Weekly Goal Time (Passion Projects)

Passion Time in Team Bond Third Grade 2017-18

This year, our third grade class participates in Passion Time (our version of Genius Hour) from 11:40-12:50 each Friday.  Students are welcome to have choice in what they work on and accomplish, as long as they are learning and creating. It is the highlight of the week for most of my students! Here is a slideshow with some of the highlights from this year's Passion Time. 

Passion Time 2017

A Peek Into Goal Time in Team Bond 2014-2015

This year we have a wide variety of Goal Time passions.  One student has created a Flat Student that is traveling around to other 3rd grade classrooms. Another student was inspired to create a moving, jointed dragon puppet, which then led to created a play about dragons.  There are students who are jewelry making often, while a group of boys are enjoying adding rooms to their Minecraft mansions. 

Team Bond Goal Time

Goal Time March 9:

Cup Song Performance

Market Day Goal Time

Market Day Goal Time

This is the Se-crate Company who made cardboard crates that you could hang in your room to keep your secrets in! 

Pom Pom creations were fun to make and they ended up being quite the hit with the students in Team Bond! 

Each Monday, Team Bond will work on passion projects for 45-60 minutes. (Our version of #GeniusHour or 20% Time) Students can bring in projects from home, go a bit further with classroom learning activities, read, draw, etc.  The students chose to call it Goal Time, as they will create goals each period to accomplish!  Our first lesson was on passion and we talked about how we could investigate our passions during Goal Time!  From there, we have explored many different passions throughout this year including loom bracelets, the Makey-Makey, ColAR, drawing with Art Snacks, crocheting, knitting, sugar scrub production, marketing, business plans, games, color book publishing, Earth Day crafts, sewing, Minecraft, and much, much more!  Be sure to follow our tweets on Mondays @TeamBond and @TeamBond2014 for more information! 

T-Spa is hoping to be accepted to the Detroit Maker Faire.  They are hopeful to be able to show others just how easy it is to create your own sugar scrub.  In addition, a new business is beginning in Team Bond.  A few boys will be creating paracord bracelets.  T-Spa even invested in their company to help them build capital! 

Team Bond 2013-2014 Students were accepted to have a booth at Maker Faire Detroit! It was a wonderful experience to attend and showcase Goal Time to others! 

ISTE 2014 Ignite Session:
At the end of June, I had the opportunity to share our Goal Time story with attendees at ISTE 2014, the international technology conference for education!  Here is a recording of my Ignite talk! 

Nurturing Student Passion

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