Lessons and Rehearsals

3rd grade strings
Students receive a 30-minute lesson once a week during the school day.  They may choose to play violin, viola, or cello.  Lessons include learning: how to hold the instrument and bow, a growing repertoire of songs, improvising (creating music spontaneously) and composing (writing music).

4th grade strings
Students continue to receive a 30-minute lesson once a week during the school day.  Lesson include learning: new techniques for their instrument, more difficult songs, music with multiple parts, improvising (creating music spontaneously) and composing (writing music).  Students may also participate in an optional after-school ensemble that takes place on Mondays from 2:30-3:30pm at the Cove School.  Students will play music with multiple parts to prepare for orchestral music studied in fifth grade.

5th grade strings
Students in fifth grade have weekly after-school rehearsals instead of lessons during the school day.  The rehearsals take place on Wednesdays from 2:30-3:35pm at the Cove School.  This different schedule allows all fifth grade students to meet together and play as an ensemble.  It also does not conflict with Fifth Grade Band lessons during the school day nor the after-school Band Rehearsals, so students may choose to play a band instrument and string instrument.  Fifth grade ensemble rehearsals include learning: new techniques for their instrument, ensemble technique, orchestral repertoire and etiquette.  Every year in May, this ensemble also participates in a tour of the five Beverly Elementary Schools, to demonstrate to students what playing a string instrument is like.

4th and 5th grade band
   Students who participate in the fourth or fifth grade band will be taken out of class once a week for small group lessons during the school day. These lessons are a half hour long. Students are expected to make up any work they miss during their class.
    Students in the band are also part of a large ensemble, which is all of the fourth or fifth grade band students from the five elementary schools combined. This ensemble meets weekly after school for an hour in preparation for our three concerts, which the students are expected to participate in. The location, day of the week, and specific time of the rehearsal varies each year based on site availability, other scheduling conflicts, etc... If students want to be in band, but you are concerned about being able to attend all of the after school rehearsals, I am happy to speak with you by phone or email to work out a schedule once the days/times for the rehearsal for the year are set. For specific information about rehearsals and concerts, please click here.