client if fee is abnormally higher than standard parking rates. 


 All  Things  Natural & Healthy

  30 pound weight loss in 6 months thanks to cold pressed juicing  

 Zaftig me 
^May 2016^
 Not so much zaftigness going on here
^Dec. 2016^

 Zaftig days long gone now 
^May 2017^

Aromatherapy  to enhance your sense of  well being
Everybody loves my oils!
^March 2017^

"How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterwards"
(Spanish proverb)

^September 2016^

"Mindfully Present"
Body Worker

Former Official 
Miss Texas
2015 - 2016
2016 - 2017
2017 - 2018
2018 - 2019

Enhance Your 

Well - Being

  Massage Education:
Wellness Skills, Inc., Dallas, Texas
Sebastian Kneipp Schule, Bad Worishofen, Germany   http://kneippschule.de  

Higher standards

are always worth it!

Outcall Massage Experience:
Dallas, Texas
The Hamptons, New York

My Excellent Massage Journey into holistic body work began when my best friend's father, a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, would explain how chiropractic was effective in
treating almost any condition. Fascinating stuff!
Years later I noticed an accredited massage school popped up in my Dallas neighborhood (area now known as Uptown; however, no longer at that location). This I saw as my opportunity in establishing baseline knowledge towards holistic health practices. I didn't really have any big plans on actually becoming a massage therapist, it was basically an educational hobby. During this time as well I was getting massages semi-regularly, from different therapist, as some prescribed drugs I was taking made me feel far worse than the actual condition. Massage therapy seemed far less complicated.    
After taking all the courses the Dallas school had to offer I immediately signed up to attend a internationally renowned German massage school for additional training in hydrotherapy. Conveniently the school in Germany also happened to be less than an hour train ride from my "Oma's haus" who lived in Augsburg (Augsburg is the city were I was born and lived there off  & on while growing up). Talk about synchronicity!
Upon coming back to my home in Texas my next step was completing the Texas Massage Therapy Licensing exam. 
A year after acquiring my license I thought I'd give massage a try. Now, 25 +  years later, I'm still going strong (more so now than ever ) and always seem to be learning something new.
Here I am, and yes, I absolutely love what I do!  Plus, at the end of the day, I know am making a difference in the quality of peoples' lives.      

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