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On this site you will find some resources for incorporating technology in your classroom and improving literacy instruction.
 I have also included literacy sites for instruction.

Teachers, please check out the Resources for Students page for more interactive web tools, games, and activities to use in your classroom. Many of the sites for kids have a teacher tab.

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100 Best Sites
While this site is intended for homeschooling, this comprehensive lists gives educators numerous educational sites that can be used interactively for extra practice and with instruction.

ALA Sites for Kids
This list of sites from the American Library Association will help teachers find appropriate sites to visit in the classroom for various subject and grade levels.

Mrs. Waltke's Web
Mrs. Waltke has created a site with wonderful links to provide extra practice with the Scott Foresman Reading Series. Resources are included for every grade level and numerous reading skills. 

Mrs. Lewis's Cyber Classroom
Mrs. Lewis has also created a site with Scott Foresman Reading Street resources, such as computer labs, and online games for each grade level. Check out the great games for each grade and reading skill.

This site provides numerous tips for parents and teachers to help encourage students to read and develop a love for reading.
•    Book resources, lessons, reviews, and recommendations for teachers, parents, principals, librarians and professionals
•    Author interviews, recommendations and reviews
•    ABCs of teaching reading
•    Classroom reading strategies
•    Recommendations for struggling readers
•    Videos and podcasts
•    Reading guides
•    Reading resources
•    Site links and lists of reading research

Born Learning
This site is designed to help teachers and parents turn everyday activities into learning experiences through suggested activities, public places, traveling, games and more!

Teachers can use this free resource to make fun games, flashcards, and quizzes for the students to use at school and at home!

On this site, teachers can search for webquests to use with instruction in the computer lab,  at home, or on classroom computers, iPads, or on an interactive whiteboard.  Teachers can search for webquests by subject or create their own.

Primary Games
Teachers can search the curriculum guide to find free educational games to use with Reading and other subjects to use in the classroom on the SMART Board. The guide is broken up into four areas:
Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.

Literature Circle Instruction
If you want to see kids get excited about reading, let them choose their own books and talk about them in groups. That's the basic idea behind Literature Circles. Learn more about using Literature Circles and explore resources for your classroom on this site.

Laura Candler's Teacher Resource Page for Literature Circles
•    Sites to help teachers recommend and find books
•    Printables,models, and management ideas for literature circles
•    Book list of professional resources for implementing literature circles

TumbleBooks & Tumble Readables
This site hosts two pages teachers may want to use and display for reading on the SMART Board.
TumbleBooks (e-books for kids) are animated, talking picture books which teach kids the joy of reading in a format they'll love. They are created by taking existing picture books, adding animation, sounds, music and narration to produce an electronic picture book (and some classics) which you can read, or have read to you.

Read-along books are great for early or shy readers. Tumble Readables is a collection that features over 120 read-along books for children, middle schoolers, teens, and adults including classics and even Shakespeare.

The books will highlight sentences as they are being read, turn the page automatically, and offer three different text sizes. 

Google Lit Trips
This amazing Google tool supports comprehension of great literature by adding Google Earth visual geography and background knowledge to books ranging from young children to adult. Download Google Earth to get started!

Oxford Owl
his site provides a huge library of free eBooks for children. Early phonics books through chapter books support readers of all ages and ability levels.

The Story Home
A site that provides original and classic children’s audio stories for free. Find classic, originals, podcasts, featured authors, holiday stories, animal stories, storytelling tips and more on this fun filled site.

Listen to online children’s stories such as Arthur, Curious George and other classic stories. Foreign language stories and multicultural stories are forthcoming. A feature to record your own story is available. Story guides and worksheets are included for teachers to use. Parents can download guides and resources for them to use with their children.

Mrs. P
Kids can listen in as Mrs. P (played by Kathy Kinney) reads aloud classic children's stories. The site also contains interactive games and activities. Requires a high-speed Internet connection.

Read Classic Books for Kids
Students can choose to read some of the classics digitally for free online!
Students can view classic books, find book lists related to U.S. history, or read the online story.

International Children's Digital Library
There are hundreds of books from around the world in twenty-nine languages for free!
Students can simply read books by selecting their age & language to get started!

