Registration Process

In the spring, demonstrations of the band and string instruments will be given at each elementary school to the applicable grade levels. This will be to show the students what the instruments look and sound like, as well as what the ensembles sound like. At these performances, information and/or registration forms will be handed out for students and parents/guardians to review.

In July or August, the registration form and scholarship application are sent out via ConnectEd. If you do not receive emails via ConnectEd, please check with the Business Office at McKeown for how to receive a hard copy. These forms can also be found here. Please take note of the deadlines for both registration/payment and for scholarship applications. Registration forms should not be returned to your student's school, but rather to the address listed on the form (the Business Office at McKeown, 70 Balch Street). 

*** Please note that when students sign their commitment form, we expect that they are committing for the year. Band and Strings are not only individual efforts, but also group efforts, and each individual musician plays an important part in the role of their group. We ask that you please discourage students from dropping from the program during the year, and instead please encourage them to continue through the year ***
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