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Refer to the documentation on the files page (tutorials, schematics, board layouts, source code, datasheets, etc) to answer the following questions.

1. Briefly explain the how to drive a dot matrix LCD display using time multiplexing. Draw the waveforms necessary to generate a checkerboard pattern on a 4x4 display.

2. Examine LCD_2010.pde. How does the program address an individual pixel? This program is designed to address a dot matrix display, but the commercial display provided with the kits is a 16-segment display. (Note: You will only be able to address 2 digits with the shield.) How would you modify the code to make it easier to use this display? Optional: modify the code to display alphanumeric information.

3. What function do the resistors serve?  How important is the value of the resistor?

4. Explain why LCDs use a biphasic waveform for driving.  What would happen if you used a single polarity to drive the LCD?

Assembly Instructions

LCD fabricated in CEPSR Clean Room

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