Inkless Tales
Young Children will enjoy this site. It has stories, crafts, games, and poetry.

Into the Book
This site helps elementary students use learning strategies in reading, the arts, and across the curriculum. Strategies include prior knowledge, making connections, questioning, visualizing, inferring, summarizing, evaluating, synthesizing and using strategies together.
  • Download songs, posters, bookmarks
  • Explore strategies
  • Get ideas for your classroom
Scholastic Books Teacher's Tab
•    Recommended books for teachers, book clubs, classroom, and instruction
•    Student-recommended books
•    Kid reading message boards
•    Student Interactive Reading Activities & Learning by subject & Grade Level
•    Blog for Teachers
•    Teacher-recommended books and resources

Reading List & Lessons
Loveland has posted a long list of book titles alphabetically with short summaries, extensions activities, lesson plans, technology lessons and teacher guides. It would be very helpful for reading instruction and guided reading lesson plans.

IXL's math skills are aligned to the 2010 Common Core State Standards and the 2003 Ohio Academic Content Standards, providing comprehensive preparation for the Ohio Achievement Assessment. With IXL's state standards alignments, you can easily find unlimited practice problems specifically tailored to each required standard.

Walshly Resources
This teacher has posted Reading posters (genre & reading questions), as well as resources for elements of a story, literary terms and questions for reading before, during and after.
Library of Congress
The Library of Congress offers classroom materials, book lists, and professional development to help teachers effectively use primary sources from the Library's vast digital collections in their teaching.
Find classroom resources that meet standards.

Mrs. McGowan
This teacher has so many helpful online resources for teachers, parents, and visitors. Her site includes internet projects and activities. Click on Reading & Writing for many helpful sites & resources.

TeacherLINK, an online teacher resource for educators and students, is provided as a free public service by Utah State University's Adele and Dale Young Education Technology Center (the YETC) and Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services.
Free resources, lessons, posters, worksheets and more.

Teacher's Guide
This site has lessons plans, themes, book activities, whiteboard resources, interactive sites, virtual field trips, and more teacher resources.

EEK! pages for teachers are designed to help you help your students use the EEK! - Environmental Education for Kids! Web site. EEK! is an electronic magazine for kids in grades 4-8 and is brought to you by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Discovery Education
This site created by the Discovery Channel allows teachers and students to explore videos, lessons, digital curriculum and more related to Health, Science, Math, English, Social Studies & Technology.

National Geographic Education
This site has teacher resources, activities & projects, reference & news, multimedia, maps & more to enhance your curriculum.

Children's Literature Web Guide
This teacher site includes Internet links related to books for children and young adults. The site includes discussion boards, reference links for book awards, bestsellers, and teaching ideas.  You can also find a list of links including authors on the web, stories on the web, readers' theatre, recommended books, book reviews and teacher resources.

Bullies in Books
Bucket-Filling/ Bully Book Resource Page
Find books and resources specific to bullying and certain behaviors to accompany your class meetings and our Olweus program.

Sites with Book Lists and Book Reviews for Choosing Quality Literature

Sturgeon R-V School District Website: Guided Reading Resource Site
    •    Online texts, sites with lesson plans and resources to use with guided reading
    •    Book titles listed specific to reading skills
    •    Online stories/texts

Fountas & Pinnell's Blog
Resources for reading intervention, teaching guided reading, leveled books, & K-12 professional development.
    •    Recommendations for using leveled books
    •    Recommendations for books and strategies to implement in guided reading
    •    Recommendations/Explanation for using guided reading to differentiate
    •    Sites for finding lists of books and leveled books
    •    Links to suggested practices and literacy instruction strategies
    •    Blog for best practices in literacy

The Daily Cafe
Read weekly tips, find helpful links, here from other teachers, and learn more about the Daily Five for guided reading in your classroom.

Booklist for Comprehension
This site lists reading skills and a bibliography to help teach each reading strategy.

Reading A-Z
Reading A-Z offers thousands of printable teacher materials to teach leveled reading, phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, reading fluency, alphabet, and vocabulary. The teaching resources include professionally developed downloadable leveled books, lesson plans, worksheets, and reading assessments.

