Lori Johnson- University of Mississippi
 Welcome to my portfolio.  
This portfolio documents my journey to become an effective and innovative K-6 teacher.  I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher.  In the fourth grade I remember feeling that my dream to one day have my own classroom might not be such a good idea.  My ten-year-old self realized that if I was going to be a teacher, I would have to wake up early every morning.  I eventually got over the fear of early mornings (and the realization that most jobs required waking up early) and set my mind to earning a B.A. in elementary education.  The journey has been exciting, eye-opening, at some times overwhelming, and always inspirational.  I hope this portfolio highlights my growth as a teacher and shows the progress I have made toward my goal of being an effective K-6 educator who values and respects children for the unique individuals they are and the wonderful futures that await them.