Addicted to All Things Creative!

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It's true!  I am and have been an addict of all things creative since I can remember!  I do know that my creativity evolved when I was in middle school and had an AWESOME teacher Ms. Maddren.  She brought out the best in all of the creative minds in her classroom, and she rarely shut out any creative ideas.  It gave me a thirst for creative learning, and I sought out creative ways to showcase my learning ever since.  In fact, I was super fortunate that at Western Michigan University, I was able to get a minor in Integrated Creative Arts, a program that focused on bringing the arts into all content areas.  Though it was not a teachable minor, it was the best thing I could have ever done for a career in elementary education! 

Throughout my teaching I have sought out ways to bring creativity into the classroom.  In my first years, I was very much a project based teacher.  We had projects going on all the time!  Incoming students would look forward to projects they had seen in years past, especially if they had a sibling that had had me.  Over time, the curriculum became more and more laid out for us, and I had less and less freedom in the curriculum.  In addition, it seemed that kids were getting more and more busy with after school activities and didn't seem to have as much fun completing the projects.  Even though I have scaled back on my projects, creative teaching and learning have been constant.  

The use of creativity in the classroom has evolved overtime.  I now use technology as one of the main modes of creating, delivering, and engaging my students.  The world of technology cannot be standardized, as it changes continuously.  There are new apps and programs that come out daily that can change the way we teach and learn!  That is why I have been so drawn to technology.  It has allowed my addiction to creativity to be fed.  I love finding new sites or apps and thinking about how I can apply them to my teaching!  

This web site will highlight some of the ways I celebrate innovative teaching and learning into my third grade classroom!  I hope you enjoy it!  Feel free to contact me at:, visit my blog at, or follow me on twitter @TeamBond. 

Creatively Yours, 

Jennifer Bond