An Internet Hotlist on Web 2.0
On this page, you can find a very extensive list of more Web 2.0 tools to use in the classroom for interactive learning.

This site is idea for making announcements, keeping notes, and things you can do with Post-its but now on a virtual wall.

Edmodo is a free and secure social learning network for teachers, students and schools. It provides classrooms a safe and easy way to connect and collaborate, offering a real-time platform to exchange ideas, share content, access homework, grades and school notices.

This site may be helpful in teachers sharing and teaching each other. On this site, you can take a picture or make a short video of what you see on your computer monitor, share it instantly via web, email, blog, etc. and it's simple and FREE!

Screenr's web-based screen recorder also allows you to capture your screen & voice and share the link.  Teach others your tricks with Notebook, PowerPoint, web 2.0 tools, etc with just a click.

Similar to GarageBand this site allows you to easily make audio recordings for lessons, Notebook files, presentations, etc.

Teacher Tube
If you haven't already, check out Teacher Tube to find great educational videos to share with you students. Most school servers do not block Teacher Tube.

Kidblog is designed for elementary and middle school teachers who want to provide each student with an individual blog. It is both safe and simple. Students can publish posts and participate in discussions within a secure classroom blogging community. Teachers maintain complete control over student blogs.

As you are searching for resources and reading educational blogs and sites you can really improve your productivity. Diigo is two services in one-- it is a research and collaborative research tool on the one hand, and a knowledge-sharing community and social content site on the other.
You can collect and organize anything- bookmarks, highlights, notes, screenshots, pictures, docs, audio, etc.

Survey Monkey
Use this easy online survey tool with teachers, parents or even your students. You can even do a 10 question survey and analyze results for free!

If you are looking for a fun site to edit your digital photos for a classroom lesson, an end-of-year highlight movie, a classroom wiki or site or even for at home, Picnik provides many free features to add fun elements and easy editing for your digital photos.

The Literacy Debate
In this New York Times article, Motoko Rich examines the future of reading and how literacy has changed for young readers today. 
Teachers may find this debate interesting. 21st century literacy trends are something to consider for future instruction.

Using Technology is becoming more and more important in the 21st century classroom.

Twenty-First Century Learners
Teachers can learn more about 21st century literacy instruction and technology in this article. 


Digital Storytelling
As teachers, we want our students to take interest in reading and writing.  One possible way to engage students is through digital storytelling.  In this article, teachers can learn more about digital storytelling and how you can begin to implement this motivational activity within your classroom.

Digital Storytelling Vault_article_jakesbrennan.pdf

A Grand Rapids, Michigan school was recently featured for using Skype as a literacy assignment in the classroom.
Skype: An Online Video Collaboration Tool

Skype in the Classroom

PBS for Teachers
This site has many free resources for teachers to implement in the classroom including podcasts, widgets (like the one shown below on weather), activity packs, videos, lesson ideas & games to use in the classroom.

Listen to this podcast to find out how podcasting can change your classroom.
See the Podcasts page for additional resources for teachers and students.
Download Podcasts Basics to get started.


It seems Ohio will soon require technology standards within the elementary standards.
The future classroom may also soon transition into a paperless classroom. 
Here's a glimpse of iPads used in the classroom and how it may impact instruction. 
iPads can be used for literacy and reading instruction.

IPADS- Teaching Literacy in a Paperless Classroom

Take a look at how some California schools are using digital readers in the classroom.

Digital Readers in a California Classroom

100 Ways to Use a Digital Camera for the Classroom
Scholastic provides the top 100 ways to use digital cameras in your classroom. This list gives ideas for teacher and student use.  For example, use digital cameras to help students illustrate vocabulary words through photos or video.
*See more lesson plan ideas with technology at Digital Wish.

Additional Sites Recommended by BGSU Martha Gesling Weber Reading Center

The following sites can be used by teachers in grades K-12.  They include state standards and activities that enrich your classroom.

A to Z Teacher Stuff
Provides lesson plans, themes, activities, and additional resources that can be used by teachers in grades Pre-K-12.

Discovery Education: Teachers
Teachers can find lesson plans and fun clip art to use while creating activities for their classroom.

