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elcome to the website that links you to free (or low cost) web resources for elementary teachers and their students.  Check the Navigation section to the left for links to websites that will make science fun for your students. The Sitemap lists all the pages.  I hope you enjoy your visit here at Elementary Science Weblinks.

How to use this site: the sidebar on the left provides easy access to the resources here.  The Grade Level Links sidebar has links to activities and games you can easily use in your classroom.  Click on a Classroom Resources link for homework and research/in-class project help.  Games and such are just that.  The Teacher Resources links provide more in-depth sources of information, many of which come from the Activities and Games links above.

Very Cool Teacher Resources

Here are some great resources that will help teachers do their job better!  Check out more on the Teacher Resources sidebar.

Teacher Tube - This site, in partnership with Pearson Education, contains many science and demonstration videos as well as documents, lesson plans, and much more.  Check it out!

Promethean Planet - Even if you don't use interactive whiteboard technology, their software coupled with a regular whiteboard and computer/projector will make your lessons sparkle.  You can even produce interactive flipcharts that students can manipulate themselves on your classroom computer.  Get on the Planet!

Google Sites - Want to construct your own website?  Google lets you make them for free (this site was made with Google Sites).  You don't even need to know how to code - just pick your template and go.  You need to sign up for a free Google account to get started.  If you would like to see a Google website I have set up for my classroom use, click here.

Scholastic - If you aren't comfortable being creative and designing your own site with Google, try Scholastic.  Much of the site construction is point and click.  This site makes it easy to share photos, activities and events with parents and students.  There are also many school-related links and projects for students.

MyGradebook - From the makers of GradeMachine, this is one site that is not necessarily low-cost but well worth the money.  Not only can teachers input grades, students and parents can access grade information at  home, teachers can make and administer online quizzes that import straight into their grade book.  Other features include links to homework help, the ability to send a mass email to parents, keeping attendance (including seating charts), and to get a discount teachers can join as a group.  I highly recommend this site.

Engrade - For teachers on a cost-saving budget, Engrade is a free gradebook website that allows teachers to input grades and allow student internet access to their grades.  Students can email teachers if they choose.  It doesn't have as many features as MyGradebook, but is a good site for the budget-conscious teacher.  It has online attendance, calendar, secure messaging and progress report features.

Quizlet - This website is absolutely AWESOME!  Make your own flashcard sets and practice quizzes your classes to use as study guides.

Cool Technology

Wordle - Create word clouds with this site

Spell with Flickr - Make cool logos for your website

Big Huge Labs - Online image editing including a free educator account

Dream Avatar - Make custom avatar logos

Contact Info

If you like what you see here, please email me with comments and suggestions.  I don't know all of the web resources available, so I  appreciate your input.  Let me know if you would like to see something included here.

Email me at jrparish831@hotmail.com

Science Standards and Associations

The California Department of Education provides Content Standards and Frameworks for a guide to teaching appropriate science content and help in selecting instructional materials.  Click the links below to get to their website.

California standards don't necessarily correlate with other state standards by grade level, but I would think that you will be able to find many similarities between states and will find applicable and useful resources here on Elementary Science Weblinks.

California Dept. of Education Website
CA Science Content Standards

    CA Science Curriculum Framework

National Science Standards

Science Teacher Associations

California Science Teachers Association

National Science Teachers Association

The Daily Galaxy - Science News

Einstein Quote of the Day

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Nature of Science

Having a love of science is great, but students (and teachers) need to understand the basic nature and methodoligies of science.  Here are a few websites that will help you understand science better.
Understading Science: How Science Really Works

The WHY Files - Find out the science behind the news!

Discovery Channel News - Get great science news from Discovery.com

HowStuffWorks - Find out the truth behind how things really work.

MythBusters - Explore the debunking of popular myths by these Discovery Channel geniuses.

Fact or Fiction

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