Education World

Search a variety of lesson plans from grades K-12.

Lesson Plan Central
Vocabulary lesson plans for Grades 1-12.

Ohio Treasure Chest
 Very easy to navigate and provides additional links and lesson plan activities that are aligned with the Ohio Academic Content Standards.  K- 12 teachers can use this website for resources and ideas!
Parents and teachers can use this site to introduce media literacy into the home and classroom. Teachers will find lessons that require different literacy skills.

The Teacher’s Corner
This is an excellent site for reading lesson plans, comprehension activities and literature based instruction.
Contains variety of lesson plans for grades K-12.  Lessons can be searched by grade level!

Teachers can use this site to select lesson plans, interactives, primary sources, worksheets, media, and assessments for grades K-12.

Here you will find helpful websites and resources for reading instruction Recommended by BGSU Martha Gesling Weber Reading Center:
You will find many of these sites also listed on the student resource page.

Education World
Lesson plans, educational information, themes, and activities.


Reading Mad Libs games, web books and comics.

Professor Garfield
Interactive site where students and teachers can select books or comics to read online and play games.

Puzzle Maker
Make free word games for your classroom using the online puzzle maker.

Read Write Think
K-12 lesson plans, additional web resources, and student materials guide.  This website is easy to navigate and is filled with an abundance of resources!

Reading Planet
Students can create stories and poems online.  There are also games and activities for bilingual students.

Roy: The Tale of Singing Zebra
This site provides interactive reading games, guided reading stories, literacy worksheets and songs for developing readers.

Educational games that children can explore in the classroom or computer lab.  This site is divided into four categories to help children progress during the reading process.

Teachers First

This site guides teachers through Internet resources that can be selected by grade a subject.


Can be used by students to create cartoons strips and books.

Wacky Web Tales

Students can create their own Wacky Web Tales! (Grades 3 & Above)

The Reading Teacher’s 25 Best Internet Sources for Teaching Reading (PDF)

Phonemic Awareness
Get Ready to Read
Early literacy screening, tools, and activities

Read Write Think

Phonemic awareness activities

Songs for Teaching

Books that help teach phonemic awareness


K12 Placement Tests
Phonics assessment

Scholastic- Nonsense Word Test

The Nonsense Word Test

Scholastic- Teach with Phonics Skills Chart

Phonics Skills Chart

Words and Pictures BBC Schools

Word and picture activities

Word Games, Phonics Games, Reading Games

Reading game rooms


Reader’s Theater Edition- Aaron Shepard
Reader’s Theater scripts

Reader’s Theater Scripts and Plays

Ken Nesbitt's Poetry 4 Kids
Teaching fluency through poetry

Scholastic Fluency Calculator for Grades 3-5

Fluency calculator


Kinder Korner
Chapter books to read aloud

Lesson Plan Central

Vocabulary lesson plans

Tech Teachers
Online vocabulary development

Vocabulary University
Vocabulary instruction

Text Comprehension

Book Adventure
Reading challenge

The Children’s Literature Web Guide
Children’s Literature Web Guide

Here you will find helpful game sites for reading instruction
Recommended by BGSU Martha Gesling Weber Reading Center:
You will find many of these sites also listed on the student resource page.

Carl’s Corner
This site provides teacher made games and activities that can be printed out and used for reading centers or individual tutoring.

Dolch sight words:
Make flash cards and have students race to see who can say the word correctly first.
Give students a one-minute time limit and count how many sight words they can name during that time frame.

Reading games online for sight words! Reading Games

Sight Word Jenga- Take a traditional Jenga game and place sight words on each block. 
In order for the students to pull the block they must say the sight word correctly!

Sight Word Twister- Place sight words on a Twister board and instead of using colors, have students move their arms and legs to different sight words. 
Multiple words can be added to each circle for an extra challenge.

Sight Word Bingo! Create your own BINGO game by using common sight words.

Free Online Games:
Kaboose Reading Games
PBS Games
Reading Is Fundamental: Games

Banana Grams
The Banana Grams game is played similar to Scrabble and can be modified to address various learning needs. 
This game can be beneficial for increasing sight word recognition and vocabulary!

Instructions for Banana Grams

Free Hit Counters